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Tips for successful local SEO

Today, more than ever, local businesses – especially small and micro businesses – need visibility among large companies, which are inevitably part of their competitors. Good news: Today, SEO (or SEO, not to be confused with the SEA that refers to Google Adwords ads) becomes “local”, a trend for small businesses.

Here are some tips to optimize your position on search engines.

1. Concentrate on your radius of action

You must think locally. You do not need to try to be visible to all users, but to target only those who are likely to use your services or buy your products. The audience will be more relevant. For this, it is important to geolocate your business on the Internet, especially with Google Maps and Google My Business. It is important that your contact information (name, address, phone number, hours of operation) is clearly indicated and correct. Very often, they are mentioned at the bottom of the page as well as on a “Contact” page.

You can also register your business within local directories that are usually free. They are most often classified by sector of activity and by region / city. Here are some examples of local directories: 123pages, justacote.com, pagesjaunes.fr, etc.

Finally, be aware that platforms such as Yelp, Lafourchette or TripAdvisor, on which users can leave opinions and comments, play a role on your SEO. On the latter, users can give their opinion on a product, a brand or a hotel for example. You should know that many users rely on the opinions and comments of users before finalizing their purchases, thus constituting a real advertisement for your company. According to a study by  Bright Local  :

  • 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as well as personal recommendations.
  • 40% of consumers have an opinion about a brand after reading 1 to 3 reviews.
  • 72% of shoppers start interacting with a brand only after seeing positive reviews.

With notification platforms, you can get better visibility, monitor your e-reputation and take immediate corrective action if necessary to improve your brand image .

2. Remember the key elements of SEO

Of course, it is important that the following information be taken into account on your website.


It is imperative that you define a dozen keywords related to your activity, your products or services and your catchment area. Make sure they are not too vague.

Meta Title tag

On each page, you must enter a meta title tag that must include about fifty characters. It must be precise and clearly state your activity and your place of exercise.

Meta tag Description

This is a short description (160 characters maximum) of your page. The best is to integrate some of your keywords and get to the point.


They also play an important role for SEO. You can create links to pages on your site or to other external sites, which must be reliable and related to your content.

Alt attributes

On each media content, you must specify the alt attribute, which is a sort of legend for your media. The goal is that this information is available when the image (for example) can not be loaded.

Quality content

It is advisable to write about 500 words per page. But beware, the most important is to write a content without spelling and that highlights your subject. This requires a minimum amount of research work on your theme to provide content that is of interest to the visitor . Finally, your article must be unique, do not try to duplicate content!

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3. Be present on social networks

Today, many companies are present on social networks to promote their products or services and to create a link with their target. Social networks are now part of the marketing strategy and prove to be an effective way to interact with your community.

Social networks are a ranking criterion on search engines and thus optimize your position. But be careful not to be everywhere. Your company must be present on the relevant social networks and in line with what you sell or offer. In addition, being on social networks will contribute to better positioning only if your page is active and regularly updated (publication of posts, articles or photos, etc.)

Social networks have a double advantage: they allow on the one hand to improve your visibility on the web as we have just indicated, and on the other hand, to increase the chances of being seen through the sharing of Internet users. And word of mouth being one of the best ads, this is good for you.

You can encourage sharing by posting photos of your latest products, holding contests, giving tips and advice, and more. to gain visibility.

4. Create partnerships

You can create partnerships with other companies in your city or region. There are many ways: sponsor a sports team, participate in activities, promote your businesses mutually if your products are complementary, organize events, etc. These are all opportunities to highlight your brand and display your logo to familiarize with your prospects.

If you are mentioned on websites, this again allows you to improve your position on search engines (of course, it must be in strategic places and the sites on which you are present are reliable).