What are the best SEO crawling tools?

How Can I Improve SEO Traffic?
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To compete with SEO, it is essential to have the best tools at your fingertips to find new opportunities, save time and track the SEO of your website. We bring you 6 types of essential tools for SEO:

  • Tools for keyword analysis

When starting an online project, the first and most important thing is to do a research of keywords that we are going to work on our website, volume of searches, competence, relationship with our contents


Free tool that offers keyword suggestions. As we introduce keywords, the tool will offer us a series of related words that we can add by clicking according to our interest.


Payment tool with free trial that offers many features such as rankings and the main keywords of your website and the analysis of your competition. With just entering the url of your domain, you can access data numbers: words that generate traffic and what URL, trends of these keywords and tracking them.

  • Tool to analyze positions

Knowing where our website is for certain keywords is essential to track our positioning strategy, know where we have to make an effort and where we are achieving the expected results.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console (formerly Google Web Master Tool) is a free service for webmasters of Google that offers us numerous functionalities, among them, information of the terms that cause that our web appears in the results of search, and the position that occupies each one .



With this tool we can track any domain or keywords used in any geographical location, as well as get to know our main competitors.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs is a very useful tool, thanks to its ability to track the keywords of our site. It allows us to carry out a daily follow-up in order to know what is the situation of our website.

The creation of quality content is an important factor for the SEO of a web page. The following tools will allow you to find new ideas and optimize the current content.

Outdated Content Finder

Tool that allows us to search for outdated content, from which you can write updated and interesting content and contact the webmaster to get a link thanks to your contribution. Its operation is very simple, you just have to enter a term and a period of time and search the content between those dates that contains that term.

Yoast WordPress plugin

WordPress plugin that allows us to optimize the SEO of our website and optimize the content. It offers a lot of configurations in meta tags, social networks, sitemap, RSS and permalinks, among others.


Buzzsumo is a free tool to find influencers. It allows us to track content that is published on the internet, whether text, photos, videos, articles, infographics, etc. It is a very useful tool to analyze your competition and know what content has worked best in social media.

  • Tools for the Construction of Links

As we said in the article Google announces 2 SEO keys to improve the position of your website , Google has confirmed that links and content are two of the most important classification signals to classify a website. Mainly, we must take into account the number and quality of links pointing to your site, the anchor text of the links and the authority of those links.

Here are some tools that can help you when creating links:

LinkMiner plugin

Plugin that allows us to detect broken links and obtain information on each internal and external link. This tool scans the page in which we are and counts the existing links, separating them into two groups: correct and broken. It allows us to locate broken links in other people’s pages and in ours

Moz SEO Toolbar and Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Moz Bar is an extension available for Firefox and Chrome. It provides us with very relevant information regarding content, keywords, titles, backlinks, etc., to analyze both our own and our competitors’ websites.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer is an extension for Chrome that with one click offers you the characteristic metrics: Trust Flow and Citation Flow, external backlinks and reference domains.


This tool is a social CRM that allows us to build links and manage communication in social networks. If you are looking for authors to publish on your blog or platforms and websites to get a link, this tool allows us to get it by just entering a few keywords.

  • Tools for the Elimination of links

It can happen that either by a manual attack, a penalty of the Google algorithm, negative SEO you have to remove some link. Here are some tools that can help you:

Disavow Tool

This tool is an advanced feature that allows you to send Google a list of links that we want to eliminate for your exclusion. The disavowal does not eliminate them, but we tell the search engine which links should be ignored when calculating your rankings. You must be careful when using this tool, because you can damage the positioning of your website.


Very useful tool to know the links pointing to our website, the links that can harm us and to make a good linkbuilding strategy. It offers us reports of backlinks, analysis of incoming links, management of links and a daily monitoring of your ranking. It is a payment tool, but it offers us a free trial with which to know its potential.