Which Email Marketing Templates should I use in my campaigns?

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The Email Marketing models used by most companies today are: promotional, informational, transactional, welcome and special. Each email template has its own characteristics, so choose the best will depend on the purpose of your campaign.

The Email Marketing is a channel of communication and versatile relationship in Digital Marketing . You can use this channel to send numerous emails formats, such as offers, newsletters, activations, greeting cards, and more useful warnings.

Therefore, each of these formats should be sent to a specific occasion. There is Email Marketing model to sell a product, notify you about updates to a blog, provide a free download, to celebrate the holidays and other purposes.

Because there are several possibilities, both formats such occasions, we illustrate in this post some of these formats and show some models of Email Marketing for you to have an overview of what can – and should not – be done.


Why follow a model of Email Marketing

How many emails your company sends per week? You create emails one by one or already works with ready-made templates?

Working with models of predefined Email Marketing is a way to scale your submissions. It is much more advantageous to have the templates that each campaign, you need to make a new one. That’s because you can use these same models in the future and change only the content, avoiding rework.

You can also specify a different template for each type of action. This differentiates your goals and shows a certain identity in the eyes of your customers and Leads .

If one were to summarize in a few words the reasons to use ready – made templates, or create these standards on their own, would be: speed, scalability, quality, identity with the brand ( branding ) and economy.

We speak in more detail about it in post “Why work with templates makes (very) Marketing Work” .

Email Marketing models for different types of business

The most efficient way to do Email Marketing is working with HTML templates. Never images. The justification is that most services by default blocks emails that only have a picture.

Perhaps you have received an email in which, in place of the image, there was a huge white screen with the message “Images are not displayed – Display images below”. This is a barrier to more, and when it happens the chances of you not read your message are great. This is a separate issue, and you can learn more in the post “Email Marketing: Why use a HTML template instead of an image” .

Well, although we have ready-made templates of Email Marketing, some good practices should be taken into consideration.

  • Make the email in HTML format and distribute the content of text and images;
  • Use alt tags on images, inserting text that describes the image. You can even use this space to encourage the display of the image, writing in the alt tag, for example, “Introduction to Email Marketing eBook. – Click ‘Allow’ images to display”
  • Put links also in the images, because even if she did not appear, the area of ​​the same will be clickable. This practice is very useful when using alt tags;
  • Beware the image size: if they are too heavy, will take to load, which may discourage the expectation of the recipient or even be interpreted as SPAM by e-mail service.
  • See the Email Marketing service that your company uses has templates ready to HTML for sending emails. The feature of Email Marketing RD Station Marketing , you can choose from several templates to assemble the email.

When talking about Email Marketing, we come to some large formats. Below we show format which each situation must be used and exemplify in practice:

1. promotional email Model

Promotional emails are campaigns that have focused on promoting an offer. Although the name seems that emails are only for promoting products or services fall into this category free nature of email, such as downloading eBooks or other materials.

Scrutinizing better, a promotional email can be:

  • physical products, as is the case of ecommerces and retail business in general, using the Email Marketing as a sales channel for the end consumer (B2C);
  • products / digital services, such as consulting offerings, software and paid tools;
  • free digital products, such as eBooks case, tools, webinars or other materials that are being offered.

These emails have focused on conversion and the structure is usually composed of many images and Call-to-Actions , such as “Buy” or “Download for free”.

Here are some examples:

email marketing model - digital results

email template marketing Malt Club

2. Model of informative email

Newsletters are also known as newsletters . The main objective of this type of email is to inform the basis on updates and relevant news about your business or about your niche market.

Emails are characterized by the presence of texts and calls for bigger containing links to your website or your blog. It is a model of Email Marketing where content must be the center of the action.

On the measurement, it should not be focused only on direct campaign metrics (such as open, click etc.), but the information on who clicked that link. This will greatly help to assemble sections and more relevant communications.

It is important that the newsletters are sent periodically to ensure the engagement expected of the base. It should also leave their mark clearly visible. One option is to insert the brand logo in the header to ensure visibility.

For example:

email eauditoria email syhus

3. Model of transactional email

Transactional emails are messages that indicate something already expected by its customers. Is information for users confirm an order, a purchase, exchange a password, registration or receiving a free material.

The focus of transactional messages are for confirmation and not for discovery. They are usually simple and short emails. It is a way to improve the relationship with its base, mainly because they are always sent after the customer take action to receive them.

For example, if it is to download a material, the shipment was fired after a conversion in a Landing Page . If it is for a new password after a recovery request. If the confirmation of an order, after the purchase has been completed on the site.

Here are some examples:

email template - ebook guide marketing email e-mail template password change

4. Email Template Welcome

Welcome emails are super important to get you started the relationship with the Lead on the right foot. It is this message that you will introduce yourself and tell about what and how you will communicate with the Lead for the future and align expectations.

It can also be a good point for you to better identify the pain of Lead and direct it to any specific targeting.


email Welcome

5. Model special email

Another Email Marketing usage option is to use special dates each user to send a personalized message.

These campaigns can match the birthday messages, anniversaries , congratulations for some achievement and congratulations in general. The central idea is to make your customers feel Leads and remembered for their company.

Are emails that usually involve a greater use of images and graphics. Therefore, they use visual tricks and short texts to conquer and hold the recipient’s attention.

In some campaigns, there are special benefits like discounts, gifts or coupons. In such cases, the campaigns end up somehow being crossed with the first model explored in the post, being a kind of special promotional Email Marketing model.

See these examples:

Email king of alliances email wpensar

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How to choose a template to use in each case?

If your company already use the RD Station Marketing , you can use one of the templates available there. We have several models available and customizable theme to use.

Templates are ideal for promotional emails, newsletters, email activation, simple messages, transactional emails, product promotion, ecommerce, email, video, welcome email, and more.

Click on the image to enlarge.

What to do after choosing a model?

Using models of Email Marketing in no way precludes the need for you to make adjustments to your business. Templates are pre-defined thresholds. What will even highlight your company is the correct use of the email, or use the right kind of email for the right purpose.

A further reading we can recommend is the post “How the different types of email work in Digital Marketing Strategy” .

The templates are very interesting to be used as models, but even more so if adapted and customized to your company has a unique identity not only in content but also in design.

If you want to learn more about personalization and already have some notions code, you can access the post “Good practices for HTML Email Marketing” in the Ship It, the results Digital Product Team blog.

Finally, remember that a campaign Email Marketing Success is the union of several factors. Beyond a certain model, you need to take care of other fronts such as segmentation, deliverability , nutrition etc. To learn more about it and get a full overview, free download our eBook “The Email Marketing Guide” .

PS: All the above models are available options functionality of Email Marketing free trial here and enjoy the tool for several other digital marketing actions, such as creating Landing Pages, Lead generation, optimization for search engines (SEO), marketing automation and more.