Why Inbound Marketing will increase your tourist bookings

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The rules of the game have changed radically. Any niche position as a leader looking over the fierce competition to bet on new strategies that create unique and unrepeatable experiences to the consumer . The new digital consumer habits translate into new ways to sell in all sectors, and tourism is no exception. Want to know the keys to implementing e l inbound marketing your tourism company?

Book your train ticket or plane through comparators offer in a minute shifts that best suit the user possibilities, find out what things can be done in the place where we went or find the best accommodations. The new consumer tourism has become completely self – sufficient thanks to the digital ecosystem in organizing from beginning to end your trip, whether it be a business trip, a family vacation or romantic getaway.

As a result of these new changes has proliferated within the tourism sector the implementation of strategies for inbound marketing . Invasive advertising no longer has any value for the new traveler, and tourism businesses have had to rethink new ways to get impact on consumers. No longer just about getting differentiated, but seeks to seduce the customer through the impact on their emotions .

And, in the methodology of inbound marketing it is the consumer himself who, attracted to certain qualities and values, just suing the company specific product or service. How you can harness the potential of inbound marketing in the tourism sector ?

Visibility attracting qualified traffic and segmented

To get to become a benchmark among consumers in the tourism sector, the first step is to be visible to them. To achieve this , it is essential to bet on a quality SEO strategy .

Many are the keys to developing a strategy of value, even if we have to emphasize a key in the overall development of the whole process, is the right choice, preparation and combination of keywords through a professional investigation.

Educate potential customers through the sales funnel

Once we have decided to improve visibility and uptake through SEO strategies, social networking, optimization of corporate web or implementation of company blog, we will have managed to generate media noise, which is reflected in increased  web traffic .

Now is the time to get to know the user: put name, know what you do or what you do in your spare time. In this way we can get to find out what content is demanding, and be able to suit your needs. In order to become effective at this point, you should check the development of your buyer person . The individual buyer is a semi – fictitious representation of an ideal client, and that client around you plan and execute your entire global digital strategy. For example, if you have a business – related time share luxury in Spain, one of your buyer persons could be a German, retired, or near retirement, married, with several children, a high purchasing power, who seek tranquility , good weather and enjoy Spanish gastronomy and tourism.

Once you know that the person buyer who is going to go right, the next thing to consider is the  path of the buyer or buyer journey . We need to be aware of what content we offer at each stage of the procurement process to achieve our goal, that is, the end user finishes completing the commercial transaction and later to become promoter of our brand. To achieve this , it is essential potentiate three types of content :

  1. TOFU content .  They should always be aimed at satisfying questions, problems, needs, and never try to sell. Following the example of the person buyer resort time share in Spain, good content TOFU would be a blog company: Why the Germans are looking to settle in Spain after retirement?
  2. Mofu content .  You need to know what alternatives are on the market to solve your problem. This type of content should report on the benefits of what we offer, but always subtly. Mofu effective content could be an ebook on the three best resorts time share for Germans .
  3. Bofu content . Bofu content is the piece that closes the sales cycle with your customers, so you should be fully linked with what actually offer. Bofu good content would be an action of email marketing with personalized discounts if you hire the complex for a certain period of time.

The importance of loyalty in the tourism sector

The loyalty strategies allow us to link up and manage more profitably relationships with our customers. Tourism companies are betting on gamification campaigns for loyalty and retain customers.

The key loyalty in the tourism sector lies in creating an emotional bond with the customer. If we do not succeed, the traveler will end up losing interest in us, and we will leave the overnight, always when we least expect.

In the tourism sector, away from traditional advertising communication and ally itself with a new way of communication that connects to the user’s interests it is key. The inbound marketing allows you to do, and from Increnta know how to get the most out so that manage to meet the objectives of your hotel or tourism business.