What Star Wars Can Teach You About Making Videos for Digital Marketing

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Deliver an efficient and powerful content, offering a unique and satisfying experience, it can be an effective way to keep your loyal customer to your brand.

Whatever your segment, videos can be essential tools both to establish a relationship of trust with those who already know your business and to give you a position of authority, which helps possible undecided customers to opt for your product or service for the buying process.

But what Star Wars, the largest franchise of cinema, has to do with videos to Digital Marketing ?

Launched in November 1977, the first film in the saga, Star Wars: A New Hope , soon became a major global phenomenon, aligning originality, visual richness and, above all, a great emotional development by the viewer.

For the first time, a film transcended cinema and took account of popular culture, extending to other areas of entertainment such as video games, toys and magazines.

More than done successfully, Star Wars has managed to consolidate itself as a great reference of the genre, keeping strong today and delivering a unique experience to your audience.

For that experience in a video is so important?

The audiovisual – movies, series and especially the videos we consume daily on the Internet – has the natural ability to awaken different directions in a short time.

This combination makes the video content to be easily assimilated by establishing an instant bond and assertive. So if you do or want to start making videos for your business, remember to provide an experience for your audience through relevant content that bring solutions and establish a trusting relationship with your brand.

Without content there is no connection. And if there is no connection, there is no experience. Here, no matter if you have the best scenario or the most modern equipment. First of all, you need to have to say!

Imagine watching a movie full of stunning scenery and special effects in which nothing happens. Visually, the beauty can be incredible, but that emotion brought this story? Nobody wants to watch something, is not it? People want to be impacted, and that’s their role here.

But how I can bring the Star Wars experience for my videos?

A few tips can help you raise the formatting of your videos and bring a new experience to your audience.

1. Be a Jedi master in its segment

First of all, always remember: invest in an original and quality content .

Talk about your experiences, give valuable tips and troubleshoot possible problems that your client may have.

Thus, you establish as an authority on the subject, it attracts those who really is interested in your business and captivates those who have the potential to become a recurring customer.

Star Wars and video production

2. Use tools of storytelling

The use of storytelling humanizes the relationships between brands and audiences. So tell your story, show a daily basis or the trajectory of your product until it reaches the final consumer, for example.

Create a sense of beginning, middle and end in your videos so that your viewer can always try a new journey.

3. It is simple, not science fiction thing

You have no professional equipment? Do you think all this stuff from a galaxy far, far away? Use the social networks !

Instagram Stories, for example, is a great storytelling tool that when properly used, can elevate your customer experience and bring it even more of your business.

Lives on Facebook , with questions and answers, or to make announcements of new products, can also be great allies.

You have no scenario? Will record with the phone? No problem! If you can get your message across clearly, you have reached your goal.

4. Create a good relationship

To maintain a healthy relationship with your audience, always be sincere and do not create made-up information.

Remember that you want to establish a relationship of trust . So run away from controversial titles and strong appeal, which can frustrate your viewers.

Negative surprises have the power to ward off a potential customer of your channel and cause the opposite effect in an attempt to establish itself as an authority in the segment.

Star Wars and video production

5. Contextualize

You know that classic text that appears before each film in the Star Wars saga?

Star Wars and video production

It serves to place the viewer in the story of a fast way, adding some information, but without revealing the outcome of the story.

In the video content, you can apply the same feature in two ways.

First, while recording, introduce yourself, do a brief summary of the subject that will treat and soon leave for the content.

Then, at the time of posting, invest in a good title and description, attracting the attention of your audience.

6. Do not be afraid to make mistakes

Mistakes happen, but you should not fear them, my young padawan.

Videos are still new and ever-changing tools. So take the time to find the best format that works for you and your audience.

Test, try and keep an eye on feedbacks.

Star Wars and video production

It’s too late to start?

No matter the scope of your project or its segment. Increasingly, new niches are being created. Therefore, the space for video production grows every day.

The audiovisual language is fortifying as a large digital marketing trend as very simple actions can achieve excellent results and offer a complete experience for those who already are, or may become, a customer of your company.

So do not procrastinate. And the strength of the videos be with you.

Star Wars and video production