What Is Off-Page SEO/Link Building?

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What Are The 3 Types Of Search Engines?

The goal of off-page optimization is to achieve a higher popularity of the website. Other websites are moving into focus and how they can be used to increase their own web presence. Search engine optimization (SEO) measures that are not performed directly on the pages of a website ( on-page ) are part of off-page optimization.


An important element of off-page optimization is z. Eg the linking of the website – the link building.

Why are links so important?

Links that point to your own website are similar to recommendations. Therefore, high quality links z. B. positively assessed by Google.

Link building should be organic to avoid the impression of link spam , where thousands of links from dubious providers link to websites. This can damage the reputation of the page.

There is a distinction between:

  • Internal links: the linking of the pages of the website with each other
  • External links: Links to other websites
  • Backlinks: Incoming links from other websites


Linking a website is very important for search engine optimization, since the evaluation of the website by the search engines is based, among other things, on the rating of the active links and backlinks.

When high ranking sites (see Page Rank ) link to other sites, some of their popularity (the so-called linkjuice ) is “inherited”. These are valuable backlinks.

Internal linking

When linking internally, it is important to make sure that the most important pages of the website have many internal links. This internal link underlines the importance of the linked page – many incoming links = significant page.

link building

Link building should be strategic and take into account certain quality criteria. Hints for interesting links can z. This can be achieved, for example, through competition research and the analysis of other relevant pages.

Google Page Rank

A quality criterion here can be the Google Page Rank. Google’s Page Rank system allows a page rank of 0 to 10. A page rank of 10 is the highest rating available.

SEO link building

If Google’s criteria are included as an important factor in off-page optimization, it becomes clear that an important factor for page rank is the linking of the page in the World Wide Web and the quality of these links.

Sources for high quality backlinks

The first step is a backlink analysis: How many high-quality backlinks link to the website?

  1. Registration in directories / directories
  2. Press Release / Press Information
  3. Wikipedia
  4. Social Media Marketing, Blogs, Forums
  5. Bookmarks, Social Bookmarks
  6. Link collection / SEO link list

1. Entry in directories / directory

In addition to the search engines, there are also directories maintained by persons. One of the best known is the Open Directory Project (ODP), also known as
DMOZ (for “Directory Mozilla”). Online since 1998. The entries from this directory are used by search engines, among others:

  • Google,
  • Yahoo Search and
  • Netscape Search and others.

Weekly, DMOZ provides updated data. You should aim for an entry in this directory. There are more directories, we are happy to advise you.

2. Press Release / Press Information

Publish! Press information about each

  • Event / fair / event you are attending or hosting,
  • New products,
  • Anniversaries and anniversaries,
  • Sponsorship.

Write press releases or write (we will advise you here).

Install a press section on your website and create an archive
of publications with the appropriate links (see also on page optimization ). The decision to distribute press releases, whether you choose the traditional print market and / or the online space, depends on your online marketing concept.

SEO Tip: Publish your URL on all press releases, or rather the concrete link to the press release already published online.

3. Wikipedia

New methods and technologies should be explained in Wikipedia. Well-known companies and personalities are presented here with a CV.
We are happy to advise you on the possibilities.

4. Social Media Marketing, Blogs and Forums

The opportunities offered by social media (more about social media marketing ) are often very effective for off-page optimization. We have already listed some hints in the Glossary under Social Media Guidelines .

However, we do not recommend working with social media without a concept. Even if many offers are free of charge at first glance, the time to invest has to be considered in the calculation.

In blogs and forums, commercial texts are often not welcome. Here is recommended for. B. to answer questions, with the indication that more information can be found on their own website. Topic relevant blogs can eg. B. through the Google Blog Search be researched.

5. Bookmarks, Social Bookmarks

You are sure to use the possibility to create bookmarks in your browser Bookmarks? Favorites? Bookmarks for the websites you are interested in. However, these bookmarks are then in your browser on your computer. As soon as you work with another computer or browser, these bookmarks will no longer be available to you, unless you always have them as an exported version on a USB stick in the coat pocket.

The solution to this problem is the Social Bookmarks services. You select a service, log in and can immediately save the bookmarks that interest you. You decide if your bookmarks can only be seen by you or the entire web community. You choose the keywords (tags) that apply to the websites, which will make your subsequent search much easier. Now you can access your bookmarks anywhere you are online. Bookmarks are also a way to use platforms with high traffic for their own PR.

  • delicious
  • link Arena

Every bookmark that you have saved is a recommendation and, as already mentioned under point 2. Linking, recommendations from search engines are highly rated. Bookmark me! Should be a slogan in off-page optimization. You’ve already seen the little icons on many websites to make that easy. If you are a registered user of a bookmark service, this bookmarking is a matter of seconds.