What is the AdWords Quality Score and Why is It Important in Your Strategy

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Every beginner in Sponsored Links , and the vast majority of customers in the digital marketing agencies, believe that everything revolves around the CPC, the famous cost-per-click. However, they are only partially right.

Okay, the whole dynamic of the largest internet media buying platform is based on auctions. And an auction is something pretty simple, no?

Can you have already seen a live or perhaps put on some TV show for them to fall asleep. Quickly, an auction provides various competitors to buy something. Assigning victory to those who pay the highest value.

It’s something almost intuitive, however, when working with digital marketing, there is an extremely important factor that balances the price equation at auctions.

This factor is the “relevance”, which determines the ability of the ad to appear in the advertising space.

In Google AdWords, the platform that will address today, this factor is destrinchado in 3 key points. To them, they are assigned a note, which is called the Quality Score or Quality Index in the version in Portuguese.

Watch this video an explanation of Quality Score:

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With such a name is easier to understand. For AdWords ads appear under the search also measure quality is to ensure that ads will only appear to really have a bearing on the search carried out, and therefore are more “relevant”.

Directly, your amount of points in an auction is defined by its maximum CPC multiplied by its Quality Score.

Remember also that low quality scores prevent ads from competing in auctions.

But then, how I can increase this index?

The quality index itself is defined by three classifications that we will cover:

AdWords Quality Score

Google for an ad with a good quality score

Clicks Expected rate

It is an estimate of how many clicks your ad will receive according to the keywords that trigger. He compares it to the search terms, with each competition and especially the history of the ad in question, so as to assess whether you are likely to get one click.

You can improve this point in particular by checking the ad text, introducing Call-to-Actions and extensions.

Ad Relevance

This metric, Google analyzes the keywords and the search term, to cross them with the ad text. Simply put, this is where Google checks whether the ad actually serves to meet the user’s needs.

Separate well in specific ad groups, in accordance with defined terms helps keep your high enough relevance. Sometimes one word can make all the difference.

Landing page experience

AdWords Quality Score

Focus on the programming team. The technical performance is important for digital marketing

No use a perfect ad to the user click, the website takes to load. Or worse, it does not work!

Therefore, the last but not least of Quality Score factors is the Experience page. In this case, the experiment is basically treated as the page loading speed. It is a subject a little more technical, but there are some tricks that although simple, make huge difference, especially now that the majority of web traffic is mobile , with limited connection.

Search for reliable servers with good support, use responsive themes if you use WordPress or other creator of sites.

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Oh, and do tests regularly in PageSpeed Insights , Google tool that assigns a score to the performance of your website on desktop and mobile. It even breaks down the points that negatively affect the page, which can help a lot in error detection.