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The organic range is the number of unique users who see your content, or your post in your  feed  news or visiting your Facebook page naturally, ie without paid promotion of that content .


Why really is not dead organic reach on Facebook? The whole truth and nothing but the truth …

Many companies are basing their social media strategy  around Facebook, where daily share content in order to reach the maximum possible number of people and thus get  better organic range .

But as long ago with post updates and enough to appear in the feed of news users and achieve interactions  – from “likes” to comments, comparticiones and clics-, now it is becoming increasingly difficult to have a gap between publications see your audience .

In fact, it is estimated that every day each user is exposed to an average of 1,500 messages in your feed news. And it is noteworthy that the feed of news is limited , which means that Facebook does not allow your publication reaches all users who follow you .


To all this we must add that Facebook is a business and as such needs revenue ; on the other hand revenues come from companies that spend money promoting the social network publications and advertisements with which is not very difficult to connect the dots:

Facebook is increasingly offering organic range while on the other hand the extent paid brings greater visibility.

It really is no surprise, because the platform already announced some months ago that this 2016 would change the algorithm to show even less business publications pages in the feed of its users . And so it was, although comes from afar:

According  to Ogilvy , and l organic traffic companies Facebook has declined to 49% from October 2013.

Without going any further, so is the average range on social network according to the size of followers you have a company:

graphic improve organic scope

And although it is low, it is also true that if dead, would be 0% Do not you think?

From Facebook they say that this maneuver is intended solely to punish overly promotional messages while creating a good user experience as they do not like selling them.

But make no mistake: do you think that if companies who pay for these services obtain the same results with organic publications continue to pay? No need to be too smart to know that the answer is: Nooooo!

But if at this point you’re thinking that the organic range is dying, let me give you a little hope: it is not true, because this limitation affects mostly pages that do not publish content or quality information but basically use them to promote them directly (and especially businesses with more followers).

So You can make the reach organic is more alive than ever if you learn to be smarter than Facebook! And besides, you can do without spending money. Then I’ll show you 7 simple adjustments you have to do from now your publications.

7 changes must implement or yes in your publications to improve the organic reach on Facebook

1. Post regularly …

But we always prioritize quality over quantity.

If you share content very occasionally it is difficult for you to improve the organic scope, but neither will achieve if harass your followers every five minutes with new content: like everything else, you must find the middle ground for your audience or you forget or He is tired of you .

Think about it: if you publish regularly content value is more likely that your publications reach more different users which will generate more interaction and Facebook will prioritize your company page to appear in the feed of your followers – and also to you will serve to optimize your strategy content and find out what kind of publications work better -.

Forgot update your site for a while? There’s still time to revive and improve the organic scope frequently publish content that is useful to your audience.

EXTRA TIP! Post timeless content. The life of a post depends on several factors and one of them is useful so every so committed to publishing content that does not expire over time. Thus it will be useful for longer periods, users will continuegive“like”and comment with whatappear again in the feed news if one of your fans react to itand therefore the postwill be distributed during periods more long.

Mexican brand KleenBebé , specializing in products for the hygiene of newborns, publishes many timeless updates that are useful to your audience, which extends the life of your posts:


2. Consider the times

If you post when your competitors are online is likely to get a lower organic range because there will be fighting for many publications appear in the feed of your audience.

But what if public when your competitors “sleep”? Undoubtedly, you ‘re more likely to get attention.

Jon Loomer , one of the foremost experts on Facebook Marketing Advanced, did an experiment about it .

Basically he analyzed when was the time that their fans were online publications and then scheduled a later time at “rush hour” . He found that the hours “off – peak” or less frequently worked very well and sometimes even worked even better.

The reason is very simple, is that as Jon says, is good content with less competition” . And it really works! Judge for yourself:


When Jon Loomer published links in the hours ‘non-peak’ performance was better.

EXTRA TIP! Never post on“idle time”because if any of your followers are connected is more than likely that your posts get lost inmiddle of nowhere. A good tip is to look at statistics when your followers are online andelijas the hours that your competitors are not running.

3. Publish quality content

We live in the era of information overload: everything revolves around content and people do not have time to read everything with which undoubtedly remain the most useful you think and better quality offers .

In this sense , Facebook recommends creating quality content instead of posting all the time without looking at what , because quality content adds value to your followers and these will be eager to read and share your posts thus get a longer range.

In addition, the algorithm Facebook takes into account the time each user spent publication as synonymous with quality and other content metrics such as “likes” or comments, which the more value contribute your posts better It will be the commitment of your audience and the better your chances that your content appears in the feed of news users .

EXTRA TIP! Stirs the emotions creating custom publicationsrelated to your market sector that touch the “fiber sensitive” we all have because once you win your heart also win you yourfeednews.

