What is Digital Marketing and how do I do it?

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To understand what is digital marketing, we see one of the most common definitions of marketing, developed by Kotler and Keller, which reads as follows:

“Marketing involves identifying and meeting human and social needs. To define it in a very simple way we can say that it meets the needs profitably. ”  

With the popularization of the Internet around the world, coupled with the idea of ​​marketing, it originated the concept of digital marketing, which is nothing more than the actual marketing said as traditional integrated Internet.

The digital marketing is the cheapest and most efficient way to reach your target audience , and allows the data monitoring and measurement results are made more quickly and assertively, given that the results are monitored by online tools that record all interactions with advertisements, videos, websites, etc.

To make digital marketing, you simply be present on the Internet, where your target audience is too. BUT CAUTION : The simple fact of being present on the Internet does not mean that you have a STRATEGY  to DISCLOSURE ONLINE , so do not expect the results ($$) begin to fall from the sky!

According to Chris Brogan, marketers need to build a relationship and reputation with the people before closing sales 😉

What Digital Marketing channels are most relevant for each type of segment?

As in traditional marketing, your strategy needs to be linked to its segment. It is important to look at what the competition is doing and assess whether it’s working or not . If you have a clothing store, for example, and you choose a social network to act, this network will certainly not be the Linkedin why there people are not looking for clothes to buy. Or if you’re selling financial advice, your social network will not be the Pinterest.

Some, like Facebook and Youtube are more generic to end up with all sorts of exposed services, because of the large amount of people surfing daily through these channels. But we will deal with the most common one by one:

    • Facebook:

      great for audience middle class and lower middle class, in some cases it is also good for audience upper middle class. Overall, it’s good to publicize events and have a more open and close channel with the public because it allows interaction. It has become increasingly better for disclosures sponsored posts (Facebook Ads) . It works great for clothes and accessories, beauty products, machinery and household equipment (mostly related to hobbies such as yoga, gardening, sports, etc).

    • YouTube:

      It’s great for consumer products and services “harder” whose buying process is longer . Videos of testimonials, tutorials and institutional are great tools for product display / service. You can also spread through commercial videos (and more expensive!) Or ask (pay) for some famous blogger to talk about your product – this pump! 

    • Instagram:

      It is a tool for all segments, but requires a very active management – always use hashtags, getting followers, follow back, etc. Obviously you will need cool images, or impacting images to attract public attention to a problem ( the one problem that you propose to solve, right!). The strategy needs to be well designed so that the results are positive here. mainly B2C

    • Pinterest:

      I am suspect to talk, because I love Pinterest and I think everyone should use, but in fact it only works for segments that use a lot of visual appeal. Fashion and accessories, bedding, bath and table, decoration, tattoo, hairdressing, gardening, events, architecture firms – phew! Has plenty of room to work on Pinterest, and the cool thing is create inspiring content . Everyone who says “come and see what I did” should be on Pinterest. Mainly B2C.

    • Snapchat:

      We all know that Snapchat is dynamic mega, so if you do something nice life like sports, events, facials, beautiful things – from clothing chairs to floral arrangements – you can use the snap and make people’s lives happier . Share the process of creation and enjoyment involved in the project! Especially B2C and for future generations (who did not want to be in the same media of the parents).

    • Whatsapp:

      Watch out , here! The Whatsapp can be very invasive, and you run the risk of having the opposite effect desired. You can send promotional coupons, important notifications and warnings and work it, in general, as was previously the SMS. The coolest thing is to spread recurring and emergency services in the whats . If you have a tire repair shop , for example, may disclose services and promotions to customers, which functions as a word of mouth . Also, if someone is nearby in need of their services, you can contact by whats and request them much more quickly.

    • blog:

      Blog strategies are usually associated with content marketing because they bring organic traffic to your site . They also attach importance and authority to those who write about it. If you have good content, you can start to be consulted on the matter and get more customers. Blog strategies are typically integrated into other forms of online disclosure also, and work for all types of businesses .

    • online magazines and portals:

      Disclosure at a press portals are more expensive, and sometimes out of digital marketing harvest. It is more common when you have a press office , and result in an increased number of users on the site, as well as provide much relevance to the brand . If your goal is therefore reference become the market in which it operates and you have a higher budget, this is always an option to consider. It is usually also associated with other forms of dissemination. 

    • Email:

      This is still the most effective way to maintain active communication with your target audience. Send relevant content for email can nurture your leads until they grow up and turn beautiful and profitable customers 🙂 We professional digital marketing, we are very smart (= P) then we use marketing automation to maintain active communication efficiently , saving valuable resources such as TEMPO.


What is Inbound and Outbound?

That’s a good question. Everyone is talking of inbound forth, inbound go. Let the most simple: know the time of your grandmother when people were calling in their home to sell things? Oops, it still happens = /

Well, this kind of action we call outbound , it is the seller who goes to the prospective client. In some Inbound Outbound xcases the outbound works well, however it ends up being expensive, you need a much longer time to keep your salesperson talking to people , whether by phone, message or in person. As I said before, time is a valuable resource, expensive. The problem outbound is that the conversion rate (fancy term to talk about closing sales) is very low, since you’re not always talking to someone who really wants to buy your product . For example, I do not want to buy a bigger channel for the TV package, and the phone company she keeps calling me and offering a product I DO NOT WANT, and pissed me off! The “cold calling” is a technique outbound .



See this mini video the difference between Marketing and Inbound Outbound Marketing



Hence, we invented the inbound ! Are not you going to the customer, it is the customer who comes to you, THERE! It seems amazing, is not it? And really, why is everyone talking about inbound

It works like this: you create relevant content (can be in text, image, video, gif, anything as long as it is relevant) to help your target audience. Yes, remember the text from the beginning? ” It supplies the needs profitably.”

When the person (me, for example) want a particular product (a new set of mugs, let’s assume), it goes to Google and type: “MORNING COFFEE MUGS” or anything of the sort. Multiple ads and mugs sites will appear to me. Then, I’ll choose a site, but will not buy at that moment, because it’s month end and I have an awesome party to spend the rest of my buck.

It turns out I signed up my email via the Facebook site. Marketers that company, which has conducted a study SEO or Adwords only to appear to me in the first page of Google, will now call me to enjoy on their face page with several beautiful and inspiring photos coffee mugs morning and will start sending me offers and news by email .

Result : when turning the month (and I have money), still will not have lost my interest in new mugs, and as I already have a connection to that brand , because she sent me a lot of cool things over the weeks, I will buy from them.

And everyone lived happily ever after! <3


    • Inbound = the person concerned comes to you because you nursed her with relevant information about your product. It works for all segments. <
    • Outbound = you go to the customer in a more direct approach. It works for B2B and is more expensive than inbound.

How do I make Digital Marketing?

To do this, you need an analyze results , and optimize actions (so you avoid throwing money in the trash!). The ideal is to have a specialized professional in every action, ie, a digital marketing team, but this is not always possible, right?

That’s why the NoTopo there, seriously! We do the most important first: analyze your segment and set a digital marketing strategy for your business. THIS IS OUR SPECIALTY!

Moreover, we can teach you which channels work and how to manage these channels, we know which marketing tools are the coolest and we have several contacts of people who are super cool arts, from branding, ad plays, even videos of those mega- pros. See the difference between consulting and digital marketing agency  and the difference between a freelancer and Digital Marketing Agency

eBook digital marketing for beginners

In addition we have several legal content on our blog (we want to be a reference, note) to help you with other issues, and EBOOK DIGITAL MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS .

If you are ready to rock the digital marketing, care about us! 😉