What is the best SEO tips of quick ranking?

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The best SEO tips of quick ranking are given below:
When you set up your website, there are some settings that you should make. These make for the first time no big difference, but make sure that your page is much better listed on google. an SSL encryption is the first step. this encryption will encrypt and securely process the data of your page visitors. google prefers all pages with encryption in the ranking and that is of course only for your benefit. By the way, since the dsgvo is in force, the ssl encryption is worth even more, as it can be much easier to implement many regulations!
Also, be careful not to overload your site and slow it down. Long loading times cost you page visitors and thus clicks. and pages that are little clicked are badly listed on google. If somebody googles your page, he not only sees the link with the name of your website, but also a short text below – the meta description . this should include a brief description of your topics, with as many keywords as possible that describe you.
in the best case you use on your side mainly your own pictures. this saves you a lot of stress on copyright and image rights. And if you already painstakingly produced, edited and uploaded your own images, you should also get the maximum range out of it!
if you upload the pictures on your site (in my case that’s wordpress for example), you should name the pictures accordingly. I upload a picture of a new recipe, for example, I call it “tricky-tine-recipe-wiener-schnitzel-foodblog.jpg”. in the google picture search my picture is displayed for all these keywords. and I am sure, “wiener schnitzel” is googled more often than “IMG2034”.
Google loves so called “multivalent content” . For example, put links to other pages with similar topics and name them source. with some patience and a cooperative networking with interesting bloggers and colleagues will soon link you to other pages as a source (so-called back links ) and you get clicks through their links. the key to writing a blog is the quality of your content anyway. After all, nobody wants to read bad content. high-quality content in text, image and design, however, is clicked, shared, commented and linked. And the interaction of your readers with your blog is what will help your page on google to the desired altitude flight.
Attention: a true google killer is so-called double content . Avoid posting posts twice and never copy text passages from your previous posts. You should also re-upload images and name them differently if you use them several times. If google recognizes duplicate content on your page, it can happen that you will not even rank anymore.
even if you write your contributions primarily for your readers: also google tries to read your posts and of course very different than your follower. since google scans your texts for specific algorithms, you can easily adapt them to your google ranking.
The key to your friendship with google are keywords . make google clear in each of your posts what this is about. if i post a new wiener schnitzel recipe, then the term “wiener schnitzel” appears directly in the title – in the best case even as the first word. also in the text the keyword should occur several times as well as in one of your subheadings. I use a seo plug called “yoast seo” . There you enter the keyword and the plug in simply shows if it happens often enough and what I need to improve in my text. this is certainly synonymous other apps, but my “yoast seo” is now one of my favorite little helper for every blog post.
if seo is unsexy then statistics are his big sister. but they are just as essential to a successful blog. There are various tools for this. the best known is probably google analytics. I also use this tool, at the same time I use on wordpress but also jetpack and I love that hot and heartfelt! (note to jetpack: since the entry into force of the dsgvo is jetpack with caution to enjoy. with appropriate updates my knowledge after legal however)
At JetPack I can see at a glance how many clicks I have recently received on what contributions. and even better: where the clicks come from. this makes it easy to find out which contributions are well received by my readers and on which platforms which topics are popular. so you get to know your target group better and can focus your content on what your followers are interested in. and once you have applied these seo tips here, you can watch in your statistics totally tricky how more and more readers get on your page.