WhatsApp Ads? New option on Facebook Ads shows that this is possible

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Contact customers through WhatsApp is a difficulty faced daily by many companies who do informally.

But a novelty that has been launched gradually can help in this task. That’s because Facebook, which since 2012 runs the application, released to some accounts the ability to make ads that, when clicked by the user, lead to a conversation on WhatsApp .

The idea is to allow the consumer can contact the company more easily, similar to what already happens in Facebook Messenger.

Messenger (see example in the picture below), the feature is available since 2015.


Source: TechCrunch

With the novelty, an ecommerce, for example, can buy ads to initiate conversations about topics related to your business by WhatsApp and later use the channel to the user offers.

The tool is not yet available for all advertisers – here at RD, for example, we have no access.

To find out if it is already available in your account, start a new campaign in Power Editor and Campaign Goal see if there is already a Message option. If so, you can choose between Messenger and WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Ads - Facebook

Source: Ricardo Celso

The news is another attempt to monetization of WhatsApp, which in July 2017 reached the mark of 1.3 billion users.

In early September 2017, for example, announced here on the blog that a version of the application dedicated to business is being tested with a group of selected companies.

At the time of the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, it was promised that the messaging application does not show advertisements to users.

The Messenger, on the other hand, already includes ads. It remains to wait to see if the same will happen with the most used messaging app in Brazil.

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