Why big brands hire small agencies

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What word executives want big brands define their companies, but rarely succeed?


While there is an abuse and misuse of the word, it is key to ensuring quality business practice, and  marks almost never expect to find this quality in companies similar to yours in terms of size and structure. External partners specifically looking for prospects, processes and different approaches.

“Big brands increasingly understand the need for intelligent approaches and unique , ” said Jim Cuene, President of GoKart Labs , a consulting firm digital innovation with 50 employees. “Some brands work with small to add a vision and renewed energy to its strategy agencies.”

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However, there are other attributes and needs of these brands that agencies must understand in order to capture the attention of your next big client. Why your agency could be an attractive option rather than your competitors.

Why brands are turning to small agencies

1) They need partners for specific projects

Many brands are developing their marketing strategies internally. The National Association of Advertisers (ANA) EE. UU. It recorded an increase of 16% between 2008 and 2013 , while  the report 2015 of the Association of Digital Agencies revealed an increase of 13% of marketers who do not work with outside agencies. In part, this is because marketers want to quickly implement untraditional advertising tactics such as content marketing and social networks. Marketers seek leverage individual conversations , rather than massive transmissions, and agencies usually work in large campaigns that require extensive delivery deadlines.

This provides more opportunities for small firms to present a sales pitch, more well-defined individual projects and even take advantage of this initial project to continue working with the brand. But this requires that companies know how to determine the scope of projects and manage them perfectly. It is necessary that you have repeatable and effective to meet tight deadlines processes, so that these works are profitable for your agency.

2) They want to work with specialists

Because collaboration is limited to individual projects, marketers want to hire the best specialized agencies services, industry, audience and specific channel. These marks are not limited by physical locations or require the presence of others to manage the business relationship. In addition, the commitment is limited to small projects, they do not want to devote their time to educate and train partners on the specific characteristics of the industry or the audience. 

“Large agencies have extensive experience and are excellent for addressing strategic or creative needs of a brand. They offer many offers in one place, “says Lynne Bartron, vice president of advertising and strategy LifeLock. “But those same agencies do not usually specialize in a specific category or market.”

Dinsmore said that when looking for a partner to help a brand to enter the fashion industry, not only tried to find an agency that has experience in retail prices, but to create ads for the industry. Finally found YARD , an agency in New York with approximately 40 employees.

“I decided to opt for the agency since learned that their years of specialized experience would benefit my marks,” said Bartron.

Determines which differentiates Agency develops a marketing plan to gain recognition in this area and creates a portfolio of success stories. Then head to the big brands really value the vast experience that your team can bring to the relationship. 

3) They want to get faster results

Usually it involves working with large companies face an increased number of processes, approvals, levels of authority and potentially obstacles.

Customers looking for quick results, and they already have to deal with their own bureaucratic organizations, need more agile partners. Do not look for partners that add additional obstacles to those who already have every day.

“The big brands seeking business-minded agencies that can match their perspective, not its size,” said Ruth Bernstein, co-founder and chief strategy YARD. “Any intelligent CMOs want to avoid a business catastrophe need someone who can make quick decisions, not someone who will take the time to design an intervention strategy. It will work with an agency that can address their needs quickly, creatively and flexibly “.

Agencies adopted a  more flexible strategy to create and launch campaigns, along with methods of testing and optimization, will attract big brands who want results and no piles of additional documents to complete. 

4) Looking for more information

Due to the increase in agencies that work internally, are increasingly marketing professionals seeking partners to focus on marketing strategies rather than tactical execution. And they want high-level talent to do so. 

LRXD , an independent agency with 40 employees in Denver, has a horizontal organizational structure. According to Eric Kiker, general manager of strategy, this makes the most talented employees to lead and work on the project customer. When the strategy is completed or the project wins, the task is not relegated to less experienced employees.

5) They want partners willing to risk

Restricted to legacy business models, shareholders and senior executives who are unwilling to change agencies they are also causing manufacturers to seek other alternatives.

This may be because models controlling companies, where it is not assumed that the priority is to solve customer needs.

In addition, many of the best talent in the industry developed their own agencies and offices, and hired employees who share your vision.

“Increasingly, talented professionals who create their own firms or associations” Cuene said. “This is due to various reasons, but it seems that we are living in the golden era of collaboration between professional services and creative services. A recognized brand will seek to work directly with a professional unparalleled talent that is in charge of a signature. “

6) They care about culture

Customers want to work with partners who share their culture and vision, or even that are better than yours. All we want to work with people who enjoy their work and defend your company.

Michael Lebowitz, founder and CEO of Big Spaceship in Brooklyn, believes that culture is a powerful new business tool . During the sales process, team talks about the company culture to build trust with the client and determine whether the two values correspond. This talk reveals the most relevant to each and perspectives bring to the relationship aspects. In addition, it is an excellent way to differentiate your agency from those of your competitors.

Working with a small team or with an excellent culture generates a different kind of relationship with the customer.  

“We have worked with agencies of all sizes and found that small agencies are best suited to our marketing team. Organically integrated into the DNA of the company , “said Abby Lee, vice president of marketing for RE / MAX.  “ They care more about the company and help it grow that use it as a mediator to win awards and recognition. And yet they are the ones that have created the most attractive, effective and creative content that you have seen. “

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