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Anniversaries can boost your business!

Seasonal dates are in the market buzzing! The ideal is to be present to consumers at the time they are thinking about a subject, to show that your business has the right solution he needs.

These dates become a great sales trigger!

The sum is simple: Its products + consumer buying Will
And the result is increased sales!
Usually these dates are good for businesses both offline and online.

In e-commerce sales start to heat up already with the proximity of these special dates.

commemorative dates

According to the E-bit, the sales volume in seasonal dates is up to 10x higher than in a normal sales day.
But do not forget, there are thousands of shops vying for the attention of consumers.

And the ability of your business to position itself correctly to the public will make you enjoy or not the potential of anniversaries.

The market has five major anniversaries: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day and Christmas – The latter, the most important of the year !!).
For e-commerce, we have the digital dates as Black Friday, which moves large amounts every year. We also have other minor dates, but are mandatory periods where to most of the companies need to take some action.

Here are some tips:

1 – Plan! Schedule your actions

The first step is to check the dates that relate to your business, which will be the focus addressed, set the allocation for these actions and strategy.

The word time is schedule ! Make a schedule to organize actions.

Vale do research to find out what competitors are preparing for these dates.

Remember: In announcing a promotion in AdWords you should forward the user to a landing page that matches what is advertised !

2 – Know the audience and understand what he needs!

Get to know your audience to find out what are the plans for the date.

Search your history, see the products that are sold more and more arouse the interest of users. And to find out, you can get an idea of ​​the items “hot” for sales!

Thus, you can create special promotions and strengthen the stock.

Have you considered the most attractive product be missing just these times .. You can not!

3 – Strategies

Each day will have a different appeal. Learn to talk to the public!

Your ads and banners should be attractive and highlight promotions, discounts, free gifts, special services and always inviting calls.

Do not climb your ads at the last minute!

Remember that new campaigns take one to two weeks to engage. Not to mention, it is best to start taking advantage of the users who begin to search in advance.

Use AdWords to reach the maximum number of people in your targeting.


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