What Is The Impact Of SEO In Business?

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What is keyword research in SEO? What are the types of keywords available in SEO?

You have a company website, for that you employ specialists (or a bureau) who use AdWords for you. Visitors are converted to leads and leads become customers. Yet you have the idea that you can do more. In the field of online advertising you can do more, such as remarketing , but you are curious what else you can do with search engine marketing .

How about search engine optimization?  Before you bet you first want to know what it can yield. Many different stories circulate on the internet and there are a lot of trends in SEO . Trends if your audience is central or updating your website so that all information is relevant to your target group. But how do you handle that? Where do you start? You can run a lot of different buttons.

SEO depends on many factors. Google and the other search engines still can not read your website if a person can. By means of on-page SEO factors you can make your website easier to find for the search engines. For example, by giving images a good description (alt tag), using the number of incoming and outgoing links and allowing your content to fit in well with the search intent of the user.

SEO is developing rapidly and not only is Google becoming smarter , you also have to take into account 21 on-page SEO factors

Click ratio paid versus organic

By advertising in AdWords with certain keywords, you are at the top of the search results page (SERP; Search Engine Results Page). Depending on your bid strategy and what your competition does, you take a certain ranking.

The higher you stand, the higher (overall) the costs, but also the higher the click-through percentage.

On average, with a place 1 you get a click-through rate (CTR) of almost 8% and place 2 a CTR of 5%. Of course this percentage depends on a number of factors of your advertisement and the search behavior of your visitors.

So you have won a place 2 with your ad and your ads will be shown 7,000 times a month. Then you will most likely receive 350 clicks to your website. If these clicks cost an average of two euros, this will cost you 700 euros.

The organic results are shown below the paid advertisements. What you may not know is that these results have a higher CTR than ads . On average, a number 1 position in the organic results has a CTR of over 20% and higher.

That is 12% more than your paid advertisement. A good position in the organic results is labeled as authoritarian (you have the correct answer to the search intention) and reliable (you did not pay to be so high).

Organic well-standing can therefore provide a lot for your company. The result is free, but keep in mind that you do not get 1, 2, 3 in the organic results. A one-off investment of your own time or the time of a desk is a must.

Curious about all the pros and cons of SEO? You read it below.

13 advantages of SEO

1. You are not limited by budget

When you use SEO, it means that it always works. You are therefore always findable for your target group. You are not limited by budget, which you may have in AdWords. And so you will not be visible for a day or perhaps longer if your target group is looking for you.

The advantage for you is that being organic visible does not cost money and is therefore never limited in this way.

2. Everything is measurable

In Analytics you can measure everything you do on search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is broader than just keeping track of your AdWords results . Your organic results are also visible and measurable in Analytics.

SEO is often seen as less easy to measure, but if you have arranged everything neatly in Analytics, you can measure all your organic results and have insight.

You can also design dashboards that are geared to your organic results . Do you have the insights you need in order to make further decisions for your business?

This way you can easily download an SEO dashboard and add it to your own account. This way you can easily see what you are investing in SEA / AdWords and what your results are organic. Without you having to worry about how you measure those results.

3. SEO is itself ‘influenceable

An important part of SEO is the number of incoming and outgoing links. How many different websites have your website mentioned? How many of them are in the same industry or market in which you operate?

Google assumes that if your website has many relevant links that come from other websites, you have authority in that area. Relevance is a key word here. If you have a web shop in the field of clothing, links that refer to you from a computer website are less relevant. After all, your services do not fit neatly together.

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. Piersoll

By using the power of link building you can influence which websites do and do not link to you and thus contribute to your organic rankings

“Through links, engines can not only analyze the popularity websites and pages based on the number and popularity of pages, but also metrics like trust, spam and authority”, Moz.com .

4. SEO is focused on you

When someone is looking for information, they are often looking for a solution to a problem. Specific questions that you can answer in a targeted way. When you make sure that you know the problems of your target group, for example by using buyer personas and doing keyword research, you can adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

SEO is used for keywords that you return to your website. To do this, you optimize your website. Pages with content do not cover all kinds of different topics, but focus on the search intent of the user.

If they are looking for outsourcing SEO you can also use AdWords on SEO Expert. While you want to go with your organic pages for both terms and thus optimally optimize both pages.

