What Is The Best And Fastest Way To Generate Backlinks?

What Is The Best Backlink Strategy?
What Is The Best Technique To Get Quality Back Links?


On the internet, the challenge is the same for all websites: gain visibility and position on the pages of Google search results, to get more traffic and therefore more leads. For this, generating backlinks is an effective solution to properly reference a website.

Indeed, after the creation of a website showcase , it is normal to multiply the techniques to develop the SEO of this site. A well referenced site is a visible site, and therefore effective.

In order to help you develop the natural referencing of your site, we present you 5 ways to generate effective backlinks!

The first technique to gain backlinks effectively is to supplement the blog posts of your sector.

To do this, simply read articles in your area with a critical mind . What could be added to this article? What could improve it?

It is up to you to draw on your knowledge and your know-how to find a sufficiently relevant and qualitative idea to submit to the author of the article.

Once found, simply send an email to the author of the article to explain your idea. If it is good, the author of the article will thank you and in the majority of cases, he will place a link pointing to your site in the article in question.

If you already do a daily watch, you certainly read many articles in your theme every day. It will not be difficult to find articles to complete. Not to mention that as an expert, you are full of ideas that will add to these articles a real added value .

Go to Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is simple and effective . You propose to a site or blog to write free content for him in exchange for the placement of a link to your site.

Thus, this allows your host to win a free article and you win a backlink .

But beware, this is an article against a backlink. You will need to produce as many articles as backlinks wanted. It takes time and a lot of work .

Be aware that some blogs and sites do not explicitly offer to host guest articles, but this does not prevent you from contacting them to share your guest blogging proposal. Try to publish only on influential blogs or DA (Domain Authority) accordingly within your sector.

Produce Quality Infographics

Have you noticed that infographics are gaining popularity on the net?

And for good reason, they attract the eye , go straight to the goal and its more pleasant to watch . Not to mention that the visual facilitates understanding and memorization . Result? They generate more shares than other types of content. As well enjoy !

Create an infographic, either with a tool like vizua.ly or with software like InVision or other. Create an infographic as clear as possible. It must be useful and pleasant to consult .

Once your infographic is created, make as complete a list as possible of sites and blogs addressing the same theme as your infographic. All that remains is to send your computer graphics to the managers of these sites. Suggest that they share it with their audience, including a small introduction written by you, in which you will slide your link .

If your infographic is relevant and complete, it’s a safe bet that the sites on your list will agree to share it and leave your link. You win several backlinks and develop your reputation .

The Skyscraper method

Our penultimate technique comes from Brian Dean, creator and manager of one of the most influential SEO sites : Backlinko.

In theory, the Skyscraper method is simple, you only need to create qualitative content and to be targeted by email. In practice, however, this method is not so simple to apply. It consists of producing high value-added content in order to convince sites that are already linking to a similar article to prefer linking to your article .

It is therefore only effective if you create an article of optimal quality , and whose subject generates a lot of links and sharing.

Note that you can use tools like BuzzSumo to find the most shared items in your niche. It is these articles that will inspire you .

Create a network of sites

Convincing other sites or blogs to link to your site is not always easy.

So why not create your own backlinks?

If this seems to be the easiest solution, it is unfortunately not the case. Creating your own backlinks supposes that you have a network of websites belonging to you. You must therefore create and develop several websites. Thus, although it is one of the most effective methods , remember that it is also part of the most tedious methods.

Indeed, you will develop one by one each of your sites without Google detects your network. Yes, because if Google notices that you maintain a site network to self-feed each of them, you risk big !

To avoid being penalized by Google, use different accommodations, different IP addresses and do not use the same identity when buying your domain names.

Finally, you can also decide to buy web traffic to show Google that your site is visited, this will aim to boost your SEO even more.