Why Is SEO Important In A Digital Marketing Strategy?

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As part of any digital marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to take your business to customers through online platforms . Effective marketing demands it. But what is the optimization of a search engine? A collection of tools and professional practices that help your website get a better score on the results of search engines, which generates more traffic to your site and, potentially, more business .

You know that old story where the person says, “Okay, I have the product, but who can I sell it to? “Today, this question is answered directly and effectively. In digital media, anyone who uses SEO to improve their Digital Marketing strategy, nor knows this question.

If you, like many people, just listen to that acronym but have no idea what it means or what the techniques around it. So I created this article, which explains in a clear way, what it is and how important to make use of SEO.

Especially if you brought your brand or product to the digital medium, being inside everything that SEO does for your business is very important. I’m sure you’d like to take advantage of the benefits and learn how to enhance your brand.

So be sure to check out the content of this article. Here you become acquainted with what SEO is and how it influences Digital Marketing strategy. Prepared?

How can we define SEO?

The SEO defined to the letter, means ” S earch E ngine The ptimization” and that is, search engine optimization. Its main function is to improve the rankings and organic range of a page, so that it appears in the first positions of Google search.

It uses some techniques and strategies in conjunction with well-crafted content, to increase the visibility of your brand, among so many. Through well-crafted keywords, SEO talks to its potential customers.

That way, you will be able to create, through planning and research, exactly content based on the pains of your customers. You’ll see throughout this article what tools are needed for this.

But in general, SEO is basically the first thing you have to think about, before elaborating any other Digital Marketingstrategy .

It is noteworthy that SEO is commonly mistaken for SEM, you know what it is? SEM or ” S earch E ngine M arketing” is a set of strategies and techniques used to promote Digital Marketing or as it is usually called, Internet Marketing.

But what does that mean? SEO actually is part of SEM, which is divided into two categories. The first one that is properly the SEO and second, are the paid links. If compared to SEO, they are characterized as a short-term gain and approach different strategies and techniques of SEO.

Through this brief explanation, can you already realize the importance of using SEO in your Digital Marketing planning ?

Above all, quality content

You may be thinking, “So if I use SEO in my content, I will certainly be found by my audience.” It is not wrong to think that way, but you may be forgetting a very important question.

In the same way that SEO is important to a Digital Marketing strategy, the quality of content as well. In fact, one does not exist without the other, and I will explain why.

I’ll use an example that I see a lot around. I will assume that a person is about to publish an article with relevant content . If it does not have a professional who has experience in SEO, its content has just been compromised. For how will that content be found, if there are no paths leading directly to it?

The same goes for using the SEO, made by an experienced professional, in an article with content without relevance. The text will probably be poorly formatted and will not have proper keyword usage. It’s no use sending your audience to a dead end. Do you agree with me?

I can say for sure that, the investment in SEO only holds true, if applied to content with authority and relevance.

4 Things SEO Can Do For You

1 – Increased brand credibility

Certainly what you want with the dissemination of content, is to promote a service or product, and nurture the credibility of your audience. That’s just what SEO can do for you.

When you apply SEO strategies to your page, you contribute to improving the authority of the page. It is this authority that every page seeks to have before Google, only then you will start to be found. Credibility builds trust on the part of your audience.

One of the main strategies for merging with the use of SEO, is the Link Building. By placing links in your content to other websites, especially reputed sites, you make your content much more reliable.

The reader sees this as a trusted source and knows that its content has potential and is based on real knowledge.

2 – Expansion of traffic and more sales

The issue of expanding your website or page traffic is directly related to what I said above. Once you disseminate the credibility of what you offer to the audience looking for you, you probably close the sale!

This is because, SEO optimization, allows the people who come to your product, are the ones who really intend to purchase. When you have in mind, the more visibility you have the more sales you will make, you will surely be more motivated to produce quality content.

3 – How about a boost in your ROI?

There is no better result than being sure your content has reached, converted sales and had a significant ROI. This result SEO can provide you, it can achieve, direct and provide the moment of purchase for the customer.

The SEO in this case can provide you with many other sales information. It is still possible to determine which keyword your customer bought. Even what he was looking for before finalizing the purchase and the demographics of potential customers.

With all this in hand, you have the opportunity to refine your strategies and improve future campaigns, for example. So far, just advantages does not it?

4 – Essential tools

There are currently several tools that can help you perform the SEO work. Some of them are created to follow a specific step of using SEO, while others cover the entire process.

Check out, then, a short list with some of the best tools for you to get right on using SEO:

• Keyword Planner – AdWords: This tool relies on checking the volume of keywords. Essential for SEO and completely free.

• Google Trends: It is a free tool where you can find the main trends of the market, that is, what is in the people’s mouth.

• Screamingfrog: You can use this tool when you need to perform a thorough SEO optimization check on your site.

• Google PageSpeed: If you need to improve the loading speed of your site, this is the tool. Speed ​​is one of the main ranking factors, believe it or not.

• SEMrush: This is a partially paid tool, and is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to follow the competition and research what the public is looking for.

• Yoast: Yoast is the most used plugin currently used to measure and analyze the content created. It points out the key changes that must be made to achieve a perfect SEO.

Be found!

If you got here and followed the content of this article, rest assured that a quality SEO was applied in this article. Why do not you follow suit and start using SEO in your Digital Marketing strategies?

Just do not forget to tell me what results you’ve achieved, okay?