What Is The Significance Of Directories For Local SEO?

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What Difference Is There Between SEO And Rankings?
The Local SEO podcast belongs to digital entrepreneurship, is practically a thematic spin-off. We’re talking about local visibility on Google in the podcast here. So, how to achieve this, how to differentiate yourself and how to build top rankings for your local business on Google.
Web directories have been around a few years ago. At that time, they were a great way to build backlinks for classic SEO (search engine optimization). However, as Google became more and more intelligent over time and could better understand and evaluate content and backlinks, web directories became increasingly uninteresting over the years, and today it is actually the case that you completely neglect web directories in classic search engine optimization. There are certainly a few exceptions where a link still provides trust, but actually it is negligible.

Local Citations relevant to the local search

On the other hand, it looks different when we look into local SEO, ie local search engine optimization. Web directories / business directories / city portals play a much more important role here. Why and why, we clarify in today’s podcast episode.

What are (Local) Citations?

Finally, there are citations, portals or websites that list their own company with address and other contact details in the offer. So for example, industry books such as GoYellow.de, gelbeseiten.de, meinestadt.de or even Yelp.de are some of the well-known sites. Overall, there are different, and sometimes locally different industry and city portals.

Google checks the consistency of the data

Google uses various sources to verify the consistency of data provided in Google MyBusiness. As a source for company name, address and phone Google uses just Citations. For Google, up-to-dateness and quality are important, and the more frequently the data matches, the more confirmation Google receives on the assumption that the data in Google MyBusiness is up-to-date and correct, or if the entry is also a genuine and active business ,
In the last podcast episode, It was about first optimizations of the Google MyBusiness entry. There I already pointed out that the correct spelling is very important, since this also applies to Citations and the company name, address and other contact information should always be the same. In technical jargon one likes to speak of NAP data (name, address, phone number), which are just very important for Google. The exact spelling and correspondence with your Google MyBusiness account is guaranteed. Always the same name, the same address, not even write out Str. Example, sometimes in abbreviated form. Even with the phone number applies – not even with country code, sometimes without. What the contact details are, also applies to opening hours. These are also displayed on Google and thus checked.

Citations ranking factor in local SEO

So you can say that citatons are a real ranking fab in local SEO and that Google’s verification of the data is very important.

Selection of local Citations

As far as the selection of citations is concerned, I can say that not every portal is suitable and that Google also pays attention to certain parameters here. I also brought you a list of potential citatons. But there is a lot more, especially locally you should look here and set a strategy for you and then make the entries.
  • gelbeseiten
  • meinestadt
  • kennstdueinen
  • The local
  • Qype
  • Pointoo
  • The phone book
  • cylex
  • Citimap
  • kaufDA
  • klicktel
  • Branchen-infonet
  • Go yellow
  • Marktplatz-mittelstand
  • suchen
  • Who delivers what?
  • Stadtpilot
  • Yelp
  • GoLocal
In addition, there are certainly more, especially local portals. But make sure that the local portals also have a certain trust and seriousness. Because not all portals are recommended.
If you want to get a rough idea and check out how your local visibility has turned out so far, there is a tool that will allow you to check it for free.

The positive side effect of Local Citations

The targeted entry in the various portals makes sense. Not only, as shown for Google, but also for the potential customers who search for products or companies via the different portals and thus become aware of your company. Again, this is not to be underestimated, with Google being by far the source used most for local search.


Let’s summarize. So-called citations are a test mechanism for Google to confirm that the company is actually an active company. The matching of the NAP data is done through different sources and therefore the conscious entry in the right citations is an important factor.