What Are The Best On-Page And Off-Page SEO Techniques In 2018?

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The best on-page and off-page SEO techniques in 2018

The best on-page SEO techniques

1. Title of the blog

This is the most important factor of SEO on page . The reason is that the more attractive and optimized your title is, the more people will click. And in general, the more clicks your message has, the higher it will be.

You should try to use the targeted keyword or phrase near the beginning of the title (H1), but if this is not possible, make sure it is at least somewhere in the title.

You should not repeat the same keyword more than once in the title tag because you think it will help the article to rank higher. It’s not right. It could hurt your rankings. Do not do that.

And keep the title length to less than 65 characters.

2. Good post-permalink structure

Make sure your URL is displayed correctly is important for the seo on page. Again, you must use your keyword in the URL and avoid using special characters, symbols, brackets, commas, and so on. in the actual URL. Use dashes to differentiate the strings in your URL structure.

3. Title tags – Tags

You must use title tags to highlight various headers, subtitles, and important points.

In WordPress, the title tag is set to H1. You do not really need to use other H1 tags anywhere in the article. Only one is enough. For section breaks, observe the labels H2 and H3.

Also, do not use too many H2 or H3 tags because Google’s algorithms will not like that.

4. Density of keywords

You should keep the keyword density around 1.5% percent with a combination of LSI keywords.

Use your main keyword once in the first paragraph and again in the last paragraph. And use it in the content where it makes sense.

5. Meta tags

You must add a unique and relevant meta description to each blog post.

Again, you must use your targeted keyword in the meta-description. While search engines detect keywords, it is also important for users to click on the message. You must write user-friendly meta descriptions that make sense and are related to your publication.

SEO Off Page

One of the most important points that Google uses to make a website relevant is the quantity and quality of links that point to your site. In any type of website or blog, it is common to create links to other sites that are important to who is a content publisher.

SEO Off Page uses as technique the creation of backlinks, that is, links that point to the site. The main networks used are:

  • Articles Directory: You write an article related to the subject of your website and within it creates a link. But for this methodology to work, ideally for each article directory to produce different content.
  • Forums: Great source for link building. You interact with users in certain posts and indicate your site as a source. But forums need to be related to what your site works on.
  • Partnership with blogs: Having a good relationship with bloggers makes all the difference. These bloggers can create links to your site as long as they have a common relationship.
  • Business Directories: If your website is a virtual store, there are several business directory directories where you can include description, products, location and links.