What Is The First SEO Activity Of A New Website?

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The First SEO Activity Of A New Website

The aim of SEO is to improve the positioning of its website in search engine results pages in order to increase its visibility.

It should be known that in 2014, in the French landscape, Google held 93.5% of the market share of internet research. It is therefore important, above all, to be well referenced on Google.

We talk about SEO (search engine optimization) ie a set of techniques to optimize its SEO. Moreover, one should not neglect its presence in professional directories and in social networks.

 To be easily spotted, a site must be correctly referenced

SEO requires a reflection on the keywords that we want to put forward. These keywords will be identified by the search engines. It is best to list these keywords by a non-industry specialist so that you do not forget words that are meaningful to the “average user”.
It is of course completely forbidden to include in your keywords protected trademarks, the name of personalities, the name of your competitors, etc. The courts systematically condemn this type of unfair practice.

You have to think about SEO at the same time as you define your tree: every word used in the navigation of the site will be decisive because it will be indexed by the search engines. At the technical level, your publishing tool must generate clear URLs, this means that the title of your document will be included in the address of the page.

At the editorial level, it is advisable to use the right keywords in the titles of your documents, to repeat them in their content and to make links to reference sites on the subject. Your documents must be reference documents on the subject treated to be well positioned.

The meta tag “keywords” that was used to place keywords, is no longer taken into account for a long time by engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, so it will have no effect on the positioning of your pages. The meta tag “description” allows Google, for example, to display (this is not systematic) this text under the title of your page in the search results. This can be an opportunity to give the user, the desire to click on the link, again this tag is no longer taken into account for positioning by search engines.

On the other hand, you should know that in a website page, the titles that introduce the content in the HTML code are indicated by the tags “h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6”. It is very important that these tags exist and that their syntax is correct because they help the search engines better understand what they will read and indicate the most important information that your page contains (Google would give more importance as the rest of the content).

A good SEO is strategic but it can also be very expensive!

There are several modes of referencing, it should not be neglected: 

  • SEO with search engines, free and paid
  • SEO in professional directories
  • SEO natural
  • Referencing “social”

SEO with search engines, free and paid

Google represents 93.5% of search engine market share in France. It is therefore necessary to heal its positioning on this engine.

The visibility of a new site in the search engines is not immediate: the usual period of consideration is about fifteen days, three weeks after being posted. Know that it is possible, on Google, to declare the URL of its site on a form intended for this purpose .

In case of emergency, it is possible to register the site as part of a paid service, the deadlines are then a few days. Feel free to reference your business on ” Google My Business ” are gathered Google + page, Google Places, Google Maps, Google Adwords, Google Analytics,

Google provides webmasters free tools to diagnose your site, to start its indexing, and improve its positioning it is Search Console. Since Google is also the owner of the Google + social network, it is essential to create a Google+ Page and to regularly post content on this page. This will display your recently published Google+ content on the right when a user enters your name.

You can also buy keywords for a defined period. Attention, it can be very expensive!

There is often a period of trial and error to achieve a satisfactory result. This result will, in any case, always punctual. Your site will appear in a frame of color (very pale) which normally allows the user to distinguish it from other results obtained without purchase of keywords.

It is not enough to be taken into account in a search engineyou have to come at the top of the results! 
To do this, heal the choice of words that are in your pages, the title of the page and the titles of chapters or parts of your content, write relevant content.
It is vain to think that we will be on the front page on a generic word like “restaurant” for example, it would be necessary to associate the name of its city and the most important city nearby, the name of its department, of his region as well as his or her specialties.

SEOs can not guarantee that your site will rank first in search engine results. Search engines are constantly evolving and putting in place systems to thwart artificial techniques to properly place a site.
The referencing service will include a follow-up in time of the positioning of the site on the terms or expressions, put forward. Indeed, in this area, nothing is ever acquired!
There are free tools to track his position on Google, Justine Puiffe in an article in the Journal du net presents three.

SEO within professional directories

These directories are paid. In some professions there are essential directories; if you know your field well, you must know them, it is often a profitable investment … but not always!Natural referencing.

This is the fact that your site is taken into consideration in the search engines, because:

– You use clear URLs,

– You add keywords in your publishing tool,
– You have relevant content (which makes other reference sites link to you, this is the concept of TrustRank used by Google),
– You make links to relevant sites,
– Your content is well structured with tags “h” (titles)
– Your content is often updated, …
– You are present on social networks (Google + for Google, Youtube, Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn ),
– Users, from your pages, have posted your content on their own Facebook page or LinkedIn (so your site must allow sharing on social networks).

Some publishing tools are perfectly suited to this type of referencing, it is an important aspect to include in your specifications.