What Is The Importance Of A Local SEO Service Provider

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What Is The Best Way To Rank Local Business In Local SEO?

The Importance of local SEO for a business

Local SEO on Google is very often neglected by companies while it is simpler, faster, more efficient and less expensive than a conventional SEO global type. Let’s see here the benefits and goals of optimal local SEO.

What is local SEO?

The local SEO includes all the techniques and actions that allow a company to appear in the top results of search engines on local searches.

Benefits of local SEO in numbers:

It is important to note that today:

  • 20% of Internet searches are local
  • 80% of a household’s budget is spent within a radius of 50 km around his home
  • it is easier to refer locally
  • there is much less competition

I will show you an example of why it is often simpler and less competitive to refer locally than globally. Take the example of a mechanic based in Montpellier who seeks to be visible on the Internet to obtain more customers. Which key word is it best to position? Let’s see 2 situations: First of all let’s enter a very global query on google: “mechanic”.

Here we notice that by typing the very generic keyword “garage” we end up with more than 720 million pages referenced in google which is huge and not very relevant for a mechanic who seeks customers in a specific area. Now let’s enter a locally targeted query and see what happens in terms of results.

This second request more specific allows to target only garages located in the city of Montpellier. We realize that the number of results has increased from 700 million to nearly 11 million, which is more easily referable because less competitive. And above all it is much more interesting for our mechanic located in Montpellier to position itself on this request because it is more naturally what its customers may type.

Objectives of a local search engine

The goals of local SEO for your company can be multiple:

  • Be visible everywhere as a local business
  • Appear as a key economic player in your city
  • Get ultra-targeted proximity traffic
  • Increase your traffic in the store, agency or physical point of sale.

Who is the local SEO for?

The local referencing is mainly for service companies, coaching or training, artisans, traders or SMEs and more generally any activity requiring targeted, regular and local traffic.

We have just seen here the advantages for a company to refer locally. In a future article I will explain in more detail what the techniques, tips and tricks to create and optimize. In the meantime do not hesitate to share, comment, criticize below in comments or in social networks.