What Are The SEO Services Your Company Needs?

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So in the end have you decided to hire the services of an SEO company ? Excellent choice, but if all this is new you may not be clear about exactly what SEO services you need, since agencies like ours do a lot of things. Here is a summary of what we can offer you:

SEO services that a company may need

Web design

Of course, if a company wants to position itself on the Internet, the first thing it needs is something to position, that is, a web. Or you may already have one but it has been outdated and you want to give it a facelift.

In any case, well done SEO starts from the web design, so many times it is better to make a new website from scratch than trying to fix a web that was not done with the positioning in mind.

SEO positioning

If you still do not know what SEO is, I recommend clicking on the link. SEO services include two types of actions:

  • SEO On Page: web optimization to comply with Google guidelines
  • SEO Off Page: get quality links to increase the relevance of the page.

Sometimes these services are charged separately, which I do not understand too much because it would not make sense for someone to hire SEO On Page services and leave SEO Off Page aside or vice versa. Both are necessary and their objective is the same: that you appear first in the search engines when someone searches for a company like yours.


The central axis of any SEO strategy is content, so much so that we usually say that Content is the King. A website needs quality content optimized for SEO and aimed at the keywords that interest your business. The best way to create unlimited content focused on all the keywords in your sector is to have a blog. In a beautiful metaphor, I always say that the blog is the engine of an SEO strategy and the posts are gasoline.

Social networks

Social Networks and SEO are increasingly in hand, since we know that Google takes into account the social relevance of a website. A social network service will decide which social networks you should be in, what kind of content to publish and will do everything possible to become an influencer.

I hope I have clarified what SEO services you can hire. Now if you want to do it, you know where we are.