What is Benchmarking and how to do it?

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Understand what is Benchmarking and how this analysis can improve its results in 2017!

The internet is an open space for opinion, entertainment, promotion of products and services. There are several ideas emerging all the time and what all companies want is to grow and stand out, and benchmarking is an essential process to be done to help us achieve these goals .

Whether your small, medium or large company, independent of the thread, you can make a digital benchmarking analysis.

We create content for you to understand what is benchmarking and the importance of this study for their digital marketing strategies .




In a very objective way, what is Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is nothing more than a competition analysis, product or service.

According to the website meanings : Benchmarking is a process of comparing products, services and business practices, and is an important tool for business management. Benchmarking is carried out through research to compare the actions of each company. “  

That is, an initial and essential step to understand how their direct or indirect competitors are positioning themselves, communicating, selling, serving online.

What is benchmarking and how to benchmark

With the benchmark you will be able to see certain weaknesses and opportunities of your digital business compared to these competitors.

The benchmarking analysis is the kind of study that you do not have to limit yourself to do. As the Internet and its channels and search engines are constantly changing, how to do research also changes.

Always keep in your planning to make a benchmarking to transform and improve their information space and sales, as well as price, service and everything that is consistent for you to stand out on the Internet.

How important is the Benchmarking for Digital Marketing actions?

And with the growth of online advertising, every day more competition is fierce in the digital world, it starts around the importance of benchmarking.

The more competition you have, the more your business needs to stand out.

You might even say:

– My site is good, has a unique, interactive layout, have information about my products or services, then, is everything ok.

But it is not so, there is much more to be taken into account and it is at this point have to do benchmarking in order to understand how your competitors are working and what strategies they are using.

Of course, every business is unique and not always what works for your competitor work for you.

So you have to have their well-defined personas. You have to understand what your target audience!

If this point is not well structured, all steps ahead may be lost. Here, as Personas Set for Digital Marketing Strategies.


Why benchmarking is important for digital marketing actions?

  •     Understood as its main competitors are working

Some are using social media? How many posts do each day? You have blog? Has a channel on youtube optimized ?

  •     Helps entrepreneurs find opportunities for your business

Ex: How the information is arranged in pages, use images and videos to talk about your products or services, have a contact form or visible budget on the page.

  •     Is who is doing the analysis to view the business weaknesses

Ex: You have an e-commerce lingerie segment and researched three other e-commerces for analysis, being a Benchmark (segment excellence company involved).

In this research we have identified that:

  • Product pages are little descriptive
  • You are not competitive in the form of payment
  • Its price is very competitive, but its stock is small

And so on …

What all this shows? What do digital benchmarking study helps entrepreneurs, analysts, managers, etc; understand at what points you need to improve your communication and your actions on the internet!

The most important part, as do Benchmarking Digital?

As stated in the discussion above, you need to have their well-defined personas before making benchmarking analysis and clear your competitors as well.

Incidentally, this is the first step to begin to benchmark .

What is benchmarking and how to benchmark

  1.   Who are your competitors?

Make a list of all your direct competitors. It may be that among these  competitors have one that is more targeted to their demographic environment, another  for the target and one for products or services. It’s good to make a list for each  of these, so you can better analyze each point of each competitor.


Also choose the Benchmark to be analyzed, ie the company that is excellent in the segment in which it operates, and we all want and seek to copy – the one company that is a model for all others. (Amazon may be a benchmark, for example)


  1.   Where is your target?

You need to know where your target audience, so only your communication will be effective. Ex: You can invest in youtube on your 2017 planning .

However, you should understand it, your audience is on YouTube videos consuming and generating comments, shares, etc.

How to find out where your audience is? Simple, just do benchmarking!

See if your competitors invest in this channel and the customer them are active in these  channels. See how they position themselves, what types of videos are driving the most engagement,  what types of issues generate more interest, etc.

Ex: Your competitors are working on facebook? What strategy used? How many  tanned have on the page? They make posts during the week? How many clicks have m?

If your target is the facebook of its shares will increase  engagement on your social media .


  1. Analysis the website of your competitor

Any enterprise that wants to work digital marketing need to have a website,  but often in the design stage of the site many points are left out. If you want leads or if you want to sell, not enough to have just a pretty site.

If your website was created a long time or if you do not already have a website, do  benchmarking will be of great help to set your communication with your target.

  • What should be considered?
  1.    online user experience

How the information is arranged on the site of its competitors compared to  yours? The user ‘s online experience is one of the most important points to get  good results in their actions.

If you go into your site and can not find what you need, because the  information and data on the site is bad, it will be a great loss, for he will  find accurate information on another site, on the site of your competitor!

  1.    Site pages

How is the service page from your competitors? How the information is distributed on the page?

You need to find opportunities during the benchmarking study, so that your client is selling the service can be more effective than just talk about what it is. How the visuals? You have call to action? The text is clear and easy to understand? Has video explaining the services?

  1.    IF THE

You need to understand all the ways that your competitor works as it is with him that you will dispute the attention of searchers.

The SEM Rush is a great platform for you to understand what your competitors are doing, what words they are using and how you are compared to your competitors.

You can find what your ranking compared to its competitors. You can also look at a map of competitors where you will find the 10 main areas, so you can see the visibility of your site and the estimated traffic, compared to selected competitors.


I did my benchmarking study, and now, what to do with all the  information found?

The entire assessment is of utmost importance to improve their performance in the  internet.

What is benchmarking and how to benchmark

After this study you will have a broader view of your business and so you can have new ideas and stand out on the Internet.

Recalling that it is not because it works for your competitor, it will work for  you too. Have a good critical eye for analyzing the information.

To proceed to your project, you need to create a strategy and  planning over all that was analyzed. And then, just spend your energy  to put into practice all that has been set.


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