What is hygiene in the mailing list and how to do it

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Who works with management of the mailing list .

Do not spam , send emails with appropriate frequency and relevant content always helps to keep the e-mail list “hot” and better results. Still, there are other concerns that should be considered in maintaining a healthy base.

There is also the case of several companies who did not have the discipline to send messages frequently and want to reestablish contact with an old base mail.

However, the most common while giving end – import this list for your email marketing service – can be a real shot in the foot, which ends up negatively affecting the reputation of the company email.

To prevent this from happening, there is an action called cleaning the mailing list, subject to be dealt in this post.

Why do the cleaning of the mailing list

First of all, it is very important to keep in mind that cleaning is not for a purchased mailing base. We have explained earlier why your company should not buy an email list and even sanitized, a foundation will never have purchased the relevance and quality of a mailing list won in a lawful and organic way.

The fact is that over time there is a process of depreciation of emails base: many people change jobs and change, so your corporate address, other exchange email service itself and so on. It is normal behavior and there is no way around it. However, one must always be careful that the injury is not even higher.

This is because Internet services seeking ways to combat spam submissions. If your company is sending emails to many addresses that do not exist, it is seen as a strong signal that the list is quality and is not treated with due care.

Thus, the sending mail server is “frowned upon” and even when the message is relevant and the recipient wants to receive the email, the content may end up stopping in antispam filters.

Thus, the main purpose of cleaning is to remove the base of all the emails that are not valid or relevant for the next seasons of your company. Cut irrelevant emails is essential to maintain good reputation and ensure good deliverability.

Making sanitizing a current list of emails

If your company already has an upload routine Email Marketing and the base is used to receiving emails, the process is a little easier.

There is some information that most of the tools and supplies are very important for list maintenance:

  • Hard bounces: those emails considered invalid. This includes those who have existed and have ceased to exist, those who were given the wrong way on purpose and also emails with typos;
  • Soft bounces: emails are valid, but for some reason could not be delivered. The reason usually is that the box is full;
  • spam complaints: in most email services can mark a message as spam. This indicates that the user is bothered and believes that his company had no right to send this email to him;
  • unsubscribe requests: it is an obligation for every company offer us emails sent one unsubscribe option. This means that the user does not wish to receive these messages.

With frequent and sending this information in hand, it is easy to maintain the sanitized list. Just remove before each shipment, users who have already hard bounces, spam complaints and unsubscribe requests.

In the case of soft bounces, it is recommended a few more attempts to send. If we, for example, 10 shipments not delivered, it is also recommended for exclusion from the list.

Most of Email Marketing sending tools (including RD Station Marketing ) already does it all automatically.

Making the cleaning of an old mailing list

When we talk about old emails base, we refer to that which is lost or forgotten for some time. Contacts may have been generated through normal forms in exchange for eBooks or, for example, received in courses and workshops held by his company longer. The fact is that the list had not been in use so far and will be placed on active duty.

This case is much more difficult to handle. This is because the analysis of servers to identify spam usually made in percentage terms. When we long without sending and so long without getting feedback to the list of cleaning, a number of problems usually happen.

Often invalid emails pile up, creating a high rate of hard bounces. Many people do not remember more than they have done the register and mark the email as spam or ask for unsubscribe. The consequence is that the reputation of the sending mail server is greatly impaired.

Most companies offering Email Marketing shipping services can realize the poor performance early in the shot and then stops sending the rest of the campaign. This poor performance may result in blockages and even permanent exclusion of an account, after all, if the deliverability service down it loses value and therefore customers.

If the list that the company has is really good and targeted to a relevant audience, there are two very important things that must be done:

If you are a customer of the RD Station Marketing, read the following articles to understand how to clean your list in a practical way:

Attempting to remove hard bounces

If your company leave to find out who are the hard bounces at the time of shipment, the chances of the campaign be blocked and fail are high.

There are several specialized services in check if an email is valid (like Email Checker ), and more having to spend a little, very worth it. This should greatly reduce the number of invalid emails and is the price to pay for staying so long out of touch.

Some useful tools:

Choose well the submitted content and start slowly

In addition to reducing the number of hard bounces, it is also necessary to reduce the number of spam complaints and unsubscribe. In this case, there is no great magic to be made. The key is to take it easy.

Do not start using the list to promote a product or service, look to generate more value. Offer an excellent article, an eBook or free lecture, a list of indications of valuable things to that potential customer. This type of content usually has a much greater receptivity and therefore should be the focus at the moment rapprochement, in which the relationship is fragile.

Look also keep the issue that brought the person to your list. For example, if these contacts were obtained in a course; or obtained by downloading some stuff, make the campaign is on similar issues.

Finally, be careful with frequency. Someone who did not receive emails from your company for a long time will wonder if this occurs with much greater frequency.