What to write on your company’s social media and blog

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The consensus among professionals Digital Marketing about the importance of a blog and social media as an essential part of the online strategy of a company.

The problem is left over companies that follow the first step of this advice, but then end up not writing relevant and interesting things to your audience. This goes from the extreme of companies that only write things along the lines of “good morning” or “how are you?” On Twitter, even those that are half egocentric to your blog, just publishing posts about events / parties in the company last appearances media, new projects, etc.

The result is that these kinds of tweets and articles are rarely read or shared, making the investment of time and money the company is transformed into something that will not give any kind of return. This is mainly due to failures in choosing content for these channels.

To help these businesses understand and rethink their content strategy, we brought some of the things that we know work very well:

Who is your customer?

The first step in defining the theme of your company is thinking about the target audience, the buyer. Most of the time the error is happening there: many companies write for themselves, not for the public.

It helps a lot at this stage the creation of personas , which are nothing more than a character that represents your typical customer.

Consider questions such as:

  • Who is my prospect? What he does?
  • In the case of B2B products, which is the kind of company that buys my solution? And what is the position of those who purchase?
  • What is the educational level of my audience? What are your challenges and obstacles?
  • How much knowledge they already have about my market? What kind of thing he would be interested in learning about my industry?
  • What kind of information it consumes and what vehicles?
  • Who influences their decisions?

These questions will form the character. There are companies that take this very background, giving names and even creating dolls with the persona.

This makes it easy to launch a new content. Before writing, just think and discuss with staff the fact of “Johnny” would be interested in it.

Fitting your company with the interest of the public

For the vast majority of businesses, it is important not to fall into the trap of losing focus. Try to mood or talk about everyday things that have no relation to the market may be interesting to some people, but it will not contribute to your company in the best possible way.

The great secret of a blog that generates results Marketing and Sales is to fit it in the way your target audience learn about your market or theme of your business.

For example with our own case: just feel the need to purchase a digital marketing software or service who is interested and seeks to learn about the topic. This learning often occurs in different ways: lectures, books, Google searches and recommendations known in social media, etc .. It is exactly here that fit our marketing: we seek to teach Digital Marketing producing relevant content through these different channels.

How to identify the types of threads running

Over time your company begins to identify what is relevant to the public and what is not.

If you are starting out, however, there are some kinds of questions about your area that usually attract attention and can help in the production (or curator) content:

  • What is….?
  • Why do you (your company) should care about …?
  • What are the benefits of …?
  • How to make…?
  • What are the most common mistakes …?
  • What are the best practices in …?

In addition to the famous lists:

  • The 5 best ways to …
  • 10 tips to improve ….
  • 8 steps to …

Why does it work?

This tactic works extremely well for different reasons.

The first is to be relevant to anyone reading. The content that educates, entertains and helps attract the attention of much more easily than simple advertisements, and get more links and be shared on social media.

The second is that this type of content on the market theme helps your company gain credibility and position as a reference. You are all the time putting your knowledge to the test, showing how much you know of the subject and is reliable. This is very important, especially for B2B companies, since the buyer has great responsibility and need to trust your supplier before making the purchase.

And third because the more your customers learn about your business, the more he comes close to the ideal of buying time. This speeds the sales cycle and takes less time from vendors.