What other types of backlinks are there?

What are internal links and why are they important for SEO?
What are some ways social media can be used in SEO?

What are backlinks? – Linkbuilding KnowHow

The Internet consists of countless many different websites. At the beginning of the Internet, the most important and informative websites were kept in one directory. So you could visit such directories and then follow the link to the respective website. Today, this is not so easily possible with the large number of websites. Due to the many different websites, some are linked to each other. Particularly interesting and value added articles are shared by visitors and linked by other website operators.

The link is usually equipped with an anchor text, which is to recognize what topic is treated on the linked website. Backlinks are still an important currency on the Internet, or in the SEO area. The more and above all quality backlinks to a website to show more relevant and interesting seems to be the website, what Google rate and other search engines positive.

What types of backlinks are there?

Only with a categorization after “internal” and “external” backlinks it is not done. The following distinctions should be considered:

  • dofollow
  • nofollow
  • picture links
  • Trash links

What are dofollow backlinks?

If you want to inherit the link power (Linkjuice) to a page, dofollow backlinks are used. These are normal set backlinks. The landing page can be a subpage of your own website as well as an external internet presence. Dofollow links are important as they increase trust and relevance through linkage. Because a dofollow link tells the bot to follow the link.

What are nofollow backlinks?

If you do not want to pass on the link power, then nofollow links can be used. This signals to the bot that he should not follow the link. To set a nofollow link, the addition rel = “nofollow” is set in the link.

What are image links?

A picture link can be dofollow as well as nofollow. Instead of the anchor text, an image is used as the link text. The landing page is then reached when the image is clicked.

What are Trashlinks?

Since there are not only qualitative links but also SPAM links from SPAM pages, it should also be discussed briefly. Because SPAM link is another term for Trashlinks. This type of link is usually set by pages that have many outgoing backlinks and little or no content and / or the quality is miserable. Such bad links are not very good for your link profile and should be removed.

However, with a natural link mix, bad links are also included. Therefore, a small amount of such backlinks is also ok and should not have any negative impact on your ranking.

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