Why Invest in Digital Marketing: 5 Excellent Reasons

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Already more than 3 billion people connected to the Internet worldwide. And in Brazil, the proportion is similar: with 120 million people online , we are behind only the United States, India and China.

That is why the Digital Marketing , the set of strategies aimed at promoting a company on the internet, is becoming increasingly essential for businesses that want to attract customers.

If you are still not convinced, check this post 5 reasons why it is worth investing in Digital Marketing.

1. To be found more easily

Perhaps you’ve heard so that today the purchase decision is increasingly in the hands of consumers. And it’s true. Having access to opinions, reviews and other information about products and services before investing money in them has never been easier.

This information no longer access the company only and the vendors, and it is common for people to reach a store, for example, knowing all about the product you want to buy.

But if you do not appear on Google, email, on social networks , how you want to be found during this search of people interested?

With Digital Marketing it is possible to have a significant presence on the internet which makes it easier for you to be found in these and other channels.

2. To become a reference in its market

Not always, however, people seek information on specific products or services. Sometimes they do not exactly know what they need.

They want, above all, solve problems, and the product or service is only the final step of this process.

So do not just talk only about your company on the Internet: you need to create value for its audience and answer questions she has even before know about your solution.

For this, one of the techniques used within the Digital Marketing is Content Marketing , which is to produce materials to educate, inform or entertain a future client.

The idea is to inform people to make future they not only respect their brand and have it as a reference, but also become customers of your company.

3. To better target your audience

Another Digital Marketing feature is the ability to target their campaigns, directing them to your target audience .

This helps to save money, for targeting the right people is much easier to get back.

Unlike Offline Marketing, where it is often impossible to specify exactly which audience you are speaking, the Digital Marketing enables a much more accurate segmentation level of your audience.

Because it is much easier to monitor the activity of users on the Internet, are their spending habits, their preferences and personal tastes, his professional trajectory etc. Thus, it is possible to target very specific form of the people you want to advertise a product, service or content.

This allows you to customize more your actions and marketing campaigns. For example, if you’ve targeted your actions for small market owners can make ads and campaigns that respond to specific questions and pains that segmento.Por result, your audience will identify more with their actions, and so the results tend to be very best.

4. To analyze the results easily

What, then, the advantage of knowing, in real time as the shares are received by the public? You can get some statistics released after the campaigns and analyze their performance, that is, whether they were or not successful and, therefore, promote the necessary changes.

The Digital Marketing enables you to determine much more accurately who is your audience and what your tastes and preferences. Similarly, we can monitor with the same precision the results of actions.

For example, while one who makes an announcement on public television about a product has much more difficulty seeing clearly how profitable was the investment in advertising, Digital Marketing allows you to get to know exactly what you are paying off and if that return is managing to pay the initial investment.

In this respect, tools like Google Analytics help much time to measure the detail of the results of Digital Marketing Strategies.

5. To invest according to your budget

Over time, the price for marketing offline ended up too high; television ads, radio and print media are expensive, and if that was not enough the high price, the ability to see clearly if that investment is making sense is quite limited.

Already the Digital Marketing, but rather requires a minimum investment can be much cheaper than the so offline marketing. No wonder the online marketing strategies today occupy most of the marketing strategies of many large companies.

So, convinced that it is worth investing in Digital Marketing?