In addition, the posts that awaken feelings of users typically achieve higher rates of virality .

Nutella makes it particularly well, do not you think?😉


4. Change the videos of YouTube videos Facebook

The video is the king of Facebook and work particularly well, but if you want to improve   your results then Say goodbye to YouTube videos and welcomes videos from Facebook since it is proven to help improve the organic range.

One reason for the increased reach is that although YouTube videos are played within Facebook do not automatically as it does with videos from Facebook, and this autorreproducción automatic is what helps to increase the range .

In addition, the percentage of people who watch videos on Facebook is increasing while the YouTube decreases compared.

The fashion brand Desigual , for example, uses much the resource uploading videos of how to wear and match your clothes. In this case, he posted a video on how to wear a scarf and judge for yourself the interactions generated …


EXTRA TIP! Please note some ways to upload your video to Facebook. For example, short videos of 2 minutes maximum work best shows movement within the first 2 or 3 seconds make it look professional and choose a goodthumbnail.

5. Use the appropriate images

Use the appropriate images may help improve the organic scope in Facebook, and that the platform is encouraging the reach organic those publications containing pictures or images with accurate dimensions recommended by the social network.

These images are in full format so they are more visual and attractive.

As for the measures, the ideal size is 1200 x 1200 pixels for full and 1200 × 627 pixels for a picture post with link . And of course, the more eye – catching and attractive outcome will be better.

In addition, a post with a good image is always more appealing to the audience which is easier to be interested in him. But tell that to MediaMarkt who specializes in posting good images on your Fan Page.


EXTRA TIP! Not only be relevant,alsotries to be timely. If therea recent event you can use to post about itin real timeand link your brand with the event. And people will be looking on the topic so it’s easier thanattract your attention.

For example, during the SuperBowl 2013 there was a blackout and Oreo took advantage of it with this publication created for the occasion where literally said ¿Apagón? No problem and added text next to an image where literally said ” You can still get wet in the dark “ in allusion to the classic combo of ” milk + cookie “ that preaches the brand. He had more than 15,000 retweets and unsought became the best advertisement of the SuperBowl … and free! 😉 In this case the strategy implemented through Twitter but of course can implement similar to Facebook.


6. Flee the easy click

Surely more than once have read your feed something like: “When you see what happened to this woman to let her daughter play with your iguana you ‘re not going to be able to believe” or “this fruit they call ‘fruit miraculous’ and when you see the 7 great benefits it can bring to sex understand why (you had never imagined that 3 would be possible) “ .

You know what I mean, right? Well, these publications are looking for the easy and massive click to improve the organic reach on Facebook at all costs.


If you want some advice: do not do it and flees sooner that way , because although until recently these publications helped increase engagement and visibility of our content, Facebook has made changes to its algorithm to punish such actions with which no longer makes sense to abuse them.

The best thing to do is analyze metrics on Facebook, see detailed statistics and according to it determine what type of content your users prefer and focus on giving it.


EXTRA TIP! Mentioned pages or influential users. It is a good alternative toeasy clickand another good way to improve the scope and the social network is showingfeedpublications pages that include mention person to another page or your users also follow. But do not abuse this resource recommending other pages indiscriminately becauseFacebook can penalize asspam.

7. Add CTAs

Calls to action also essential to improve the organic scope as ‘re encouraging your users to directly interact with your content and this is taken into account positively by the algorithm Facebook. But besides increasing the number of shares, the friends of your fans will also see your posts and thus will increase the percentage of users reached.

In fact, if you want to know how to create compelling calls to action, in this article you will find 10 tips to consider and 8 practical examples to implement 😉

EXTRA TIP! Create publications irresistibleserve to justify thiscall to action, suchpublications that evoke nostalgic, you asktag users who knowwithinteresting questionsorinclude a challenge. All these details that promote interaction will help to increase the organic range and are more likely to be viral.

Also, you can always combine them with other tips you learned to your publications more effective, as they do very well from FitnessBlender , who often ask their audience several questions and make videos like this case of reasons to exercise:


At this point, I can only tell you the next time you read or hear that organic reach on Facebook is dying, thinks that while they are crying for an alleged imminent death at least for now not going to happen, you you can be enjoying a much higher organic range implementing these actions .

And now you’re already more expert in the world of organic reach, what do you think the future of reach organic on Facebook? Have you found them useful these 7 Measures to increase organic range? Leave us your comments!

Ah! And do not forget to share this post on both Facebook and other networks : not save the life of any kitten for each click on “share” but maybe you can help improve organic reach to many small and medium enterprises, and the truth it is not going to come all bad😉