This is a good guest article from the refer marketing marketing service . I practically do not post guest articles, but in the Referent they usually include many practical moments and are dedicated to my main direction – natural free reference promotion.

Linkbilding is the process of increasing the quality of the external reference mass of the site for search engine promotion. The term comes from English words (“link” – link) and (“building” – construction) and literally means “building links.”

Why is that?

In the era of Yandex Minusinsk and Google Penguin, search engines with a high degree of probability can determine when to promote the site using unnatural methods of obtaining backlinks. Thus, if the reference strategy is not developed in the best way, you can never get into the top search result.

Linkbilding is a broad concept that includes a whole strategy for obtaining backlinks from quality resources. It is desirable that these resources do not previously host other linkbuilders.
However, link building has become as we understand it, relatively recently. Previously, its functions differed significantly.

Back in 1999, the first so-called “exchanges of links” began. Then people came up with a request to send emails, agreeing on the addition of links to the site.

And then … and then link building went through many more stages.

Search for high-quality links

How to find suitable donor sites is a question that every linkbacker faces.To select donors, it is important to consider the following aspects:

1. Traffic, the audience . The presence of a certain core of the audience and its positive dynamics indicate that the site is not frozen, it is interesting to read;

2. availability and volume of advertising: constantly appearing advertisements indicate that the site is trying to maximize monetization and investments in it may be unjustified;

3. subjects: it is desirable that the theme of the donor site coincides with the theme of your site. Search engines rely more on back links from themed sites;

4. Region: Ideally, the donor should be in the same region with you, especially in the case of regional service sites (auto repair shops, hairdressers, beauty salons);

5. credibility: the higher the level of trust in the donor site on the part of the search engines, the more the received link will weigh;

6. presence of comments / reposts: the site should have social activity in the form of likes, comments under articles. if it does not, then the site functions only as a donor for links, and traffic from it will come minimal.

To check the link mass of the site, you can use various services, as well as extensions for browsers. The main ones are:

1. Ahrefs

Must-have tool for checking the reference mass. With its help you can analyze:

– the dynamics of the development of the reference profile from the time the site was created;
– the number and quality of backlinks;
– anchors;
– authority of referring pages.

2. Majestic

The functionality reminds Ahrefs. With its help, you can also get detailed information about the dynamics of the development of the reference profile and the quality of backlinks. The difference between Majestic and Ahrefs in the context of the reference is small, so it’s more a matter of habit, to whom it is more convenient to use what service.

3. Check Trust

The service is designed for domain analysis by various parameters. With its help, you can quickly find out the following technical criteria:

  • Traffic;
  • TIC;
  • Trust;
  • Spam;
  • etc.

4. RDS Bar

Extension for browsers, which is designed for rapid analysis of site indicators. It is built into your browser as an additional toolbar.

Let’s move on to working strategies of linkbuilding for 2018.

3 strategies for linkbuilding

Linkbilding is a creative process that combines several tactics. Now there are a lot of tools for linkbuilding, but, in view of the evolution of search engines, many of them are already outdated and are non-working.

In this article, we will talk about 3 strategies that are guaranteed to work in 2018:

– Accommodation of guest articles and outreach;
– Crowd marketing;
– Submissions.

Let’s consider each of them in more detail.

1. Accommodation of guest articles and outreach

Under outreach, we understand the establishment of communication, links with site administrators, editors, opinion leaders, journalists.

The goal of communication is to get a free link without intermediaries. The outreach is divided into paid and conditionally free. If the placement of an article with a link provides a monetary reward to the webmaster, then it is a paid outreach. If you offer a site high-quality content that can be of interest to its readers, and in return receive a placement of material with a link to your site, then this is conditionally free outreach.

Why is it conditionally free?

The problem is that it is almost impossible to prepare a large amount of high-quality content on yourown, unless you spend all your free time writing articles. But, you see, it’s unlikely you want to do this 🙂

Therefore, it is necessary to hire at least one specialist who will deal with outreach. In doing so, you bear the following costs:

– Outreach wages;
– preparation of content;
– payment for outreach services.

If you need a large number of quality texts per month and there is no time to explain to the specialist all the features of the niche, it may be more profitable to use the services of a specialized agency.

2. Crowd Marketing

Crowd marketing is a process of linkbuilding, which allows you to draw attention to the right product / brand by posting recommended comments on forums, blogs and other places of communication.

Crowd marketing is a tool at the intersection of marketing and SEO, so it allows you to solve both marketing and seo-tasks:

– receiving traffic links;
– increase brand awareness;
– Creation of a link site profile;
– attracting the attention of Central Asia. Examples of quality crowd marketing from the saas of the niche:

It is very important not just to leave a short comment, but to provide expert content that will really be useful to people. Then the referral will be much larger.

Realize kraud marketing campaign in freelancing is almost impossible, to engage in the posting of comments will either have to do or go to specialized services .

What can you get as a result of marketing crowds?

– Dynamic reference profile;

– Growth of referral traffic;

– The growing position in the search issue.

In what cases is croud marketing ineffective?

Crowd marketing is not suitable for every website. Nishi, for which the use of crowd is not profitable from the point of view of the return on investment in the promotion of the site, are given below:

– Companies with offline business;
– A company with a narrow focus;
– Companies in which delivery is limited to a particular city or region;
– Prohibited subjects (adult, alcohol, weapons, medicine).
– Companies that specialize in complex products with a limited audience (turbine turbines, servers for the internal network).

3. Submissions

Submissions are the placement of information about your site on external sites with reference to it.

Submissions include:

– Otsoviki;
– Catalogs;
– Online maps.

To promote large companies, submissions are unlikely to be effective, but they are great for local business:

– Auto repair shops;
– Beauty Salons;
– Psychological rooms;
– Private bakeries;