What it takes to succeed in the commercial arena: check out Farlan Dowell’s tips at Studio RD Summit

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People fall in sales for several reasons: either because they love the profession, either because they need jobs.

But whatever the motivation, for sales specialist, Farlan Dowell , to become good in the office you need to start working for someone who “knows what he’s doing and he’s talking about.”

For those who want to start, the tip is to be curious.

4 had mentors in my career, and I was not even looking for mentoring, was just being curious, asking questions and wanting to learn.

For those who want to hire a good seller, the specialist indicates look for people who dominate both art and science.

“In sales, art is to understand who we’re talking about and connect when the phone , he explains. Since science is to understand the trading methodology.

Moreover, he suggests that managers seek a metric it calls many talks you will close this month . As you progress, you can look at the conversion rate Lead to closure, to see where the negotiation is stopping at different stages and guide the team.

If a negotiation is stopping at a demonstration stage, they probably are not doing a good job of talking about the prices, for example.

You can get the report you want in sales tools, the focus will be: how many businesses were closed this month. Then you can become more sophisticated.

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