Who to hire for the Digital Marketing of my company?

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What does your company hopes to invest in a digital presence, attract visitors, generate business opportunities and to relate to them? The answer will probably be more results and more sales. Only this point is reason enough to have at least one professional responsible for the Digital Marketing your company.

But what is the ideal profile to be present in the company? Who you need to hire to meet the Digital Marketing functions? Check out some important positions to help your company to be even more results.


This may be your first hire if you are beginning to structure your area or there is a budget reduced for investments in the sector. This position has a 360 degree view of digital marketing and aims to unite the goals of your company to new strategies online.

Profile for the vacancy

More important to master all the techniques, there is a point which is differential: willingness and ability to learn. It must be connected to all the news of digital marketing, to know which path to follow to decision making.

What should you do daily

The professional must hold a general monitoring of everything that happens in the online environment of your company. From content production to the ROI by calculation of the metrics. The profile here it is not a super expert, but a generalist who will meet the most important needs and point a way. He must diagnose the Pareto principle for his actions, seeking the 20% that must be done on each channel that will deliver 80% of the results.

More information

To learn more we recommend the eBook Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs with content that will indicate all that you need to implement an effective digital marketing strategy and attract new customers.

After the general contracting and over time the department may mature and need new professionals. Knowing where this is the greatest pain in the digital area and go to a specialist to achieve bigger and better results. We selected some profiles that can help you at this point.

Content Producer

Content is the basis of efficient actions in Digital Marketing and is where the remaining shares are supported. He is responsible for making your company an authority on the subject, Leads attract, educate them and lead them through the sales funnel until the time of purchase.

Profile for the vacancy

It is important that the profile like writing, dominate the Portuguese and has talent and skills needed for writing texts. As the ideal is to be with the site up to date, it is important that this professional has a steady pace for the production of content.

Knowing the area of ​​operation of your company (or be willing to learn about it) is a key issue for the vacancy. Also, you need to be creative to think of content that satisfy the public and to position your company as an authority on the subject.

But do not just have good writing and creativity. Familiarity with publishing platforms like WordPress, for example, are differential points in hiring.

What should you do daily

The profile focuses on producing content (blog, eBooks and other formats) to attract, educate and lead your prospects to the time of purchase and, whenever possible, to work this out with a focus on SEO (optimization for search tools) .

The content producer has yet to function think about topics that interest the public and meet the company’s needs, in addition to analyzing the blog results, check the most attractive themes and with better results for the feed back loop.

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If you already have this professional or want to know more about content marketing recommend our eBook ” Content Marketing Results for: aligning content to the sales funnel .” In it information ranging from the understanding of the target audience, through the planning themes, editorial calendar and closing with the promotion of content.

Social media

Is to generate relationships, create campaigns, engage customer or generate conversions, always indicated that companies have profiles and pages on social networks where your audience is there to lure you interact with your prospects and close sales.

Be present in social networks requires a lot of consistency and dedication. So if your company is already present in them or want to get into these channels, be aware of the topics below.

Profile for the vacancy

It is essential that the professional know social media in your business is (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.) and understand the behavior of each one as well as having the ability to identify new opportunities in these channels.

It is also important that it is constantly updated to know about changes in the channels and the emergence of new media. Ease of communication is another point that should be the hallmark of the job profile.

What should you do daily

The main objective of this professional is to manage the social networking company. Its role is to create and develop content that will attract visitors to the channel, direcionem these people to your site (conversions) and manage public engagement, as well as interact with the public answering questions, continuing conversations and encouraging engagement.

More information

To understand how the daily or facilitate the activities in practice, we provide the Hangout ” Facebook Marketing Results ” where Andrew Smith (Digital Results) conversation with the specialist Facebook Camila Port on how to leverage Facebook to generate traffic, Leads , relationships and sales for companies.

E-mail marketing

When the user opens your message it is only his attention to her, and not other information, as with websites and social networks. No wonder that email marketing is considered one of the most effective channels for Digital Marketing actions.

The communication channel is of average speed, but effective. To make the most of those minutes (or seconds) of exclusivity, it is important to have someone on the team focused on this activity.

Profile for the vacancy

To work with email marketing strategies you must have a good command of Portuguese and have the ability to write. Creativity to design emails with title and attractive content that lead users to open and consume the content is a great advantage for the professional. Know the best practices for sending email marketing and have familiarity with email marketing delivery tools (RD Station, MailChimp, etc.) complete the profile.

What should you do daily

The professional follows a series of routines such as creating email marketing campaigns (write emails, test shots and send), segment lists and create content focused for each audience, studies and creates Leads Nutrition flows, and analyzing the results campaigns and propose improvements for the next.

