What Is SEO For Website Backlinks?

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Surely it is not the first time you have read in a multitude of blogs about SEO or in interviews with specialists in the sector how crucial is the construction of a careful and constant link building strategy. In fact, it has been proven that the links are the cornerstone for a website to improve its positioning , gain relevance and increase its visibility on the Google results page. Finally, all these achievements will result in more visits to our website, which in turn means more possibilities to meet our conversion objective, either to sell, increase the number of subscribers, etc.

It does not stop here. An improvement in the positioning of our site will mean gaining the game little by little to COMPETITION , a factor too important to underestimate, right? Because it’s time to “put the batteries”, let’s start from the beginning.


The backlinks are inbound links that point to our website. For example, if on the web http://www.elnombredetuweb.comthere is a link to http://www.otraweb.com , we would say that the latter has a backlink of http://www.elnombredetuweb.com .

From the origins of SEO, the work of getting links for a web (linkbuilding) has been considered as one of the essential actions and with the greatest impact to achieve a good positioning in search engines such as Google.

However, the linkbuilding little by little has been professionalized and nothing is left of the link building strategies that were being done. Before, the important thing was to receive a lot of links to our website but there came a time when everything changed. Specifically, it was on April 24, 2012 when Google launched its first update of the Google Penguin algorithm, which would later be followed by other adjustments.

From that moment until now, the great search engine has its attentive look at the suspicious links made artificially , always pointing to the same page, with the same anchor text as well as being done in a very short time.

So, how should incoming links now be to respond to the rules of the game? :

  • Of quality , taking into account the relevance and “reputation” of the websites from which they link us.
  • NATURALNESS. Here is the key . The attainment of backlinks should be gradual because achieving many links overnight is no longer valid.
  • Google becomes semantic and takes into account the context in which that link is located. To give relevance, the search engine analyzes the text surrounding the link to determine if there is a relationship between the two and consistency with the content it points to.
  • Take care of the anchor text of that link and play with different keywords when generating your backlinks. In this way, you will be able to improve your positioning by different search terms.

Why are backlinks important for your SEO strategy?

Far from being one more piece of any search engine positioning action, the attainment of inbound links to your website will have an effect on:

  • The improvement of the positions of your web or blog in the SERPs of Google.
  • The visibility that your site obtains in Google, making the user reach it before the websites of your competition.
  • Direct traffic to your website , which translates into more visits and chances to increase sales or marked conversion goals.
  • The authority of your web . We must understand links as new friends, friends who refer to us because they trust what we offer to others. Therefore, we say that the current linkbuilding has evolved. The automatic unreason is over by an arduous and constant management based on building relationships and lasting, coherent and authentic value recommendations . Public relations thus reach the world of SEO.

Recommendations to get quality backlinks and win the game to your competition

After all this parliament, you will say: “Yes, okay, this is all very well, but how do I get a good incoming link to my website?” . Take note of these tips and the type of backlinks that your website is screaming for:

  • Links of Page Rank Medium-High . Maybe this Google parameter has lost the strength it had a few years ago, but we should not remove it from our sight. For this reason, try to link to relevant websites with a high Page Rank. Also, do not forget to keep in mind parameters of relevance such as those provided by MOZRank or LIS (Link Influence Score) , currently essential to assess and analyze the quality and type of links.
  • Social Network Links: Work your backlinks strategy on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and, above all, Google+, to which the off-road search engine gives more relevance. At this point, we recommend that you generate quality content that impacts your followers. Your thanks in the form of +1, I like or retweets are valued as recommendations that Google values, positively influencing your web positioning.
  • Links from different IPs . Work hard so that the websites from which you are linked come from sites hosted on different servers. This diversity naturalizes your linkbuilding strategy and Google will thank you for the “detail” with a positive point.
  • Links from .edu and .gov domains : The achievement of a link from educational institutions (for example, universities) or government entities is difficult but not impossible. Due to its trajectory and the interest that these pages arouse, a backlink from them will give more relevance to your website.
  • Guest posting : A few months ago Matt Cutts played down this technique, but many of us still think that, as long as it is done correctly, it continues to have the desired effectiveness. This technique consists in asking a reference blogger or an authority page to publish a quality content in your blog / web in exchange for a link to your web correctly integrated and with naturalness in the content. The origin of a link from an authority page will help your website, as well as give more visibility to your project and bring traffic to your website from a blog that receives a high volume of visits per day.
  • Report broken links If there is a page from which you would like to be linked but you notice that you have broken links, contact them and let them know. This help will help you to change the link broken by a link to your site with relevant content and quality for the user.


