Why do you need to configure AMP to optimize your site on Mobile?

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I bet you must be at least confusing to hear the term Accelerated Mobile Pages  . I hit? I was also so when I heard this term for the first time. So do not worry about not know it.

Want to know what it means and what it is? Continue reading the article and let us understand what these   Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP .


What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?


Well, we all know that lately – and surely for a long time – the world is being dominated by mobile devices. The famous mobiles  are gaining proportions and usage rates never seen before.

It’s because? One simple reason: ease of access! It’s like being on top of all this ease of access? You should disclose and use all this technology.

therefore you think “Well, I need to have a good mobile site.” Yes, this is the reasoning. : D

But how do you have a good mobile site?

First, you must learn what SEO is and understand its purpose. For this, I suggest reading our post on SEO by clicking here .😀

You can also learn more about SEO tools to raise your traffic by clicking here ! 🙂

Then, there is the matter that enters AMP ! The idea of them is to make your site be even faster when accessed its members.

In this way, everyone likes to access your site to be fast and soon you’ll have more happy users. Remembering always that: a happy user is the best thing in the world!

So basically the Accelerated Mobile Pages are a way for you to have a mobile site even faster. Who had this idea? Let’s find out! 🙂

Example Accelerated Mobile Pages.


Why Accelerates Mobile Pages emerged?


Well, not being pull bag – but already – almost all that is good and is related to internet is done or has the Google partnership. So why it would be different right now!

His idea came in response to some technologies like Facebook Intant Articles, Apple News and Twitter Moments .

That is, each one is doing what it can to make the web faster and win more users. And as far as one can see, we have a fight fought between these technology giants.

According to research, it was found that users often fail to access sites that are slow to load. This may not be new, but when it comes to mobile is even worse!

Because? Why your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, the tendency of its users leaving your site is high.

But wait, just 3 seconds? Yeah, you did not misread! They are 3/2 !

Accelerated Mobile Pages access time chart.

What is generating this speed aggravating among mobile? They are 2G, 3G and other Gs!

Because they are unable to work at such high speeds and always have the issue of data packet , more than ever, users will not waste time carrying a site or content for a long time ..

Thus, the MPAs were created as an initiative of Google to change that!


Google and Accelerated Mobile Pages


Okay, okay, we understand that the AMPs are too, but what if I do not want to use them?

Okay, there is not the least problem with that. But of course you will lose some benefits

That’s right, out of all the speed they would provide to your site, you will lose another extremely important factor without using them:  Visibility !

Google will give greater emphasis in their research for those who use the Accelerated Mobile Pages .

As? Displaying a huge full page carousel AMP that are related to search results before the other results.

statement carousel Accelerated Mobile Pages.

But then, in which case the use of Accelerated Mobile Pages is advisable?

Well, remember that with faster access to your website, your customer will consume  your content faster, which probably will take you to consume even more! (Consuming: Read, buy, watch, or what your site offers).


Viewing the performance of Accelerated Mobile Pages?


Okay, okay. Google won, let’s start using AMP. But how do we analyze them?

You’ve heard the term Google Search Console ? Most likely yes, but if not, we have very interesting articles about it here.

If you want to learn or understand what the Google Search Console , simply click the link and read more about it.

If you already know the Google Search Console, but want to understand more about its main features, you can click here and read two posts about them! ( Key Features-Part 1 , Key Features-Part 2 )

Basically, to give them you need:

  • Access to your Google Webmaster Tools account;
  • Access the property in question you want to check;
  • Then in the menu, choose the tab aspects of the research;
  • Finally the accelerated Pages section for mobile devices.

Menu access the Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Here, you will have an overview of all mobile pages. Both showing which are indexed as those that are having problems.

Menu Accelerated Mobile Pages.

These data generate a total of indexed pages and graphic pages by time problems.

In case of problems, a list is provided indicating which pages are in trouble.

Table problems of Accelerated Mobile Pages.

It is also indicated as you possibly can resolve these errors and finally a testing tool.

testing tool? Yes, exactly. So you can evaluate your pages more quickly and easily.

If you do not want something more tangible, you can read the documentation Accelerated Mobile Pages and give step-by-step if it’s all right.


Views on Accelerated Mobile Pages


After several surveys, I realized that it is not just an issue , but some kind of controversy  among IT.

Because? There are some opinions of big names on the market that are both for and against their use.

For example, I read longer articles that defended not using AMP, because we are kicking the web of the 2000s without any interactivity.

While it is also easy to see others defend their use. With arguments based on speed and user satisfaction.

Of course, over time, more and more there is a greater demand for speed. But is that really the saídasão lighter pages without interactivity?

What do you think? Leave a comment and tell us your opinion! Or you can also get in touch and get your questions answered!

To the next! : D