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Why Content Marketing is an important part of SEO

We all know that  Content Marketing, or Content Marketing, is a very important part to take into account in our website or blog to be attractive to our users, but … Is it of high relevance for SEO?

Putting ourselves a little in situation, SEO is a fundamental and essential aspect for your website to be visible to all, that is something that is more than obvious when we decided to create our online image on the Internet.

Using keywords in certain strategic actions or even generating visual content is usually one of the main factors for our site to be visible in Google or other types of search engines.

However, you wonder why the content has to be closely linked to SEO.

Is the content king?

Surely you’ve heard many times that having content is the most important part for your website to succeed on the Internet. Or that content is the king for other companies / blogs to look at your page How much is this statement true?

Before the content was made so that Google was able to see it and therefore it was indexed, but people are not machines and this type of technique is quite obsolete and unnatural, a factor that the very mogul of search engines on the Internet does not like anything.

It is from here, when you no longer understand content marketing separate from a good SEO strategy .

Importance of SEO in Content Marketing

This type of marketing is one of the parts of the strategy and that consists of generating certain useful and interesting content, and that also generates a positive reaction in the user. Is it possible?

The answer is a yes, you just have to have a little care and detail, so that this type of content is of quality, and is the most likely and unforced, with the aim that, in the eyes of the leader of the seekers on the Internet interpret it as a natural act, without any profit motive.

This is where the SEO strategy comes into play . Here we detail what are the types of content, which are considered more natural for Google.

Content acceptable to Google

Being thorough in the content you publish on your website is vital so that it can appear in the top positions of Google, and thus be visible to your potential users.

From this point it is very important with what kind of keywords you want to promote your web page and what type of image you want to process for it, and therefore, position yourself on the Internet.


  • Writing detailed and descriptive content helps the user, and Google, is attractive interest to learn more about what is being reflected on your website.
  • Create infographics in order to make more complex data more understandable and transform it into summary and easy for the reader in a more visual format.
  • The Social profiles today no means a company without a Facebook account or Twitter where you show everything that surrounds your web and interactive Become visible to your users more Internet!
  • Receiving and sending emails . You have to make sure you have a good list of emails to be able to viralize your content by sending it in
  • Constancy. Do they say that patience is the mother of science? Well, perseverance is the key to success in your strategy, since it does not matter if your content is the best in the world if your publication frequency is scarce or nonexistent. We assure you that your goal will not come to fruition.
  • Attractive headlines It has never happened to you that you have read a news item in your headline diary just for the headline that you had, because in this section the same thing happens. It is important to create a good title so that the rest comes shot.
  • Images and videos Not all content should be forced text, but with a simple image, many words are enough for the content to be of quality.

We have explained many tips for your content to be of quality, but for what? Google interprets all these tricks as natural content, which in addition to helping to position your website on the Internet lists, also made a cable to make your site more linkable .

With this last statement we want to show that against more simple and clear your content will be better, just for Google, but so that other websites are attracted to yours and introduce your links, and for love of art.