What Is SEO And What Is Its Use?

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Can You Tell Us A Bit About SEO?
Search engine optimization, also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is used to make websites rank higher within the organic (unpaid) search results of Google. By optimizing your page the findability is increased in the search engines and you score high in Google. Search engine optimization is indispensable if you want to rank higher with your website in the organic Google search results. These are the unpaid results directly under the ads. Internet Marketing helps you to get high in Google and stay there. No less than 81% of all internet users find search engines the best way to find websites. Of course you want your website to be easily found in search engines.

Why is search engine optimization important?

More than 70% of the people searching in Google tend to click on an organic result. With a thorough strategy and working method, we try to achieve the ultimate goal of getting as high as possible in the Google search results. The SEO results are also extremely good to measure through Google Analytics. By establishing good goals in advance in order to implement the right strategy, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • The higher you are in Google, the faster someone clicks on your website.
  • The more visitors, the more chance of requests / orders.
  • By making the website more user-friendly, visitors will contact you sooner.
  • You get better name recognition because they come across your company on multiple search terms.

If you want to achieve online success, search engine optimization is a must . By using search engine marketing, you ensure that you find as many search terms as possible that have common ground with your services and / or products. The better you are found, the more likely you are that new customers will take an order from you or make an application. You are always on the back of your competition when you do not use the possibilities to be higher in Google, while your competitors may do so. All the websites that are at the top of the Google results owe this to smart search engine optimization, it never happens automatically. You will not get to the top without SEO.

Optimization by Internet Marketing

To make a website optimally available in Google, Internet Marketing can use two forms of search engine marketing. What is search engine marketing? Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the overarching concept for SEO and SEA services . It is now clear that SEO aims to put your website as high as possible in Google’s organic search results. SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising and aims to get your website as high as possible in the search results of Google with advertisements. Advertising usually works faster and is more consistent than SEO, but SEO is more of a long-term strategy.

Internet Marketing checks the best approach for your website per customer. There is not one way that you will always achieve the best results. The strategy is determined on the basis of various factors. The strategy is determined on the basis of various factors. You always get a tailor-made plan of action. An important factor is link building. By building high-quality links from the outside to your website, your website will obtain a better authority in Google . You always get a tailor-made plan of action.

Search engine optimization is a continuous process

The biggest misconception one makes about search engine optimization is that it is a one-off activity. The way search engines index websites and the algorithm with which they determine the height in the search results changes continuously. Competition also does not stand still. That is why it is important that the optimization of the website is a process and not a one-off attempt to get high in Google. We offer you a route where you pay a low amount per month. This way you get the best result from your chances in the Google results against a low investment.

It is important to keep optimizing your website in a continuous process, because you only remain high in Google in this way. It takes time to get to the top and it is a real shame if you lose that place at the top, after months of work, because you think you are there and can now lean back. When you stop all work, you automatically return to the search results. Google continues to index websites daily and to stay on top, you have to keep surprising Google with adjustments and optimizations. The specialists of Internet Marketing are happy to do this for you, so that you can focus on your own work.

Working method search engine optimization

Despite the fact that search engine optimization is very intangible, we want to make it as transparent as possible for companies. At the start of a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, there are a number of fixed steps that are taken. For example, we start with a no-obligation conversation to discuss what we can do for you and what would be a good strategy for you. Your website then enters the start-up phase and when the first month of the campaign is over, we switch to maintenance where we determine focal points for improvement every quarter. During the process we are always working on four core elements of search engine optimization: link building, content, conversion optimization and technology. Below we try to describe all steps of our working method as clearly as possible.

Free consultation

First of all, an advisory meeting will take place. After each request an appointment (on location / telephone) is scheduled with one of our advisers. During this informal meeting, we advise which internet marketing tools can best be used to maximize the return on the website. In some cases, search engine optimization is not sensible because of too high a competition where it is difficult to compete against boxing. We will always honestly advise you not to invest in search engine optimization in some cases, but in search engine marketing , search engine advertising , retargeting or e-mail marketing .

In the advisory meeting we also show what results we have generated for similar companies, so that you have an idea of ​​what we can do for you. After we have shown our way of working and the possibilities regarding search engine optimization, a proposal will be made to measure.


Once you have chosen to work with us, an intake meeting will take place with one of our project leaders. During the search engine optimization campaign, you have one permanent project leader that you will aim for online success together. In this conversation, the project manager will make an inventory of everything about your company and discuss the objectives. Together with a team of specialists, we set to work to achieve the goals.

Websitescan + keyword analysis

After the intake interview has taken place, we start with a thorough search of keywords and an extensive website scan is made. The project manager will discuss this with you and after approval we will start optimizing your website.

Content Optimization

The keyword analysis has been approved and we know which keywords we will focus on. Now our SEO text writers start writing the SEO texts. They write these SEO texts in such a way that the search engines can index these texts well and that the visitors proceed faster to make an application or order.

Technical Optimization

The technology behind the website is the foundation of good findability. We go through all elements according to the search engine guidelines and optimize the website, so that the search engines can scan the website properly. With this technical optimization, we place the previously written SEO texts, so that we will rank the website on targeted keywords. We place these SEO texts on specially developed landing pages.

Conversion optimization

Besides the technology of the website it is also very important that a visitor finds what he or she is looking for. Our specialists take a close look at the website and see which parts need to be adapted for the user-friendliness of your website. By organizing the website as simply as possible, we ensure a higher return on requests and orders. During the start-up phase we start with this process and then we continue to make improvements with the monthly optimization.

Monthly optimization

Search engine optimization is not a one-time process. The website will have to be continuously optimized to stay ahead of the competition. This process of optimization is possible in different areas. We work monthly on link building, conversion optimization and the technology behind the website for an optimal return.


We have optimized the technology and the content of the website during the start-up phase of the campaign. This is the basis for a good findability in Google. However, afterwards one of the most important parts of a search engine optimization campaign: link building .

With link building we actively place backlinks on other interesting websites. We have built up a large network in recent years that we can put on the left. These are websites with a high popularity score. In short; the more links from this type of website to your website, the better your website will score.

In the first few months of a search engine optimization campaign we also focus on this, because here the biggest area can be won. Through linkbuilding we ensure better positions in Google, so that we get website visitors and thus more statistics from the website can get to continue to grow.

Self real-time insight into campaign statistics

As an entrepreneur you would prefer to know every day what your search engine optimization campaign will bring you. You do not want to wait for a monthly report, but you want to see daily how the results are. With our unique IMagine tool you can view these statistics in real time and you know every moment of the day what your campaign stands for. Ideal! We carry out the work, but you can continuously view the campaign statistics yourself without needing to do so.

Evaluation interview

To objectively measure a campaign, we evaluate our search engine optimization campaigns from quarter to quarter. Every three months there will be an evaluation meeting in which the project leader will review the results of the past period together with you and will see which matters we will implement in the coming period so that you continue to grow.

Became curious?

Have you become curious about what search engine optimization can mean for your website? To get an overall picture of what can be done better on your website, you can do a website scan for free with us. This website scan looks at the mobile speed of your website, the header and URL structure and makes a technical analysis to check how your website scores on different technical SEO aspects.