What is and how to use Google Trends?

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Digital marketing has grown in recent years, and this was due to the change in the buying behavior of consumers. If before people needed to leave home to look for products or services they need today, this can be done through the internet.

It is for this reason that entrepreneurs have increasingly invested in better ways to their businesses to position themselves in the first results of online searches.

Choose the keyword perfect, that term to your potential customer really looking for, is the beginning to achieve a good positioning in search engines such as Google and Yahoo !, for example.

Of course, just pick the right word will not make your content stand out. SEO techniques ( Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization) go far beyond that. But as we said, we are able to define a term that is digital trend in the market is a good start.

There are many ways and tools to help you find a keyword related to your business and that has a high demand in the search engines, eg Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool.

But beyond those already known tools, there is another that also can help you a lot and it is not widely publicized: Google Trends.

If you want to find ways to stand out and set a really valuable keyword to your audience, you’re in the right place!

In this post, I will explain you what Google Trends and teach you step by step for you to start using this tool in your marketing strategy .

What is Google Trends?

First launched in 2006 with the name of Insights for Search (ideas / insights for search), now known as Google Trends emerged in order to provide information on how users search for information on YouTube Google search engines.

Initially, this tool was considered very static because their updates were infrequent, which meant that the data shown here have been exceeded. But with time and its new updates, Google Trends has become a source of general information for all public.

You can, for example, find information on the desires and attitudes of users. This is because the tool can capture such data as the research done by people on Google.

Moreover, it is possible to understand the search habits of users depending on the country in which a term is being searched and compare the search volume of that word during the year and in different regions of the world.

For example:

When you search the term Japanese food , you can see which countries that keyword was most popular.


google trends - graphic image of google trends

This is just one of the ways to target your searches on Google Trends. In addition to understanding the search habits by country, you can also set time criteria, category and type of search.

What is the advantage of using Google Trends?

You probably already know how important it is to have a strategy of keywords. After all, these are specific terms that help you increase the traffic to your page and still lead visitors who really want to know your product.

This is because, if someone searches for a particular word, it is far more likely to be looking for a specific solution and its product can help her.

But in addition to knowing how to choose the term with which you will work, it is also important to understand what the public demand. It does not help create amazing content topics that are not searched.

That’s why, in addition to keyword tools that are already commonly used, Google Trends has become so well used. Because with it, you can:

  1. An overview of what has been most researched in the world or in only one region. This helps you get ideas on matters of which you speak;
  2. Compare the terms most frequently used in search engines. Thus, you can define whether it is better to write about Japanese cuisine and Japanese food, for example;
  3. Find subjects related to what you want to write to develop content that can cover all of your niche .

You can, for example, see the most searched topics in a given year, country and category and, from that, prepare your editorial calendar next year with some insights that you can get from Google Trends. See how this information can appear to you:

google trends - image of a word search in the year 2017

Step by step to use Trends

Now that you understand what is Google Trends and realized how it can be important to your business, we will help you with a step by step for you to start using this tool.

There are several ways to use it and you can explore all their resources the way you prefer.

  1. Enter Google Trends and in the upper right corner, click Sign in . If you already have a Google email account, simply fill in your e-mail and password. But if you have not already, click More options> Create Account and create your login and password.

google trends - image google login page

  1. Once you log in to Google Trends, the tool will open with an overview of research conducted in the year in force. On this page, you can change the country and the category you want to search for an overview of just a specific location or topic. Click All categories to change the category and the country being shown to change the country.

google trends - screen image searches

  1. Click the Explore History in the top center of the Google Trends to have access to what was on high in that year. On that page, you get to see exactly the terms used by users to search the search engines.  

google trends - screen image to explore history

  1. Select the field Global to select a specific country for your search.

google trends - screen image to select the country

It is important to understand that this view you get will be general, then, the subjects shown are those that were most researched in the year.

If your goal is to use Google Trends to your business, you need to do more specific research on your market segment .

  1. At the top center of the page, click Explore topics and write a term widely used in your niche. You will see that Google Trends show research related to the term you write.

google trends - search screen image

  1. Press Enter to receive all the information related to the term you searched.

In this research, you will get to know the public’s interest over time and by region of the world over the term you searched for. In addition, you can also view and topics related queries that term.

trends- google search Graphic Image

Again, this is the overview of what you searched. To be more assertive, select the field the world whole and switch to your country or the location to which you want to sell your product / service.

In addition, you can also select the time, the category and the type of research done on the internet (picture, news, Google Shopping or YouTube) to analyze in more detail the search term.

  1. If you want to understand the difference between a word and its synonym, you can make a comparison. Simply click + Compare and enter the related term.

google trends - chart image

With this kind of feature, you may have reason ideas of your business does not attract many leads.

For example:

In the research we did, we compare the words Japanese food and Japanese cuisine . If you have an online course that teaches you to do this kind of food, and your blog and YouTube channel , has always used the word Japanese cuisine , you are using the wrong term.

That’s because, as you can see in Google Trends, this word has been much less studied than Japanese food , and this may be the reason for your pages are not converting users into leads .

  1. If you have a YouTube channel, a great way to use Google Trends is seeing what is being shown on YouTube. Simply click on the three lines in the upper left corner, which is the tool menu and then select In high on YouTube .

google trends - Image of the sidebar

You will be directed to the YouTube trends that show the most watched videos in the last 24 hours in the country that you selected earlier.

google trends - youtube screen image

  1. Also in Google Trends menu, you can select Top Searches to have an updated view of what users are searching on a daily basis and approximately 1 hour updates.

google trends - the result screen image of the main research

Rolando this page down, you’ll get information from surveys conducted in previous days.

  1. In More surveyed , which is on the menu, you have access to most searched topics in a given year. Note that you can not have this information if the year has not finished yet, but it is possible to know what was researched in previous years and in the country you want.

google trends - screen image searches

  1. Finally, click Apply> + Add signature and enter a search term, country and often to get updates in your email about notable events of the term you want. Then simply click Subscribe and ready, you will receive interesting information about a particular word.

google trends - image to add registration screen

Another way to also get stories and updates on a search term is looking for the button Subscribe , identified by the symbol + in the upper right corner of the page Top Searches , Top Charts and Explore.

google trends - screen image of the main research

You are ready to use Google Trends?

As we said at the beginning of this post, Google Trends is a great tool to give you insight into what people are looking for on the Internet. With this, you can analyze not only their marketing strategies, but also understand if your product / service is something the public is interested.

It is very important to unite and use the maximum possible resources to achieve stand out in the online market, so be sure to use this tool.

Enjoy this text and want to learn more about the digital market? Enjoy to meet the Challenge 30 Days , our completely free online course created for those who want to have their own internet business.