Why producing quality content and revealing your secrets will not kill your business

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Growth mindset advice shared by Joanna Lord, ClassPass marketing director

The content is at the heart of the strategy when we speak of modern marketing. It is with quality content that showed up in the first positions of Google , that people share on social media and speak of your company and you can maintain a relationship with potential customers and earn their trust to further make the sale.

There are, however, certain types of companies (such as in the education or services, mostly) that rely solely on know-how acquired in years to survive and have a differential. When they encounter this new context in Marketing, end up falling in a dilemma: I know that the content is important, but if I reveal all my content I lose my product. How to handle it?

Our idea with the article is to reflect a little better about the issue and show a more productive way of looking at the problem.

Understand what your customer buys in fact when you purchase your service

The first point to better handle the issue is to better understand your audience and know what he buys.

Some chefs known as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, are famous for presenting cooking programs on TV, teaching people how to prepare many different dishes.

Out programs on TV, both have restaurants that generally are expensive, famous, and especially live full. This comparison shows a little more clearly that time the customer buys something else that companies do not realize.

When someone pays dearly to go to one of these restaurants is not buying the recipe itself, which could have been made on their own watching the programs or searching the Internet. Are buying actually the convenience of not having to prepare the guarantee that revenue will be well executed, status, etc.

With your company is the same. A person who buys a course not only purchase content: purchase diploma, networking, contact with teachers, textbooks, organization. And even if only of course, the format how things are presented can also generate more or less value and make a difference.

In our blog, for example, we give many tips Digital Marketing and explored many subjects revealing several “secrets” that could possibly be charged.

But doing so does not kill our online courses , since their organization, the explanation of everything in a well architected logical sequence, with supporting materials, video and etc. It has value for many customers who do not want to hunt texts and do not know whether they will have seen what really is essential.

This approach also does not kill the consultancies that offer , since the consultant’s experience in taking theory and putting into practice so adapted to each business is also a valuable knowledge that can not be passed with a simple material.

It is a matter of understanding and packaging in different formats and with different deliveries which is a free content and used in marketing and what is paid and sold.

Realize that you are not really protected only by not sharing

Out fear of customers stop buying, it is also common fear of delivering a tray of know-how for competition. The problem is that it is not just because your company does not publish content that is protected it. In fact, it is increasingly difficult to make this kind of blocking access to information.

The other day I was talking to a client of ours and remarked that he had just met one competitor in an event. The customer told me that competitor before starting the company, hired a full service with them, went through all the processes and then started this new business as a competitor, based on the same pillars. It is something that can happen to anyone.

Out this possibility, there is now plenty of free content on the Internet (mostly in English), many books, courses, etc. You can not rely on the lack of information from the competition as a significant competitive barrier.

Join the two points discussed above and adapt your product to that changed the world

Since sooner or later knowledge will escape if you can not protect it with sustainability and sell the gold weight, the best way out is to adapt and do just the opposite.

If you discovered a new process, it has a new tip, if you have something that differentiates the ideal way in the context of today is to outsource as quickly as possible and claim authorship, to show that your company is the one who knows everything and makes the rules the market and make it clear that someone who does the same after copying is only following the true leader.

Show that the potential customer is what will give him the security to choose you as the ideal supplier. If the content you online publishes only serves to “meet table” is shallow and no “secrets”, it is natural that the potential customer put you on the same level of competitors who do the same and expect something similar services that your company provides.

Finally, the release of the content before, worry about having a better package delivery for their products / services and better suited to this current reality.

Many musicians, for example, went through a process of adaptation when they no longer have high revenues with the launch of CDs as they did back there. They know that facilitated the distribution of music over the Internet has made buying decreased discs. On the other hand, it had the power to make them better known and started to help fill shows, delivering a different experience from the CD and that became the core of the large revenue generation.

Try to understand what is the way and what are the packages that will make you have a product / service valuable, regardless of the content published on the blog or on eBooks and etc.

In a stroke, for example, use printed good support and a legal framework, set aside time for networking and interaction with teachers, has a very well-organized content, much easier to consume it in a blog. In an advisory, try to show how much the consultant’s experience is important to adapt to different customer contexts, how is valuable to have someone monitoring and evaluating each step and so on.

If your company is good and delivers good services, publishing high quality content and “deliver” their know-how offers much more to gain than to lose.