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SEO is vital for your SEO, it’s a fact! Like the web, this one evolves and renews itself constantly! In 2018 new trends will emerge … Rollingbox takes stock of these upcoming changes …It’s no longer a secret, SEO is today one of the essential steps to the success of companies and brands that are present on the web. The goal is to increase traffic, improving the visibility of interfaces on search engines. This is not a point to neglect and it is essential to get up to date with the news that allow a real rise in SEO!


To obtain an optimal SEO , it is necessary to use keywords . Only they should not be used individually, even if they are absolutely relevant in your article or page. Already used for some time,  the long tail or Long tail SEO , will definitely prevail in the future, since much more effective for SEO . The goal is not to choose keywords added randomly, but to try to tell a story and continue a linear sequence .

This technique consists of words that are little used or at least little-known synonyms that, because of their low use by Internet users, will be less competitive. They are also usually longer than their counterpart. To translate, if there is less research being done on these keywords , it will be much simpler for websites to get a good position in the search engine results. QED

To give an example, the expressions called ”  long tail  ” are most often composed of at least three or four keywords that are very specific to information offered on your interface. These are keywords that users will use in search engines when they have a very clear idea of ​​what they are looking for on the internet.


Last number to the key – it is now official since this year – the searches carried out on smartphone have largely surpassed those of the computer and the PCs in France. This information has been confirmed by the French branch of the Google giant. The mobile first trend is in order! Moreover, since the arrival of the Index Mobile First (Google algorithm), it seems that the importance given to optimization from a mobile connection has definitely taken the lead in SEO! Mobile compatibility is therefore increasingly important not only because of the growth in traffic, but because Google is now favoring mobile friendly sites for its mobile search results. Noted !


The artificial intelligence should be deployed and spread more and more in our lives. This great innovation should also open the doors to an even more accurate SEO . Eh yes ! It’s little known but artificial intelligence influences SEO. Among other things, she is able to better analyze and understand queries through Natural Language Processing (NLP). It will now be necessary to create lines of keywords that have a SENS! Yes Yes…

In addition, artificial intelligence reads images much better than traditional search engines! In short, the IA is better able to understand the context of websites and will therefore push us to write clearer content. It will also force us to rethink the content for humans and not only search engines  ! OOPS


CLASSIC! But more than ever indispensable. If your websites are slow, 2018 will be the year of change! Your visitors will tell you thank you! Remember that after 3 seconds of loading, you lose a large part of your users who – always impatient nature – will switch elsewhere!

The user does not insist and he flemmard! Verdict  : You must lighten your website by correcting the number of queries in a page, non-responsive images … Check the dimensions of the said images, prefer the JPEG for your photos and the PNG for a logo. JavaScript file compression and CSSare not to be neglected either. The simpler and lighter your website is, the faster it will load! In addition, if it remains slow, you can always decide to call a specialized agency or a provider. They will be a real guarantee of effective optimization for your website!