What is a landing page?

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But after all, what is a Landing Page ?

Briefly, the Landing Page is a landing page, that is, the first page that the navigator will access, most popularly used when the goal is to generate leads.

Many studies claim (and we’ve had many successful cases as well) to use a Landing Page increases our conversion rate.

Unlike her website, she is not there to spend a lot of information, it is there to encourage the surfer to take action! Is fill out a form, download an e-book, make a call or any other.

But where use this Landing Page?

The most common use is as landing page of any ad you do on the internet, a promotional banner, email marketing, a sponsored link and the like.

The Landing Page must have a good structure, be clear and efficient, because while it is the first page of your site being visited, can become also the last. It will be the first impression the user will have, the information should be in order to be easily understood and its purpose must be clear.

Treat your Landing Page as a selling point, preserve it, too much information and highlight only the main points as its advantages and differences, always synthesizing the most. You must call attention!

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It is important to optimize the landing pages for that result in maximum returns.

Although there is no formula that fits all landing pages of all segments, there are some important principles that can be applied, but that should be tested via A / B testing.what a landing page

Some tips:

  • You must use a ” Call to Action “, also known as CTA, he will direct the user to the conversion funnel;
  • Use the ratio 1: 1, ie, the desired action is the only possible in the Landing Page, if you want the navigator fill out the form, let alone available this action within the Landing Page;
  • When the “Call to Action” is in cylindrical shape, the attractiveness is increased;
  • It is important to warn the user about what happens after the click, so it do not be afraid to click. So when the Internet user is directed to another site, let the “you will be directed to another domain …”.

Watch this video that explain better about the Call to Action:

Using visual aids is very important to attract the user’s attention. Featured images and symbols for easy recognition of the main product.

Have you ever made use of landing pages to increase conversion on your site? Tell us your experience!