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Strategies for building links for local SEO: Link Building

Most local businesses want more potential customers for their businesses , more customers and more general revenue . And one of the best ways to drive new potential customers to a local business is from the search engines. Local customers tend to turn to Google to search for services in their area , and that is when you want your listing to appear so customers can call and visit your company.

Although the ranking of a local business website uses techniques similar to the ranking of a nationwide website, the results are often much faster. Many local companies are rapidly approaching Google ranking for those local and profitable keywords, and what they need to get additional momentum at the top is some high-quality backlinks.

The issue of link building can be overwhelming.  Finding high quality backlinks requires time and effort, but the reward is worth every moment. Do not forget that quality is more important than quantity, so always take the time to earn a really good link instead of getting several low quality easy links. As a general rule, if the link is really easy to obtain, it’s probably not worth it. Remember, this is how you will differentiate yourself from the competition.

In this article, let’s talk about how you see a high-quality link , and then   8 link-building strategies that you can use to get more links to your local company’s website.

What does a high quality link look like?

When it comes to building links for local businesses, there are some factors that should be taken into account when evaluating a link opportunity. The more factors you can get from a link, the better.

  1. Links from a site in the local area to which it is addressed.

  2. Links that are relevant to the commercial industry.

  3. Links that will drive relevant traffic to your website, these will put it in front of your target audience or potential customers.

  4. Links that develop the reputation of your brand, that is, industry associations, known magazines, sites or other resources in the industry, etc.

Strategies to build some links Strategy No. 1: Harvest link opportunities regularly

When it comes to earning links, you can not do that unless you have created a list of opportunities.  This can be done manually by opening Google and searching websites in the industry and area it serves. Here are some sample search queries that you can display on Google to find those opportunities:

  • IndustryName + “magazine”

  • IndustryName + “write for us”

  • IndustryName + “forum”

  • IndustryName + intitle: interview -job

  • site: .gov “discounts for staff”

  • site: .gov “your city + services”

  • site: school.edu “your city + services”

  • “Name of the city” + “Nominate a business”

  • site: meetup.com city + keyword

  • IndustryName + intitle: trade fair

If you want to do a more extensive search or make it faster, open LinkAssistant from SEO Powersuite , open your project or create a new one and click on the button Search prospects.

Here you can select from a variety of types of backlinks and instantly gather tons of potential link opportunities. 

Remember that while it is important to have high quality backlinks, it is also important to have a diverse link link profile, which is where this tool helps.

Strategy No. 2: Steal local links from your competitors

Why is your competition ranked in front of you?  A little research on what your competitor does will give you an idea of ​​some new backlink opportunities that will help you pass them on the search results.

Fortunately, it is easier than ever to spy on the competition. One of the best tools for this is  SEO SpyGlass . After entering the URL of a competitor’s website, you will see an instant overview of your link profile and strength.

Open SEO SpyGlass and you will be asked to enter a URL. Continue and enter the website of one of your main local SEO competitors.

After entering the URL, SEO SpyGlass will get to work putting together a list of your competitor’s backlinks along with the basic statistics . Here you will learn the total number of backlinks, the percentage of dofollow backlinks, the number of link domains, the IP diversity of the backlinks and more.

With the list of backlinks, on the Backlinks board you will find new opportunities for you to search and also see the variety of anchor text, title, linked pages and links dofollow vs nofollow. Here, you can also extract the quality backlinks for your InLink Rank (the SEO Powersuite version of the Google PageRank), and omit those of low quality or spam.

Strategy No. 3: Be the first to arrive

Looking for opportunities to retreat without acting on him is useless. Now that you have a list of potential LinkAssistant prospects and a list of links from your SEO SpyGlass competitors, it’s time to directly contact the owners of the website. Before doing so, make sure you have a good reason to request a link so that more people are willing to do so. This is usually reduced to the quality of its content.

What makes good content?  The way you do it depends on where you want a link on your website, what you have to offer and the relationship you have with the website owner. For example, if the website you are targeting has a “write for us” or “contribute” page, you can simply follow its instructions to submit your work and receive a backlink.

On the other hand, if you have content that will benefit your readers and makes them look good by offering a discount, promoting upcoming events, etc., that will help you get the backlink.

Remember that this process requires time and effort. This is where a good part of that comes in. Before requesting a link, contact them so that they know who you are before asking for anything. Thank them for the work they have done, follow up to start a conversation about something they have done that they have noticed, get closer through social networks, comment on their blog, offer their help, etc.

Strategy No. 4: Create a case study or review

If you want to enter the radar of a larger local blogger, a website or another publication, a strategy that works well is to create a case study or an in-depth review of your product or service.

Why does this work? First, it is an instantaneous impulse of the ego. Business owners love to see other people using their products successfully. Secondly, it will not appear that you are asking for a link, but that you are truly thanking them for the product. This often results in a backlink and the exchange of social networks as well.

Strategy No. 5: Visit the location of your prospect

Local SEO has the advantage of being local. This presents many additional opportunities. Win links of high quality, it is reduced to relationships. The more relationships you have and the better they are, the more and better backlinks you will have.

Go out and talk to people in person. Virtually everything we do is online these days and we even hesitate to reach new people by email, let alone in person. Knowing someone in person is the fastest and most effective way to start a relationship and start on your way to obtaining a back-link, talk about your business and show interest in them.

Strategy No. 6: Always be a guest

Over the years, Google’s algorithm has changed enormously . In the old days, it was easy enough to classify a website simply by resorting to the use of fraudulent techniques. These days, Google has cleaned its algorithm to offer a better experience to its users.

In an effort to get rid of unwanted websites in their search results, Google took the route of underestimating some types of backlinks. However, the type of link that has continued to retain its value despite the changes is the publication of guests. As with anything else, it is more effective when done well. Using your list of prospects from the top, you can expand it by looking for guest posting opportunities manually using search queries such as:

  • IndustryName + “write for us”

  • Industry name + “guest publication”

  • IndustryName + “contribute”

  • Location + “write for us”

  • Location + “guest post”

  • Location + “contribute”

To speed up the process, open  LinkAssistant  once more and click the Search Perspectives button. This time, choose the Guest Publishing option to find websites relevant to your industry.

Each website has its own specific requirements, so you should review your criteria. Do not assume that there is no opportunity if you can not find a page specifically on how to contribute. Again, contact the owner of the site. It is often a scenario in which everyone wins because they want to continually provide valuable content to their readers, but they do not always have time to write.

Strategy No. 7: Track your efforts and reward your linkers

It takes time to create a relationship, so you should not stop connecting after getting a link. Continuing the relationship can help you gain an additional backlink in the future, as well as increase traffic, get more subscribers and even connect with other influential people. 

When you have obtained backlinks, you should also continue monitoring those that can also be in  SEO SpyGlass . To verify that your links are still active and have not been changed to nofollow, select the links in your project and click Update backlinks. Choose Backlink Page Info to update, and hold on while SEO SpyGlass searches for your links. When this is complete, just look at the columns for Backward Link and Backward Link State.

As a good additional measure, reward those who have linked with you. Even a simple thank you email goes a long way. This shows that you realized, appreciates their efforts and will encourage them to re-link with you. If you want to go the extra mile, send a handwritten note by mail. While it may seem excessive for a backward link, these small efforts can make a big difference in your rankings, and it’s a gesture that almost nobody takes advantage of, that will make you stand out and be remembered.

Link building is a crucial part of local SEO and often makes the difference in getting your local business site to take the top positions , where you will get more potential customers and customers for your business . Following this simple but effective process will help you get there faster, as long as you are willing to take steps to make this happen.