What Is SEO In Business World?

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Technological advance has changed our environment and therefore the way we communicate, interact and do business; These changes have accelerated in recent decades with the advent of the Internet.

These changes generate in the business environment, “new” needs and forms of marketing and advertising, one of which is precisely the SEO (Serch Engine Optimization), also known as search engine optimization .

Currently, a company that does not have a website loses a lot compared to companies that do have it and also have an adequate digital strategy, due to the lack of knowledge on the topic of SEO .

To give us a general idea of ​​the Internet market in Mexico, the AMIPCI (Mexican Internet Association) in its study “Habits of Internet Users in Mexico 2014”, calculates that we are more than 51.2 million Internet users, that we are connected daily on average 5 hours and 36 minutes and 72% occupy the Internet to search for information.

In the following infographic we will see very interesting figures in this regard:

With this data we see the importance for companies, entrepreneurs or local businesses to have a web page, now we discover the black thread, we are not the only ones who have realized this, thousands of web pages are created every day. all kinds, according to the metrics of InternetLiveStats , there are 1,211,23,440 web pages in the world, at the time I write these lines and as we can see in the following image:

Search engines like Bing , Yahoo! and Google are in charge of ordering them by relevance, depending on the search of the end user, to determine the relevance of a web page complex algorithms are used that change constantly to provide a better search experience to the end user; after all this the obligatory question is:

What elements do I need so that my website excels among all and can attract more customers?

The answers are SEO ,  SEM or Search Engine Marketing. The SEM is divided into two main areas: SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click):

  • PPC: Pay per click, broadly speaking, we can describe it as hiring ads within the search engines, something very important that you have to understand about the PPC is that paying more, does not necessarily mean getting the best places in the results, to achieve them you take Consider different factors that we will discuss in a next post.
  • SEO: Also known as Web Positioning or Search Engine Positioning. This is made up of different, highly specialized techniques that help us that search engines like Google or Bing, take into account our website and put it in the first places of a search.

Performing a professional SEO job on a web page is an arduous task, requires time, dedication and a deep knowledge of how the search engine algorithms work, which, as we have already mentioned, are constantly being renewed. SEO is a task that must be continuous and not only of structure but also of content enrichment .

Nobody knows for sure how many and which are the factors that Google takes into account when evaluating a page , it is estimated that there are more than 200 factors that your algorithm qualifies within a web.

A Professional Brand Positioning Strategy has to be carefully planned. Some factors to take into account in an SEO strategy are:

1. Market Analysis

Like any commercial strategy, it is vital to know and analyze the sector and the competition, in order to detect areas of opportunity, which you can perform from a SWOT analysis:

2. A Correct Choice of Keywords

The Keywords or keywords have to have an adequate volume of search, nothing would be useful to position a word that nobody uses in their searches.

3. SEO on Page

Take care of the technical factors of the website to position, where we can highlight the time of downloading the page, ease of use, the architecture of the site, etc. Same that depends on the format of the images, the weight of your web page , and especially the web hosting plan that you have hired.

4. Content Generation and Quality

Content marketing is revolutionizing digital marketing , since it showed that quality content will surely respond to the user’s needs when performing a search, increasing traffic in the blog mainly.

5. Link Building

Generation of links from other pages to ours, we must bear in mind that a link on the Internet is equivalent to a recommendation, when making Link Building we must always bear in mind that there are good recommendations and bad recommendations; If we have many good recommendations, we will be more relevant to the search engines.

6. Social Networks

Every day they become more relevant and well used they can be a source of quality traffic to our website, one of the reasons why we continue to use Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

For this strategy to be effective, we suggest you take this formula into account:

These are only a small part of the factors that must be taken into account, when undertaking an SEO strategy of a web page.

As well as the algorithms that qualify the pages, they can also be penalized, appearing in the first places of the search engines, bringing a company, a permanent exhibition to potential consumers, generating calls, quotes and sales.

This is why some SEO ‘s or people who do not have enough knowledge, use techniques known as Black Hat, which is intended to deceive the search engines, the use of these techniques can negatively impact your company or business, because be detected by the search engines, the affected page loses positions abruptly or simply disappears from the search results.

If what you want, is that the website of your company or business, generate sales or brand presence, you must be very careful when doing the SEO of your website, if you do not have enough knowledge and time to do it , it is best to hire an SEO agency that has the experience and qualified personnel to perform this important and delicate task.

When hiring an agency or SEO consultant you have to assess not only the price, but your experience, ethics and the transparency of your strategy. Your website is an extension of your company or business and as such, you have to invest time and money in it to make it more profitable. SEO is undoubtedly one of the strategies that should be part of an appropriate Digital Marketing strategy .