In a previous article we saw what SEO on Page means, that is, content on the page. Now let’s look at a similar term called SEO Off Page or ” Off-page SEO .” Both are necessary to have a good optimization of our website.

Here we leave you the most relevant information that you should keep in mind when using SEO Off Page.


We also find this term as Optimization Off Page, they refer to all external factors or that are not inside the web page.

It is important to clarify also that having a well-structured SEO On Page, this will also allow us to improve all the factors that influence our SEO .


The objective of having SEO Off Page is mainly to obtain or facilitate that other external pages (web pages, forums, social networks), are linked to our page. This will allow our website to improve our trust in Google.


  • You will have an advertisement permanently from other websites.
  • Improve our name or brand on the web, providing relevance and authority
  • Increase the authority of our domain. We will then be better valued by the search engines and will be talking about our content in different web pages, blogs and social networks.
  • It will increase the web traffic referenced. This will be the result of the websites that have linked us. Visitors to these web pages will enter our links, significantly increasing visits to our website.
  • Increase the positioning of the keywords of our website in the search engines. This allows us to improve our visibility.


Although each of these three elements provides more detail, we leave you with the relevant information that you must keep in mind to earn that trust more and more:


It is one of the most relevant indicators, as well as its contents. That is to say that a new site will have more difficulties so that it can obtain confidence on the part of Google. This age refers to the date on which Google indexed this information (domain or web page).


It is always better quality than quantity. And this is known by Google, so the algorithms will always be updated to discover and explore quality content. The relevance of our website and the contents will be closely linked with the quality of our content. The better the content, the longer the reader will be on our website, enjoying something really well written.

You should avoid at all costs that your website has repeated content, errors, or with spam-like content.


Google will search for domains that have healthy links and that their content is of equal quality. Similarly, Google rewards websites that have these healthy links.


It is important that you have both strategies, both SEO On Page and SEO Off Page. It is complemented and nowadays it is supremely important to have a good quality of links that finally point to our website.

You should always check the quality of the incoming links of your web page. It will always be better to have higher quality than quantity. It is important that you consult Google’s webmasters guidelines, because if they are not done correctly, we will eventually be penalized by the search engines.