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The Best SEO tools to use in 2018

Undoubtedly,  SEO is a big part of any self-respecting online business, since it is the largest source of free organic traffic (ie, potential customers) . A good selection of SEO tools help you to create an optimized website and improve the user experience, aspects to take into account if you want your website or business to appear among the first positions of the first page of Google. The use of these SEO tools will provide you with important information about the competition, they will save you time finding out what the interests of your niche search are and they can impel you to overcome challenges and explore new business opportunities .

Your competitors are probably already using these and similar tools, so if you do not want to stay behind, you should start to get the most out immediately. The 8 SEO tools that we show you below are the best valued by experts in SEO and digital marketing for this season .

The best SEO tools with which to succeed in 2018


As it has been happening in recent years, SEMRush will continue to be one of the best SEO tools on the market in 2018. SEMrush is a complete set of digital marketing tools  very popular among SEO professionals. It includes virtually all the elements needed to manage a successful online organic marketing campaign. It serves to analyze keywords, audit websites and study the competition : you can find your best backlinks, know which are your best keywords, the content that works best, etc. This platform allows you to see:

  • what keywords are popular in your niche,
  • keywords, phrases and related terms to enter in your content
  • linkbuilding strategies
  • list of sites that provide unpaid traffic to direct competitors
  • lists the top ranking sites that compete for those keywords
    shows on average how much a click is worth on this keyword in Google Adwords
  • Illustrates how competitive this term is in AdWords and how many times the keyword or phrase is written on Google

ScreamingFrog SEO

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a “tracking” tool used to analyze the structure of a website. For this reason, it is the top tool for search engine optimizers, administrators and web developers in 2018. The only disadvantage of this platform is that it is not suitable for beginners, and it is necessary to have knowledge of technical SEO and HTML in order to get the most out of it. maximum match. Screaming Spiderfrog is an excellent program to audit your website from a technical point of view, and with it you can quickly gather much of the necessary information you need to help optimize your website.

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This software is available for PC and Mac. By executing the tool you will obtain all the necessary information of your pages. Links, titles, redirects, 404 errors, header labels, status codes, attribute lengths, anchor text, alternative text, number of internal backlinks and number of external links on each page among many other functions.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is one of the SEO tools most used by  SEO experts and online media specialists who are dedicated to linkbuilding, traffic development and online reputation management. This web positioning tool inspects web pages and creates link maps that constitute the largest commercial database of links in the world . In addition, it offers all available means to provide a very useful SEO service with each of its 11 sections:

  • Links map reports
  • Backlink History : perfect to investigate how the competition behaves, comparing up to 5 domains simultaneously
  • Link Profile Fight : graphical comparison of the backlink profiles of two different sites
  • Bulk Backlink Checker : form that allows you to post the backlinks of several domains at once
  • Keyword Checker : to investigate keywords using organic data. The number of words that can be consulted for free is 50.
  • Site Explorer : allows you to explore a domain or URL with great detail
  • Click Hunter : list of clicks that link to domains.
  • Majestic Million : a ranking of 1,000,000 pages indexed to see which are the best pages in the world.
  • Comparator : Compare up to 5 different domains with this tool.
  • Neighborhood Checker : list of sites hosted on the same IP to better understand the contracted hosting company.
  • Majestic Widgets : are widgets and plugins for the website or browser.

Google Search Console

Even if you’re not an SEO expert, and regardless of the size of your website or blog, the laudable Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Central) and its many tools (which are very easy to use) should be mandatory stop in any digital strategy . The set of tools offered by this platform provides valuable information about your website at a glance: you can evaluate performance, observe potential problems to solve them (such as negative spam links), guarantee that your page is compatible with Google and monitor its indexing .

You can even report possible cases of spam and request reconsideration of your site if you have incurred a penalty. This year a new version of Search Console will be released that will include additional features such as index coverage, job publication, search performance and AMP status, as well as an updated user interface. For all this, this is undoubtedly one of the SEO tools of 2018 that you can not miss.

SEO Quake

 SEOQuake a very complete extension that  allows  you to see multiple search engine parameters on the fly, save them and compare them with the results obtained for other projects . Although the icons and numbers that SeoQuake produces may be unintelligible to the average user, the experts in SEO optimization will undoubtedly appreciate the large number of details offered by this add-on.
With SEOQuake you can calculate the details about the number of visitors and their country of origin; Get graphs of a website’s traffic history trends, and much more .  The toolbar includes buttons for updating indexing in Google and Bing, Alexa ranges, backlinks, SEMRush classification, information on likes from Facebook and other social networks , or information about the age of the web archive.  There is also a section of tips and a diagnostic page, both very useful to have an overview of the possible problems (or opportunities) that affect a particular page or site.

Google AdWords keyword planner

One of the cornerstones of SEO positioning are the keywords. You should focus on using terms related to your niche and be as descriptive as possible since you are trying to answer the question of someone at the other end of the search engine. Usually, they search on Google because they have a question or problem to solve.

It may interest you:   What is a domain and what do you have to know to choose it? If you get your website to answer those questions and solve those problems, it will be the first one that shows up in the search results. And to achieve this, there are SEO tools that can help you. The best known and best known one year is Google AdWords Keyword Planner. The free keyword tool from Google could not be easier to use. Enter the URL of your website in the box, review the suggested keywords and go.

Google Optimize

Another of Google’s SEO tools is Google Optimize, a testing and personalization platform whose objective is to improve and optimize the user experience by creating and launching experiments based on hypotheses obtained in previous analyzes. The free service of Google allows you to test the content of your site through A / B tests of two different pages until the comparison of a complete combination of elements on a given page . This is important because SEO does not only consist of rankings and scaling positions in the search engine, but it is necessary to achieve the right balance of content that hooks visitors to your website and generates conversions so that optimization is not wasted.

Live Keyword Analysis

Any specialist experienced in search engine optimization will tell you that keywords matter. But arbitrarily using keywords in your content can do more harm than anything else, so it’s worth ensuring that your texts have the right balance. For this, Live Keyword Analysis is used: to analyze the density of keywords and the readability of your articles in order to optimize SEO writing . This is one of the essential SEO tools for website writers, especially since there is no need to register or pay anything. You will be able to try and edit the SEO of your free text to achieve an adequate readability and an optimized SEO.