What Is Crawling In SEO?

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Crawling In SEO

The crawling becomes important in the seo since it is the first step for Google to analyze our web

After a final year in which the concept crawl budget has become part of the dictionary of all  SEO and has motivated articles and conferences, such as the last SEO Clinic held in Barcelona, ​​2018 starts with crawling as an SEO trend .

But, why have we gone on to give such importance to this field of SEO? Does it really affect search engine positioning? We will provide some light on the crawling and its incidence as a variable for the ranking of positions in Google.

What is crawling in SEO?

The crawling or crawling of websites is the route taken by a small software bot (a crawler) to read and analyze the code and content of a website, jumping from page to page through the links that it finds . In the case of Googlebot (the Google crawler), it is responsible for tracking and examining our websites, to later incorporate them into your index.

But crawling is not a monopoly of the almighty seeker. In addition to being used by competitors for similar purposes, we also have tools to track a website for error detection or SEO optimization.

How does Google crawl the websites?

First, Google must know about the existence of our website and its availability so that the crawler performs the process of crawling and indexing it. For this, we have different options, the most common being the creation of an external link to the website in question or registration in the Search Console platform, among others.

After this point, the Google crawler will begin the process of tracking the portal, accessing all the pages through the various internal links that we have created . You can also drink from other sources to find a page or section of our website, such as its existence in a Sitemap file that we have registered in Search Console.