As you can see, this explanation shows that finding quality websites from which to get a link is an arduous task, which requires constant and daily work . However, it is vital to improve the SEO of your website.

For this reason, and being aware of the relevance of the links in all search engine positioning work, in Webpositer we have launched all your machinery offering you solutions designed to take your online business a lot further by analyzing the steps of your competitors . We went to presentártelas.

  • Common Links Report of Your Competition

Thanks to this service, you can improve the positions in Google of your website by discovering the links that the websites of your competition have in common. For its realization, we analyze the 5 most direct competitors of your online business and we offer you a comparative report of the links they have in common so that you get to work and get your website to also get inbound links from those sites.

In addition, this report includes a list of the best links ordered by their relevance, an essential information to develop your linkbuilding strategy with firm step. To speed up your work, Webpositer will also tell you the characteristics of those links.

In this way, instead of spending hours and hours, day after day, invested in getting links without knowing if they are of quality, the report of common links of Webpositer saves you all that time. The result? More productivity and effectiveness for the development of your SEO strategy .

How does it work?

Do a search on Google, for example, “wedding dresses.” Next, choose the 5 best positioned websites and enter the URLs in the form that you will find when requesting your Common Links Report. All for only 9 euros (VAT not included). Also, do not forget that you will have our Strategic Consulting team at all times to help you analyze the data and get the most out of this valuable resource.

  • Contending Panel of the Competition

As you have already seen in this article and you will know from your own experience, the work of finding websites where you can link our site takes a lot of dedication and effort. From searching the webs related to your sector, check its relevance, manage the way in which the web will finally link us, going through choosing the anchor text for each link and finally verify that this link has reported the expected result.

There are many steps and work. So, why do not you deviate by a shorter path and just as effective? Go to the Panel of Backlinks of the Competition that Webpositer puts at your disposal thinking about your website.

For only 10 euros per month , the Webpositer panel provides the user with relevant information about their most direct competitors, helping you improve your search engine positioning and increase sales.

How does it work?

This panel provides a complete list of links from your competition , up to 50 anchor texts used for their links, the destination URLs , information sectors from which link to their websites and what kind are those links . Can you imagine knowing the geographical location of the websites from which these backlinks come? With Webpositer you will know besides knowing the influence of domains that link to the websites of your competitors and seniority of those links.

Information Backlinks Panel Competition provided by Webpositer always be at your disposal with daily updated data .

What do you need? First of all, search in Google the search criteria for which you want to improve your positioning and choose the competitor that interests you the most. Do you want to add more than one website of your competition? For 5 euros more per month, you will have a new panel for another competitor. By email, we will send you the access data and in 48 hours your panel will be active with all the SEO information of your competition.

What benefits would it have for the strategy of your online business to know the backlinks obtained by your competition?

Here are some clues:

  • More resources : As valuable information as knowing which websites are receiving links from your most direct competitors can be a before and after in all the work of web positioning. Now more than ever, information is power.
  • You will know what lines of action and decisions are being taken in the matter of linkbuilding . What kind of websites are you looking for to link to your site (blogs, directories, forums, universities, reference websites in the sector, social networks …) What anchor text do you use? To what web page do these backlinks point? Are those links dofollow, nofollow, free, paid …? What is the relevance of those sites?
  • Comparative analysis : With all that information at your fingertips, you can study it in detail and compare your backlinks with those of the competition.
  • Improve your strategy to differentiate yourself from the rest . The study of backlinks will let you know if you are on the right track or, on the contrary, your competition has considered important aspects that you have not taken into account to favor the positioning of your website. If they have already done it, why do not you? In fact, these resources will serve you to perfect your own strategy, including those decisive aspects to build a quality linkbuilding that your competition has not yet considered.
  • Speed ​​to take action much sooner . Why invest much of your time looking for websites where you link your page when the backlinks of your competition solve much of this task in minutes? That information is in your power so that you optimize your time to the maximum and dedicate it to the point where you get the same incoming links and with the same effectiveness as your competitors. Hit safe.