We know that if you want to take care of the image of your company on the Internet you should be aware of the different changes that are made in all social networks and search engines. On other occasions we already talk about how to stay up to date on Instagram or LinkedIn and get the most out of them. But if there is something that we have to monitor very closely is Google, since it is the first search engine worldwide and it is essential to know when they modify any aspect that may affect us. Well, you may not be aware, but there has been an update of the Google algorithm in 2018 and it is possible that you also have to update yourself if you do not want to lose positions.

Calm! Do not panic! If you are one of those who always start shaking when you hear the word “algorithm”, breathe, in ClickAge we will explain what are the most important changes they have made, so calm, you are in good hands.

“I’m not learning anything, what is the Google algorithm?”

To explain it briefly and simply we will say that Google makes a continuous tracking throughout the vastness of the Internet. With this search content that has not been placed before in your search engine and relocates, if deemed necessary, the contents that had previously indexed.

And how does Google decide what to put before and what to put next? Well, he does it based on his algorithm, a complex mathematical formula with which he scrutinizes each website and based on the results obtained, he relocates it in one position or another.

The vast majority of changes made by Google are barely noticeable, two updates are made daily, however, an algorithm update is not very frequent and can affect a large number of websites that do not take into account the changes.

What has changed in the Google algorithm update in 2018?

If you are a regular reader of the ClickAge blog, you can check that the update of the Google algorithm in 2018 comes to highlight some tips that we have already given you time with respect to SEO and the care of your websiteto be up to date and to make a smart digital marketing. For example:

Take care of your content

Yes, you’ve heard it a hundred times and we will not tire of repeating it, Google will reward you if your content is useful, if you include photos, videos and offer quality to everyone who goes through your website, why? Because that is precisely what your users are looking for.

If your website is slow to load, Google penalizes you

That’s right, is it true that if you are looking for something, you enter a website and do not load it instantly, you abandon it? Recognize it, we all do it. Well, with the update of Google’s algorithm in 2018, the loading time of your website will have a more important role in positioning . The slower your page, the lower it will appear in the search results.

The user experience enters the equation

This is related to the two previous points, Google has become firm and rewards simplicity. No complex architectures and thousands of nooks and crannies until you reach the content. You must start to closely control your bounce rate , increase the time users spend on your website and simplify everything you can.

Speed ​​and quality also from mobile

Google is very aware that every day we make greater use of mobile to navigate and access all types of content. That’s why it’s over to work your web just thinking about the computer or adapt our spaces to mobile or disappear .

We must also bear in mind that increasingly we use voice searches when we make them from the smartphone. When doing it in this way we usually use the long tail in a more usual way, so it is very important that we adapt our content.

Google is taking as a basis of learning the questions that users ask (the queries ) and the behavior they have with the results that are shown, so make sure that when they arrive at your website it is because you offer what they are looking for exactly.

Secure websites have a prize

In the update of Google’s algorithm in 2018, the great search engine has decided to give priority to those websites that have the HTTPS protocol . You have not updated it yet? Well remember that from July of this year, we are all forced to leave behind HTTP . Internet security is increasingly important and if you have an even more e-commerce.

Google no longer needs you to repeat things

The time has come for you to update some of your SEO and positioning methods . Google has become much smarter, now your algorithm no longer needs you to repeat a keyword over and over again or in predefined percentages. Thanks to the new update you will now be able to use similar terms and synonyms, the search engine will be in charge of classifying your content without having to resort to forced or meaningless constructions.

Distance matters

Since the introduction of the new formula, every time we look for something, whether from the PC or from the mobile, Google gives priority to the results that are closest to us . For example, if we look for a mechanical workshop from Vigo, even if we do not put where we are looking for it, Google will first offer us the workshops closest to our location.

In summary

It may be that with the update of the Google algorithm in 2018 you have lost some positions in the results, because every time the conditions are more demanding. But calm, do not worry and remember: it offers quality content, a good user experience, a clean, simple and adapted web to all devices and everything will go perfectly.