More information

To find out what the best use of the strategies recommended Email Marketing Guide. The eBook explains how different types of email (newsletters, promotional e-mail, marketing automation, transactional email) can fit inside a Digital Marketing strategy.


Just having a website online does not mean being seen by your target audience. For people to find your site in search engines like Google, we need to work a few techniques that let well positioned in the search results.

Profile for the vacancy

For the professional who has focused on growth through organic searches, mainly through Google, it is essential to have knowledge of HTML and SEO techniques (on-page and off-page).

Having an analytical profile ally creativity close the caracteríticas professional profile.

What should you do daily

In addition to developing strategies to improve the positioning in Google for keywords relevant to the company, the professional needs to execute strategies building link to the company website and know how to align other efforts (such as content and media) in favor of strategies SEO. All practices must be ethical to achieve results without risk of punishment by Google.

More information

Launched in partnership with Master eBook Agency ” The SEO Complete Guide in 2015 and beyond ” in it teach how to do a keyword research, optimizing pages and site structure, receive links, dealing with the use of growth mobile Internet and indicated tools and first steps to broaden your knowledge and help in hiring.

Paid media

Another way to attract visitors to your website is through paid ads on Google and other media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. To perform these actions, it is essential to meet the following prerequisites.

Profile for the vacancy

It is essential that the profile master tools and services like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords (this in particular is certified, but it is not a mandatory requirement for hiring), and others. Be analytical and creative addition to master good practices to ensure good results complete this professional profile.

What should you do daily

Create and maintain campaigns in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or other platforms that make sense for your company are routine tasks of Paid Media professional function. Do constant analysis (CTR, CPC, Ad), think and make improvements to optimize campaigns, as well as weekly or monthly reports complete the job routines.

More information

To understand more about ad techniques in the Google network, watch the Webinar: ” Getting Started with Google Adwords “. Learn how to attract qualified visitors and generate business opportunities through sponsored links with Google Adwords as well as understand how Adwords structure works and what are the key success factors.

Product Marketing

Having a dedicated professional to understand deeply who your customers are and their needs is critical to ensure satisfaction with your product or service.

Profile for the vacancy

He must first learn to communicate well and have a good fluency in writing helps a lot in the process. It is a prerequisite of this professional know how to analyze large amounts of information in addition to using creativity in their favor.

What should you do daily

Analyze customer profiles and understand how your product / service can serve them in the best way. He still needs to understand how customers use your product / service as well as studying the data, spreadsheets, do research and interviews with clients and potential clients, as well as being responsible for communicating with prospective and current customers in order to keep them informed and satisfied and make them perform new purchases.

results Analyst

No use running all previous activities but it is possible to know what is working and what needs improvement. Therefore, Digital Marketing professionals need to constantly analyze the actions of the area and ensure that results are achieved.

Profile for the vacancy

Aware in Google Analytics and other metrics analysis tools, as well as analytical skills refined make up the profile of the vacancy.

What should you do daily

The professional must evaluate the metrics of other Digital Marketing activities and generate reports, identify problems and think of actions to correct them and improve results.

More information

To understand more about the function, we recommend the eBook ” Web Analytics in practice “, with it’s possible to know what should be measured and analyzed at the strategic level, as well as understand what metrics that really matter to assess the effectiveness of Digital Marketing your business.

10 questions to interview

After analyzing the profile that fits the needs of your business, we selected 10 questions that can help you in the selection process and the choice of its candidate And you can refer this Digital Marketing for Fresher – A Complete Guide 

  1. What is your experience with Digital Marketing?
  2. What results have you had in Digital Marketing actions?
  3. How would you explain (choose a subject related to your business) in a simple way?
  4. What Digital Marketing action you would use for our company? (Pass before the current situation or a specific situation).
  5. What is the Digital Marketing area that you have more knowledge of? And you have less?
  6. Where our company will help with your career?
  7. Where do you think you will be here in 5 years?
  8. Tell what is the experience that you most proud of? Because?
  9. What was the biggest mistake you’ve ever given? What happened next?
  10. Tell what was the most challenging project I’ve ever done, including some details: how it was assigned to you, what was your role, what goals/objectives, which came out as expected, which did not come out, what was the end result?


In addition to determining the position and perform the selection process do not forget to make clear what are the growth prospects. This causes many employees to want to be in your company and stay in it longer.

Finally, always try to offer a salary commensurate with the market and make it clear how your corporate policies and ways of working. Always be transparent, that way your employees can be one of the main windows of your business.