What Is The Best SEO Tools For Business?

What Is SEO Tools?
What Is The Best SEO Secret That You Want To Know?

The Best SEO Tools

Large companies invest millions of dollars annually in studies and research to find the best keywords in their niche.

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The good news is that with this article you will not need to invest so much money or effort you too: I present the best applications of this year so that you leave the corner of the invisible and begin to see strong results in your blog.

There are two different ways to search for KW, depending on your needs. Then I explain what they are, the steps to carry them out as an expert and which is best suited for your business.

Type of search 1:

The traditional investigation.

You can do it in applications such as Google AdWords , KW Finder and MOZ, which we will describe later. They are characterized by suggesting a variety of keywords based on a track. To get the most out of this type of search, follow these steps:

  • Think of the track s or root words  from which the program will take the rest.
  • Connect the generated keywords to a traditional tool to produce a broader list of them along with more opportunities.
  • Filter them for their effectiveness.
  • Evaluate your competitiveness in a SERP analysis metric (search results page).

Type of search 2:

The survey of the competition.

You can do it with the SEMRUSH and AHrefs tools   , described in this list. They look for words that are already working for your competitors and that are proven to generate traffic.

  • Search for successful sites in your niche.
  • Apply the tool to discover the keywords that work for them.
  • Filter and classify your findings based on the volume of traffic and CPC (cost per click) they obtain.
  • Evaluate the strength of the remaining keywords based on a metric and a SERP analysis.

This second method is better if:

  • You are a casual blogger. If your blog is more of a hobby than a profession, you will not get more benefit from studying the competition. Follow the traditional approach and do not spend more than you can invest.
  • You are a market pioneer. If your niche is very peculiar and your competition is almost nonexistent, do not invest in studying it. It has no case.
  • You have a low marketing budget. The tools that spy on your competitors are more expensive. If you have a moderate budget, focus on the traditional search that is cheaper and often even free.
  • You are a blogger with very little activity. If it is rare that you publish, the best thing will be to focus on creating more content than investigating the competition. Even if you have a couple of articles that cause a lot of traffic, if you do not maintain a constant rate of publication, you will lose it.

You already have an idea of ​​what type of search suits you and the steps to carry it out effectively.

Regardless of the method you choose, here is a list of the 7 most effective applications to achieve it. They do not have a predetermined order, the best will be the one that best suits your budget and your needs.

1.- SEMRUSH – 14 Days FREE

This application is very simple to use and not only offers you the ideal keywords for your publications, but it does it from scratch, since it is a tool that polls the competition.

To achieve this, you must only enter the URL of your most successful competitor and you will get all the words that are ranking your site. Another option is to enter your own URL and the application will choose the most appropriate words.

It has a cost of around $ 150 per month and I recommend that you use your 14 free trial days to decide if it is the right application for you.

SEMRUSH also offers you search engine reports as it uses the Adsense CPC (cost per click)  This gives you data on how many searches are being obtained for your keywords, traffic statistics, and a lot of extra information that will help you properly manage your SEO campaign.

Not to mention that it reaches more than 131 different countries, which is a great advantage for those sites that have international interests.

This tool is for you if you want:

  • Get broad or exact matches
  • Know your CPC scope
  • Know your level of competence
  • Know your volume range

Basically, this tool shows you who your competition is. All these features make this an application that I can recommend widely.

2.- Google Keyword Planner

It is the best known SEO application of the network and it is free. With the main advantage that is integrated into  AdWords, which is a Google service that offers sponsored advertising.

To use this application, the first thing you should do is create an account in AdWords , which is also free, and ready: you already have access to the keyword planner most used by Google and that offers you in depth information.

Unfortunately this last feature is also your biggest weakness, since it does not have the analysis of the performance of your site or that of your competitors.

The overall rating of this application is that it is really useful if you start and do not need a very detailed analysis of your competition.

Advice for professionals:

If your goal is only to generate suggestions for keywords without basic analysis, I would recommend that you use another tool. Although Google Adwords gives you a variety of options, you should always do an extra job such as filtering and testing them to ensure their effectiveness.

3.- Keyword browser Ahrefs

If you want attention to detail and more specialized keywords, this is where you’ll find them. Ahrefs relies on clickstream data , which reveals the number of clicks you generate.

If what you are looking for is for the visitor to convert an action, instead of just promoting your site, you will notice that there are words that attract a lot of traffic but that do not generate conversions and do not help you at all.

Another advantage is that you do not have to look for leading sites in your niche to analyze them, this tool finds pages and posts that are working for your competition. Do not hesitate to take the free two-week trial period.

4.- KWfinder

KWfinder is a relatively new, but fast growing application that is only dedicated to providing you with the best set of keywords.This tool will find the perfect combination of words if your goal is to reach a highly segmented audience and gives you a list of high-quality long tail words (LTK or long tail keywords).

What attracts most of this tool are the data it provides from the leading sites in your niche. You find information such as the number of external links that the site has, the number of conversions achieved on social pages such as Facebook and Google+, visits that you have estimated monthly and the authority with which your blog counts.

All this valuable information can give you an idea of ​​where you can potentially locate yourself, without the need for more expensive market research. This tool has free and Premium payment options; Incredibly, the free option is considered the best.

5.- Moz

Moz has the largest keyword browser.

It is very easy to understand and quite intuitive. It is based on visual numerical representations that show you in a simple way your monthly search volume, your classification opportunity, as well as more effective keyword suggestions based on the results and a very complete SERP analysis.

If you do not want to pay or your site is not yet able to invest in a very sophisticated SEO tool, Moz is your best option since it has a fairly complete free version and you could eventually optimize it to Premium for $ 150 a month and have a 30-day free trial.

6.- Keywordtool

If your niche is very popular, such as the one with beauty products, or video game reviews, this is the application you are looking for. In my opinion it is the best software to search for keywords, especially if your product is in a competitive nicheYou must use it if you want:

  • Understand your competitors’ SEO platform
  • Benefit from underutilized or emerging markets
  • Know the history of the keywords and which ones were most effective
  • Which generated more paid and organic traffic.

Not for nothing carries the title of keyword tool

One drawback of this application is that it does not offer the depth of analysis of other tools, although it has been optimizing lately to achieve it. In addition, the data it generates are monthly and not in real time, which sometimes leaves you a little disadvantaged.

7.- WordTracker

A tool that can be used by small companies and helps you find keywords, to develop a strategic SEO platform and, above all, to build new links.

Its three main characteristics are:

  • It helps you research keywords
  • It helps you generate links
  • It allows you to evaluate your SEO strategy

It is the only application in the list that helps you generate links and gives you a kind of panoramic view of the results of your page that will be very useful for you to formulate new strategies .

I trust that these data will be very useful for you to make your site produce more. I recommend that you choose two and try them until you get used to their system, leave aside the one that gives you the least use and take a third to continue with a test of success and error.

The core of the secret to make your site a profitable business is without doubt that your search engines put you in the first places. You should never spare any effort to achieve it if you want your page to be effective and profitable.