What Is SEO And SEO Tool?

What Is Crawling In SEO?
What Is The First SEO Activity Of A New Website?

SEO: What Is It?

SEO comes from the English Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and refers to all tools and techniques to be well referenced by search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), that is to say well placed in the search results.

Note : SEO should not be confused with SEA (Search Engine Advertising also known as SEM Search Engine Marketing), which refers to paid search techniques, sponsored links or commercial links. The SEA is concretized by the appearance of links above and to the right of the natural (or organic) results on search engines and directories when a user types a word or an expression.

Why SEO is so important

What is the purpose of a website if it is to stay isolated in the jungle of the World Wide Web? Do not be present or be misplaced on the search engines, it means little or no visitors to your site . Gold without visitors, no customers, no recipe for you if you have an e-shop and no possibility to reach the Internet users potentially interested in your activities …

But what to do about it? For that, it is enough, after the creation of your Internet site, to optimize your site for the search engines. This is called SEO optimization. Here are some tips to help you …

SEO tools

This site offers real free tools to optimize SEO. Tools, tools, nothing but free tools. Good surfing and do not hesitate to make feedback on these tools, I will take the time to improve them.

Web site referencing is commonly likened to the activity of being first in Google for an expression. To approach this concept with this vision seems however outdated:

On the web, referencing websites is increasing the visibility of sites by developing external links pointing to the internal pages of a website.

Often reduced to visibility on search engines, SEO is actually applied to the entire web. Indeed, to make a link is to refer to a document (web pages, images, videos, etc.), so it is referencing this resource on the page where the link is made.

In short, SEO websites and Net-Linking (term used by English speakers) mean the same thing and are not limited to (positioning) results of search engines. From the moment you make a link (whether natural, the result of an exchange, an affiliate program or advertising) you do SEO.