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Nowadays, the strategy used business hairs to find or public target is its gives quite different from some decades ago. The Content Marketing has arrived with one of the most efficient techniques to find potential customers and build loyalty to you that something with you already bought.

The marketing content serves not only to attract the interested you people in your proposed brand , it is also presents the best way to transmit your identity values ​​and your business. For example, it is a way to mark daily life in the presence of people using social networks.

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What is Content Marketing?

Marketing The Process is Content to raise and distribute relevant content and value to attract, capture and retain a clearly defined audience, with or objective of raising profitable actions for consumers ( University of San Diego ) .

In addition, the specialists indicate that to achieve such objectives, it is very essential to work with developed contents and quality. Cultural function of the contributions of Marketing Conteúdob, the Harvard Business Reviews indicated we’re in “the age of enlightenment Corporate Age.”

marketing content

And it is precisely in this medium where specialists point out that ” nine of 10 companies work with content marketing – that is, they go beyond the traditional techniques bands and not place marks promote the using of the publication or diffusion of information, entertainment ideas hair and valued consumers . “

It also indicates that ” … or of the Successful Marketing Content companies radicalized the way they are communicating. For the winning brands, one has a successful Tumblr major impact, the campaigns with hashtags so important have become slogans … “.

And so it was that Harvard Business Reviews came to the following conclusion: ” The Marketing Content Revolution (…) marks a new and important chapter in the history of commercial communication: a corporate enlightenment .”

Content Marketing Advantages

The Content Advantages of marketing for your are business :

  • improves to form your target audience by providing relevant and quality content.
  • improved web positioning two Contents your, and commercials page .
  • You can transmit values ​​of your brand.
  • It helps to capture and retain potential new customers in social networks.
  • Relevant Raising Contents for your public can use SEO techniques that help to improve the chances that we appear of the first Google results .

marketing content

Marketing numbers you do

Following, I’ll share Selection one of the most important Marketing Content statistics . It is important to me that this technique has acquired commercial sphere in recent years.

  • Of com with agreed to B2B Business – that is, direct oriented band for other businesses – use or Marketing Contents as part of their marketing strategies.
  • B2B Specialists of Biggest Success in Marketing Contents aim large one Part Two budgets their to such a strategy: 42% of Total budget, comparison in with with 28% hair specialists success lower costs.


  • 90% two B2C businesses – that is, those that conduct their direct bands to the consumer end – use Content Marketing to build and promote brand their image.
  • 48% two more efficient   B2B marketers with an editorially account properly duly documentedas part of their content strategy .
  • 61% two specialists of marketing content success Biggest in every day weeks meet or with their work teams.
  • 76% two B2B marketers have decided to Produce in more Content 2016.
    • 94% two specialists in B2B marketing maintains their as non always LinkedIn accounts updated as part of their Content strategy. See the numbers on other popular platforms: Twitter ( 87% ), Facebook ( 84% ), YouTube ( 74% ) and Google+ ( 62% ).

On the other hand, or Content Marketing Institute provides given important for you Contents in North America:

  • 85% of B2C’s most efficient businesses rely on a person that coordinates their content marketing strategy.
  • Therefore I B2B Marketers I B2C use, on average, six social networks.

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Marketing content to serve

As you can see in reading the previous statistics, it is the most growing business to understand the importance of achieving strategy or its using public Internet. This is what is marketing an increasingly important content for brand positioning your mode.

Marketing techniques Content

Now, okay: What are the channels comprised by the Content Marketing sphere ? What platforms can we perform Our actions to reach our target audience ? Here’s how to answer these questions:

In his articles Page and Blogging

One of the best strategies to get the most marketing content is to raise you own articles on your blog or website. After publish, disseminate or materials you accurate on Social Networks. Reason? It allows increase the web traffic of your page and offer original content and relevant to your audience.

e-mail marketing

Or Email Marketing , which understands or sending newsletters and promotions to your audience via email, is an excellent way to keep your information informed of your news and content, as well as to spread your proposed commercials.




Video creation as part of strategy content marketing is quite beneficial, that already type of content is among the most shared social networks. Therefore, it is recommended to raise a YouTube channel ofthe most important platform gives category – and share or content servant.

Social networks

It’s where on Social Networks you can find or public-with your target and interact with your audience. That is, it is the best place to spread your proposals and Contents. So you need to remember to optimize your or blog page for you people can share your articles of Social Media.

In addition, since it is not usually feasible to raise your own resources, you should be able to find relevant articles for us to share your channels.

Always keep your accounts up to date, it ‘s good with tools to count the Postcron to schedule your posts of the week or even month of . Or later happens? Content is your all published in Social Networks automatically. So, you save hours of time and work from need to be permanently online.

Finally, but not least, social platforms not only must be seen as a medium of broadcast and rather a channel as the interaction . Relationships are durables built using the dialogue, so do not forget to interact with your audience by making comments, responding messages and giving “likes” to you AChE that it deserves.

Marketing content

Pieces Charts

From the other large pillar Marketing Content  is the graphical creation and diffusion pieces us in the social blogs and networks. Such content is found among the most in shared social media are already very attractive that more visually. Among the Contents we can raise, we can include infographics , raising GIFs , using photographs, text illustrations and Images with.

Other Types Contents

There are several other types of content that you can share in your marketing actions. Think like this: you need to share relevant information – that is, which entertains, teaches reports and moves your public – in any format.

In that form, you can raise a raising podcast – that is, an audio piece – for sharing, prune devote creation time of webinars ( online conferences on your products, services and your topics relevant to field actuation). You can develop applications for mobile devices , publish eBooks and even unwrap thematic games.

And that’s it for today! As you can see, those of the Marketing Content possibilities  are so many. This quality face that technique is one of the most adaptable to the Flexible needs of your business . I being so, you suggest to consider which ones are more convenient and START to enjoy!

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