What Is SEO And SEO Tool?

Is SEO Necessary?
What Is SEO Tools?


SEO is now one of the main sources of business growth. In addition, it is an unusually popular service, but most people still have a distant view of it. To keep up with the times, let’s talk about optimization in more detail.

What is SEO and why?

SEO is SearchEngine Optimization. Under SEO, it is customary to refer to a set of measures aimed at improving the selling qualities of a site, and also bringing it into conformity with the requirements of search engines in order to improve its ranking, attendance, etc. In general, without SEO, one can hardly imagine the full existence of an Internet site.


The site has any self-respecting organization. Why not start earning on the World Wide Web? Offline-profitability of the business can be kept at the same level. Employees of the company will work in the office, and the web resource – to bring a decent income. How is this possible? To achieve this, you should use the recommendations of search engines. Then success on the web will be perceived as something that is present by default. SEO is a whole science, so do not trust this process to random people.

SEO tools

There are many tools that help us to know the positioning in search engines of a page or online business. In seoalcuadrado we work, mainly with the following:

Google Analytics : is the most used free traffic evaluator. The simple implementation of a tracking code will allow you to obtain, for free, endless data on how, when and how many users navigate on my website.

Webmaster Tools : a tool that serves, fundamentally, to corroborate that a web is optimal to be traceable by Google. Here we can find information on those parameters that the reference web browser considers relevant to improve the positioning, so that, by monitoring these and controlling their status, we will be favoring a better SEO.

Bing Webmaster Tools: Similar previous, but focused on another reference search engine, Bing. In general terms, the techniques to position yourself in Google, Bing or Yahoo are very similar, although it never hurts to check the status of the page in the eyes of other webmaster tools.

Sitemap XML Generator: an SEO tool that will allow you to create an XML sitemap file. This file facilitates the reading, by the spiders of Google, of our website. And everything that is to facilitate Google tracking will give us points to be higher.

Adwords keyword tools : to achieve a good web positioning it is necessary to have a good content strategy that allows us to generate quality and original texts. This is highly valued in a good SEO strategy. With the keyword tool of adwords we will get ideas on what keywords to work, simply including the service or product that we sell.

Google Trends : in the previous line, Google Trends is an important SEO tool, because it helps us discover trends that users are looking for around the product or service that we market. It will help us to create new content and, in addition, users are already searching or will shortly search the Internet, so that we can get ahead of competitors by capturing and marketing new trends that users demand.

Woorank: is a portal that makes us a basic diagnosis of health SEO of our website. It is an initial approach that will help us to know what aspects of a web that we need to address with more urgency, with the ultimate goal of improving the positioning as soon as possible. It allows us to do an SEO audit of a certain quality and at a zero cost.

Ahrefs links: as you have heard many times, the links that link to a web page are fundamental in a good search engine positioning strategy. Google knows that SEO consultants know the importance of this resource, with what has become serious. It is very valuable that the links that enter a web page are ‘natural’ and not artificial, which is why it penalizes this type of techniques.

SERP checker: web that allows to measure in a matter of seconds the real position of a web page and of the competition based on certain keywords. Intuitive and simple Practical to assess the positioning in search engines without the ‘contamination’ of the tendencies of use of a certain Google user.