WhatsApp Business is officially launched in Brazil: know the details of the application

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After a long time in the testing phase, WhatsApp has finally released a version of the application dedicated to small businesses.

With the novelty, businesses will find it easier to connect with your customers and vice versa.

Considering that WhatsApp was created for people, we want to improve commercial use experience. For example, it is now easier for companies to respond to their customers, thus separating the personal messages of trade and at the same time creating an official presence.

For now, WhatsApp Business is only available for Android in several countries, including Brazil.

Get to know the interface and other details that were shared on the official WhatsApp blog .

Here’s how it works:

  • Company profile: can be filled with useful information to customers as a commercial description, email, physical address and website.
  • Tools messages: allows you to send quick answers to frequently asked questions, as well as greeting messages to present your company to your customers and the absence so they know you’re busy.
  • Message statistics: to analyze metrics as simple as the number of messages that have been read, and understand what’s working for your company.
  • WhatsApp Web: send and receive messages with WhatsApp Business using your computer.
  • Account Type: people will know they are communicating with a company because you will be listed as a business account. Over time, some companies have confirmed accounts once it has been verified that the account phone number matches the business phone number.

In a statement, the company clarified that for users, there will be no major changes; “There is no need to download anything extra, and will also continue to have full control over the messages they receive, with the option to block any number, including companies and report spam ” he explains.

Business owners of selected countries can now download for free the tool in the Google Play Store . It is not known whether the use will be charged in the future.

WhatsApp Business was in testing phase since at least September 2017 . At the time, it was also announced one enterprise version, aimed at larger companies that operate large-scale, with a global customer base, such as airlines, banks and ecommerce sites.

In the video below we have some tips on how you can use WhatsApp for your company. Watch and good results!