What is importance of heading tags, meta tags, image alt?

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The origin of hn tags

The hn tags are first used for content writing, and for the css part . The structuring of a text in titles, in subtitles of different levels and in paragraph greatly facilitates the reading . It also reminds that one of the advantages of using the css for writing is the ability to format several parts of your text in one go and avoid setting each time. In other words, you just have to declare in your css file that the titles h2 must be blue, bold, 16 pixels, underlined … In your text, you will write a code like this, <h2> My title </ h2> and further <h2> Another title </ h2>, so that both titles are formatted in the same way.

Another great benefit is that your text is easy to read for your reader, who will understand very well where a paragraph begins and when it ends, when the subtitles are decorated in the same way. Recall that the reader does not see if a title is included in a h2 or h3 tag. It refers to the color code of your titles to see if the text has moved to “another topic” or if the new title is still part of the previous topic.

The importance of hn tags in 2018

Google’s robots are becoming smarter. 2018 is still a big year for SEO in general since Google has introduced new concepts related to the user experience . One would then be tempted to think that old techniques such as the markup hn are not so preponderant in the quality of a text. However, when we asked SEO experts the importance that these hn tags could have in 2018, they said that old practices should not be questioned .

However, it is in the structure of the hn tags that Google seems to be more flexible . Indeed, the logical order can no longer be respected to the letter. That is, the h3 tag can now exist without the h2 tag. This way of reasoning gives an editor more flexibility in the way of presenting his text, while respecting the existence of a title for each paragraph or group of paragraphs. However, the importance of the h1 tag remains inflexible . The page title should always be included in this h1 tag, which is the main title of the text.

We will review a set of meta tags, grouping them according to their greater or lesser importance for SEO:


It is not properly a meta tag, but it works as such. Its definition within the header of the page, tells Google what title you want to show in the results block. If it is not implemented, or does not match the inner contents of the page, it will choose a title within the <body> or body of the content. Ideally, this does not happen, since it reduces the effectiveness when it comes to attracting users to click and visit the site. The best practices speak of extension in pixels, since the number of characters is obsolete – this is a good tool for measuring the length of titles and descriptions – and efficient and direct use of language.

Meta description

Like the previous one, its functionality in terms of positioning and ranking is low, but it is very important when it comes to attracting navigators to enter a page, since it is the summary that is shown in the search results.

Content-type goal

Its relevance is related to the correct display of the pages, since it allows defining the type of coding used. If it does not apply, the browser may have problems rendering code and displaying content with errors. As you want users to have an optimal experience, and because of this they share or link the page, it is very important for SEO that problems of this type do not occur.


Meta robots

Many SEO experts consider that this label is not relevant. However, it can be for sites with many pages and a little exhaustive maintenance. Define a file called “robots.txt” that will tell “spiders” if they can travel the entire site or exclude any page or directory. Its implementation will improve the efficiency of the time spent by robots in indexing.


Meta keyword

It has little (or null nowadays) influence on ranking and content determination. However, they are useful when a site has an internal search engine, because normally the engine reviews the keywords to deliver appropriate results to visitors.

Meta author

It serves only for an aesthetic theme. When programming and design times are scarce, it is better not to worry about defining it. It will only be responsible for defining the name of the author of the content; which is displayed in some search engines and social networks.

Meta expiration and date

As with many elements defined in the pages, it is better to control this type of events (the expiration and deletion of a page) through global tools such as sitemaps . Not only does it not define them in each unit, but they could, if they do not maintain an exhaustive control, generate problems such as the non-indexing of a page.

  • They were used to “force” the browser to request a new version of the page, instead of seeing one in cache.
  • Some robots could “err” and not index the page, considering it expired.

Goal rating

It is a label created to define content “for adults”; although it is not the most efficient way to label them. Much better is to place them in a different directory and alert Google directly. It must be remembered that a site with images, videos or texts not suitable for minors not properly marked will be penalized by most of the search engines.


Many labels remain in the inkwell, but reviewing them all would imply an analysis too extensive and, the truth is that it is not worthwhile: the rest are little used. With the ones reviewed above, it is enough to have good SEO practices. Complementing the uses of these tags with other good practices, such as an efficient keywords strategy and a solid site architecture, is key for SEO positioning to pay off in your sites.

The importance of ALT tags in SEO

Google likes that things are explained. If for example someone is making a presentation with images and if by chance some image does not appear, it will be necessary to explain to the people that this image is treated.

When placing images on websites it is necessary to add the ALT tag to the images that have been incorporated so that, if the image does not appear, the text is displayed. In WordPress that text is recognized as alternative text .

With the ALT tags of the images you can get a great opportunity to put a keyword or keyword that allows you to better index a web page . Normally people write a word or phrase related to the image in the alternative text, but to improve SEO a keyword will be written that will better positionthe post or the page that is being edited.