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Have an operation Content Marketing working in your company? So let me ask a provocative question: how to define what content will be produced in the coming days, weeks and months?

I see many people answer that with a variety of random decisions: “It’s what I know talk about,” “I take timely content – ready material from another area, outputs of side projects and other sources” and so on.

Well. If you follow this blog and the rich content of RD , knows the importance of content for a solid strategy of Inbound Marketing . If the content is the pillar of this structure, how can you answer my question so vaguely?

Marketing today is an area responsible for results, and if you think I’m talking to visitors and Leads, you’re wrong. It’s time for content production area slip a bit more in the sales funnel and start looking for other metrics: I’m talking about past Leads for commercial and sales team .

“You mean I, I work with content production, I must look at the impact of what I do to sales?”. Yes, exactly.

“And how I do it?” The answer is quite simple: better marrying the areas involved in the next stages of the funnel.

In the case of RD, we have a team focused to the production of content (generation Leads), a focused team at Mid / funnel Fund (which qualifies Leads generated and passes them to sales) and the commercial team. Ie three steps in this process. Perhaps your company has other structure and task divisions, but the direction is the same: connect the dots and understand the impact of their deliveries all the way to generate Leads and commercial approach.

And that’s exactly what we did when we need to connect the tips: become more fluid process, with constant conversations and alignments.

The benefits of aligning content production with Mofu / Bofu and Sales

1 – Probably the guys know more than you

I’m not saying you marketing your audience understands less than a seller – I’m just saying that the sales guy is at the end of the process, in direct contact with the customer and has a lot to share. It is he who knows the real prospect of pain, you know what your objections to the decision-making and other interesting inputs to help you.

Moreover, he can understand what historically performam best content in Lead bring education and better opportunities prepared.

I remember once, in an informal conversation with a sales manager, commented that he thought that a particular eBook had not brought the expected results in Leads and possibly I would not return to write about the same topic.

His answer surprised me: “How so? The Leads that come to us and read this content are the easiest to close, because I understand X and Y “.

2 – The other side also thanks

The alignment for content production is also important for sales. In addition to understanding when a new release will fuel their pipelines and organize for this, the team can better prepare to meet Leads arriving by specific content and direct his speech to make sense of their needs and pains.

For this, we usually call ahead the next rich content, but will go into more detail later.

3 – Avoid refação content or disposal

You know all the work to define a topic, search, organize ideas, writing and art of a rich or post blog content, right?

Now imagine that, after going through all this, your content will have to be redone (or discarded) by not being in accordance with the sales demands.

“I’m sorry, but from now on we will no longer focus on efforts to close with companies with the profile of this eBook.” This is the type of situation that a good alignment prevents.

4 – Know the results that their contents can generate (X Leads MQLs)

We call MQLs qualified Leads by Marketing and sent to sales. A closer alignment with medium and funnel Fund can lead to the understanding of how MQLs that eBook, webinar or tool you created brought.

It is interesting to do this kind of analysis because over time you can take some analysis as:

  • The content “X” is a good topic to generate Leads (Volume);
  • The format “W” has a higher utilization rate for MQLs.

Going one step further, it is possible to understand their impact on sales (tools like Marketing BI facilitate this type of analysis). This understanding directs decision making.

Now that you know a few reasons to make this partnership, we will see how you can apply in their day to day.

In practice: how we do the production of rich content

1 – Content Planning

The points that brought the introduction of this post can be triggers for new content ideas, but there are two points that I consider essential in the choice of rich content:

  • Targeted content to their personas and are mapped into their buying journey (By the way, be sure to check this post about how to define content for the purchase of journeys );
  • Potential impact on generation Leads, MQLs and sales.

On the first point, it is recommended to evaluate what already exists, what gaps can still be filled or themes that can be addressed more or less in-depth way.

In the second, it is interesting to understand that more advanced material may have less potential to generate Leads, but a greater potential to generate opportunities for sales, for example (this alignment can be done in conjunction with responsible for Mofu and Bofu).

2 – Proposal for initial validation and Selling

After choosing possible topics to be worked out, the idea is to produce content and release it, right? No. The idea is to talk to the commercial team and enrich the process. There are a few possibilities here:

  • Sales to bring data and facts to discourage the production of certain content, “this is not something that the public needs at this time”;
  • Sales can stimulate something you do not see so much potential, “this idea is very good, why not prioritize it?”;
  • Sales can help you develop an idea: “to mention this can help,” “Leads in general do not understand such information, how about this work?”;
  • Sales can bring ideas that you never thought before.

3 – Hands on

Time to make it happen, produce content and launch! I like to point out that the more oiled is the alignment between the areas, the easier it is firing them at the time of production.

4 – Warn the other steps

Before launching a new material, we warn the other two teams. So they know when they can rely on input from such content (Leads) to supply their areas and generate MQLs and potential sales.

5 – Monitor metrics

At this stage you will not only track how many Leads your Landing Page is generating. You should look at how many of Mofu Leads your stuff is helping to nurture and pass on to sales. And of course, after a longer period of time, measure how many sales were generated by it

More on the subject? Download our free eBook “Content Marketing Results for: aligning content to the sales funnel.”

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This is a step by step simple enough that you can start doing to better target the production of your company’s content. The most important is to change the mindset of the content area should look only for Leads and understand that you can – and should – go further. Over time the impact it will begin to be felt and you will gain traction to leave the increasingly rounder machine.

Do you have any experiences or questions you’d like to share? Be sure to comment below to talk to us!🙂