5. Long tail words

With advertising you often focus on targeted search intentions. Often these are ‘buy now’ or ‘ask for’ messages. In general, these are short tail words. Short tail keywords are words with a lot of search volume, which also has a lot of competition. SEO technically it is difficult to score on this, but with SEA (advertising) you can bet on this. Of course you can also rank on short-tail words in the organic results, but that is often a longer process – read time investment – than betting on long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are words with less search volume, but also less competition. A big advantage of SEO is that you use multiple longtail keywords and thus combine the lower search volume to the high search volume of the short tail keywords.

6. With SEO you have a higher CTR

As we said in the introduction, a big advantage of SEO is that click-through percentages of organic results are a lot higher than those in AdWords. So you do not save on costs by organic ranking, you also get more visitors to your website.

Win, so win.

7. AdWords is becoming more and more expensive

Online advertising is a widely used means. That means that in addition to your business thousands of others also advertise online. So AdWords is getting busier, more and more companies want to score on the same keyword. The more companies there use on your keywords, the higher your bid must be, if you want to exceed all those other companies.

Could you put a euro in the ‘earlier’ with 6 euros as a result. Nowadays, this result is getting tighter, due to the high degree of competition. You are therefore losing more and more money, with less results.

8. All search engines represented

AdWords is Google’s advertising platform. Bing Ads is the advertising platform of Bing. For each search engine you have to make a budget available to place an advertisement and use it in the advertisement channel of your choice.

It works a lot easier organically. A big advantage of SEO is that if you have optimized your website for the search engine, then you have optimized your website for search engines. If you score high in Google, chances are that you also score in Bing. Multiple flies in one blow.

9. SEO means existence in the future

Use today, tomorrow’s result. It may work like this with AdWords, but with SEO this is not the case. After you have done a keyword research, you will implement it on your website. By writing SEO content , optimizing your landing pages and ensuring that your website can be found and read by the search engine at all.

By shifting your focus to SEO, you know that you are higher in the search engine over an X number of months. It is such a nice idea if you know that point 7 shows that AdWords is becoming more and more expensive to deploy.

Because if you do not use online advertising, where are you organic? Are you findable online at all?

10. With SEO you attract more relevant traffic to your website

Thanks to your keyword research, your SEO strategy and determining your buyer personas, you know exactly who your target group is, where you can reach them and with which keywords. By taking into account all of the above with your search engine optimization, you can make your website completely compatible with the search intent of your target group.

Maybe you know it. You are looking for red sports shoes. Click on the first advertisement you see where is ‘buy red sport shoes’ and comes to a page without those red sneakers.

Your keyword is linked here to a different page than you had in mind. By optimizing your website completely for the search engines, you give the viewfinder that page with red sneakers when they search for it. This way, searchers see that your website offers relevant information and they keep coming back.

11. SEO is free

Search engine optimization has the great advantage that it is free. You pay nothing for a place at number 1. The only thing you have to invest is time and knowledge . Time to turn all the buttons in the area of ​​SEO and knowledge to keep applying the latest developments to your website.

Once at number 1 in the organic results does not mean that you stay there. Where in AdWords you also have to keep adjusting your bid to stay on number 1 you also have to respond to the developments with SEO.

12. The number 1 organic instills confidence

About 30% of your website visitors come from advertisements. The remaining 70%? They come through the organic results and direct visitors who know your url. Research shows that many people do not click on ads, but click on the organic results.

In addition, they indicate that having a number 1 position creates confidence, because when you are here, you as a website and company are doing something right. You see that confidence in the CTR of that position. It is more than 12% higher than the number 1 position in AdWords.

13. SEO strengthens your other marketing resources

Having your website well reflected in the organic results is good for your business, but it also strengthens all of the other marketing that you use.

Do you use television or radio advertising? Then it is certainly handy that you are in an organic state, because what if viewers or listeners then go to search online? The same applies to the cooperation between SEO and SEA. They can reinforce each other if they are well used for your search engine marketing.

You are actually a thief of your own wallet if you only bet on AdWords. Especially in the future, because it will become an online printer. We can assure that, so the cost versus benefit picture will change.